• Jets Scrap Paper Season Tickets, Offer Attendance Perks

    by The Capital July 2014

    Other NFL clubs, such as the Broncos and Chiefs, already have gone to paperless access control systems. But as Seth Rabinowitz, the Jets' vice president of marketing and fan engagement said Tuesday: "Certainly we are the first to do this much."

  • Tech Upgrades Boost Sports Concessions Operations

    by Emily Attwood July 2014

    Improving the fan experience.
    Such has been the motive of nearly every major decision in sports venues as of late — premium seating and club areas, improved Wi-Fi connectivity, increasingly eye-catching LED video displays — it's all about creating an atmosphere that tops the comfort and convenience of watching a game at home in a way that no fan can resist.

  • Big Data Helps Sports Teams Understand Their Customers

    by Bob Cohn June 2014

    During the last Penguins' season, Abby L., a 34-year-old fan from Evans City, attended 14 weekday games at Consol Energy Center. She sat in the upper bowl and spent an average of $83.50 on tickets. She bought nachos, sushi and beer during her 11 concession visits and purchased nine merchandise items, including a Sidney Crosby jersey (small). The club has access to this information, and more, because Abby L. participates in Pens Points, a loyalty program that offers a wide range of perks and privileges in return for her dogged support. Members also enjoy a personalized game experience, further increasing their likelihood of remaining dedicated fans. Abby L. is known as a "power user," and the Penguins want to keep her.

  • Levy's Latest Concessions Ingredient: Big Data

    by DANNY ECKER; May 2014

    Deluxe sports food is not the competitive edge it used to be for Levy Restaurants. Fare like the black bean veggie burger at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and the low-country shrimp and grits at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta helped Levy build a portfolio of clients that stands at 45 of all 113 major U.S. sports venues, more than any other food-service company.

  • Linc's $90M Facelift Focuses on the Fan Experience

    by LES BOWEN; Daily News Staff Writer May 2014

    Among people who work in the business side of the NFL, "enhancing the fan experience" has become a major buzz phrase the past few years. As overwhelmingly popular as the league is, there are long-term worries about the way TV, tablet and smartphone technology have given people who stay home and don't pay thousands of dollars for season tickets a clearer, more nuanced view of the game than is available to fans shivering their money away in the upper deck.

  • U. of Kansas to Improve Connectivity in Arena, Stadium

    by Jesse Newell. May 2014

    LAWRENCE - Fans using their smartphones during events at Allen Fieldhouse and Memorial Stadium could receive a nice boost in the upcoming year. The University of Kansas recently reached an agreement with AT&T, which is installing new Distributed Antenna Systems in both locations. "The benefit for KU is that it provides greater capacity for our students, faculty and staff and visitors to campus," said David Day, communications manager for KU information technology, "but there's also that benefit for people who live in surrounding areas."

  • Blog: Does Wearable Fitness Have Legs?

    by Rob Bishop and Barry Klein April 2014

    Wearable fitness tracking technology is the future!

    Such excitement was so early-2014. We saw articles in The Wall Street Journal that described how corporate CEOs were big users of wearables and how they were competing against each other to see who could sleep better or walk more. BusinessWeek ran a story earlier this year that discussed the possibility — the likelihood? — of wearables putting gyms out of business. The New York Times ran a piece two weeks ago today about how wearables were being used in gyms.

  • Video: Stunning Pregame Show Tranforms Ice Rink

    by Michael Gaio April 2014

    Last month, Athletic Business introduced our readers to the newest trend hitting sports facilities around North America: venues turning their playing surfaces into a 3-D video displays. The technology behind it is incredible, as are the final results.

  • Showtime: Turn Playing Surfaces into 3-D Video Boards

    by Michael Gaio March 2014

    Hardwood ripples. Free-throw lanes rise. Game footage rolls and championship banners unfurl in an unexpected space — the playing surface. Welcome to the next generation of in-arena entertainment.

  • The Fitness App You Need When Traveling

    by Mary Helen Sprecher July 2013

    I don't mind telling you that I have a smartphone, but I'm not very smart about it. It has just enough apps to confuse me.