• Engineering Program Prints 3D Outdoor Climbing Replica

    by Ryan Morgan May 2017

    From his office in the University of Utah's Merrill Engineering Building, Ladislav Kavan continues to work on a research-driven challenge: making an exact copy of a large-scale environment using 3-D printers.

  • How Users Can Maximize Fitness Trackers

    by Angie Ferguson May 2017

    With first quarter earnings behind us, it comes as no surprise that wearable technology continued to top the charts. It is estimated that 1 in 2 Americans has a fitness tracker now. To make sure you're reaping all the benefits and to ensure your tracker is paying the biggest dividends on your investment (time and energy), follow a few basic principles.

  • College Coach Builds App to Handle Recruiting

    by Daniel Uthman April 2017

    The app's architecture allows Central Florida assistant football coach Jovan Dewitt to enter written information as well as audio and video from every interaction he has with a prospect or someone connected to the prospect and share it in real time with fellow staffers to whom he's given access to the app.

  • e-Sports Really Are Growing in Popularity, Exposure

    by Brian Boyer April 2017

    Professional video game player. Sounds like a job made up by a middle-schooler. Maybe professional football or basketball, but professional video game playing? It is true and it is a field that is growing fast.

  • What Virtual Reality Can Do for College Recruiting

    by Scott Schroeder April 2017

    Virtual reality is taking college campuses by storm. VR is being utilized as a recruiting tool in a variety of applications — from virtual tours of facilities to virtual point-of-view experiences such as a day in the life of a football player on gameday. If you want a recruit to experience your brand-new facility and what it would look like relaxing in that world-class student-athlete lounge, you can create a VR experience for that, too. That potential recruit can get a near-real-life look at your facility without ever having to leave his or her own home.

  • Sponsored Video: Manage Your Team Like the Pros

    by AB Editors April 2017

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  • New Product Roundup: RFID Locks | Cloud-Based Fitness | Aquatic Training

    by AB Staff January 2017

    Check out the newest products as seen in the January | February 2017 issue.

  • How to Use Technology to Make Club and League Management Easier (Sponsored)

    by AB Editors November 2016

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  • City Funds App to Combat Childhood Obesity

    by Courtney Cameron November 2016

    O’Brien Park in Parker, Colo., has become the test site for a new system of tracking technology designed to encourage a healthier lifestyle in Colorado youth, more than 14% of whom were found to be overweight or obese in a study by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in 2014. The city of Parker is working in conjunction with Innovation Pavilion and Under Amour to fund the new project called 21st Century Parks.

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    by AB Editors October 2016

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