• Did Waves Make for Strange Trends in Rio Swim Times?

    by Chris Gorski August 2016

    This article first appeared on Inside Science. View the original here.

    (Inside Science) -- Yet another new theory has surfaced that suggests the structure of the Olympic swimming pool may have given some swimmers advantages in Rio.

  • Parasitic Disease Incidence Linked to Area Pools

    by Mark Somerson August 2016

    Cases of cryptosporidiosis linked to area swimming pools, splash pads and a water park in Columbus and Franklin and Delaware counties have jumped from 107 cases a week ago to at least 202.

  • Family Reaches $3M Settlement in Public Pool Death

    by Stuart Goldman August 2016

    The family of a teenager who died after he was pulled from a public swimming pool reached a tentative $3 million settlement with Los Angeles County and four county lifeguards whom the family claimed were negligent in trying to save their son, according to a report.

  • Rio Officials: Hydrogen Peroxide Caused Green Pools

    by Stuart Goldman August 2016

    In the latest episode of the soap opera “As the World Turns ... Green,” we now have a more definitive explanation from Rio Olympics officials as to why pools used for diving and water polo turned from blue to green: hydrogen peroxide.

  • Family Sues Pool Owners Over Boy’s 2014 Injuries

    by Stuart Goldman August 2016

    The family of a boy who suffered a concussion and a broken leg after a fall from a high dive two years ago is suing the owners of a Texas pool.

  • Air, Water Quality Key Drivers of IU Natatorium Renovation

    by Emily Attwood August 2016

    This article appeared in the September issue of Athletic Business. Athletic Business is a free magazine for professionals in the athletic, fitness and recreation industry. Click here to subscribe.

  • Committee Works to Keep Aquatic Center on Budget

    by Monica Kreber August 2016

    Committee members have a wish list of what they want to see in Dorchester District 2's future aquatic center though they're going to need to condense that list to keep everything within budget.

  • District Celebrates Natatorium Opening

    by Aaron Gabriel August 2016

    Before even the first official practice could be held, aquatically oriented folks from throughout Dist. 214 gathered in Mt. Prospect on Monday night to celebrate a big victory. The occasion was grand — the dedication ceremony for the Prospect Natatorium. After dignitaries from Prospect and the district recognized the key players responsible for the pool, a mass ribbon-cutting ushered in a new era in aquatics in the Mid-Suburban East.

  • Slide That Boy Died On Lacked State Oversight

    by Jim Suhr August 2016

    The Kansas City, Kan., water slide where a 10-year-old boy died Sunday had not been inspected by the state since it opened two years ago, government records show.

  • Boy Dies on Giant Waterpark Slide

    by Spokesman Review August 2016

    The son of a Kansas state lawmaker died Sunday on a water slide that is billed as the world's largest, according to officials and the boy's family.