• Park to Honor Boy's Death with Accessible Playground

    by Gerald Witt 865-342-6357 April 2015

    The first development at Lakeshore Park will be a playground in memory of a child who loved baseball but died two days before his first game.

  • HS Students Propose Restroom-Accessibility Law

    by Lynn Hulsey April 2015

    "Matthew's Bill," which is in committee today, would require that as of Jan. 1, 2017, buildings constructed for assembly purposes - such as concert venues and arenas - have at least one restroom facility with a changing table that can accommodate people who weigh up to 400 pounds

  • Unified Basketball Program Addresses Special Needs

    by KEVIN MILLS, Staff Writer March 2015

    Unified basketball is one of the sports developed by the Special Olympics Unified Sports program, pairing student-athletes with disabilities with players without disabilities -- called partners -- to form a team.

  • Three City Parks to Get New Inclusive Playgrounds

    by MICHAEL WILLIAMS The Orange County Register March 2015

    Three Lake Elsinore parks soon will have new playgrounds on which to climb, crawl, hang, swing and, in one case, to tintinnabulate.

  • How to Make Bleacher Seating More ADA Accessible

    by Paul Steinbach January 2015

    Kay Park Recreation Corp. got a call in July from Hampton-Dumont High School in Hampton, Iowa. The wood bleachers on the home side of the school's football field, in place since the school opened in the late 1960s, were in need of renovation. More important, perhaps, complaints had come from wheelchair users unable to fully enjoy the game experience from their designated area on the running track surrounding the field.

  • Inclusive Playground Design Leaves No Child Out

    by Anne-Marie Spencer October 2014

    Editor's note: This story originally appeared in Parks & Playgrounds, a new supplement to Athletic Business. View the entire digital issue here.

    Unless you've been at a playground where a child is left sitting out because the play environment was designed with too narrow a skill set in mind, you might not understand the heartbreak that being left out can cause. Though the topic of inclusion is a popular one, situations like this are still happening — often by accident — in new play spaces all around the world.

  • Detroit Arena Forced to Improve Disability Access

    by Michael Gaio August 2014

    The Detroit Red Wings may soon have a new home, but in the meantime, some upgrades are in order for their current one.

  • Adaptive Recreation and Fitness Facilities Set an Example for All

    by Emily Attwood June 2013

    Does your facility have any members with disabilities? How well does it accommodate them?

  • Active Design Spurs People Toward Movement and Exercise

    by Andrew Cohen January 2013

    Before there was LEED, there was "sustainable design." Some architects preached it, some paid it lip service, but most everybody maintained that they practiced it to some degree ...

  • Deadline Looms for ADA Compliance on Pool Lifts

    by Michael Popke — AB Managing Editor November 2012

    Fewer than 75 days remain for aquatic facility operators to become compliant with provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act regarding access to public pools and spas. Last May, the U.S. Department of Justice extended the deadline from March 15, 2012, to Jan. 31, 2013.