• Replacing Leaky High School Pool Could Exceed $8M

    by Jane Ford-Stewart,, Muskego-New Berlin Now September 2015

    A leak at the Muskego High School swimming pool caused the pool to lose a foot of water over a single weekend in June, said Jeremiah Johnson, district buildings and grounds supervisor.

  • Choosing the Right Aquatic Amenity to Upgrade Your Facility

    by Emily Attwood September 2015

    Most recreational aquatic facilities built in recent years take their cue from waterparks, designing facilities complete with waterslides, lazy rivers, wave pools and a list of other attractions designed to, well, attract more users and more revenue. Older facilities with few or none of these frills face tough choices to stay competitive in such a market. Short of investing tens of millions into a new facility, smarter, smaller investments can pump new interest into an otherwise disadvantaged pool.

  • Promos, Ads, Heat Bring Record Attendance at Pool

    by Steven Matthews September 2015

    The Kroger Aquatic Center at The Heights generated its highest attendance total this pool season since its inaugural year in 2012.

  • Passively Ventilated Natatoriums Bring User Comfort and Cost Savings

    by Kapil Upadhyaya September 2015

    When a local school district first expressed interest in passive-ventilation options for its new aquatics facility, some of the architects involved in the project were understandably skeptical. How would this work with a natatorium?

  • Grant, $300K Gift Could Pave Way for New City Pool

    by Ben Benton September 2015

    The bullfrogs basking in the sun don't mind the aging condition of Etowah's nearly 45-year-old pool, but a local resident has offered $300,000 to pair up with grant money to build a new one for the city's humans.

  • Family Seeks Compensation for Son’s Splash-Pad Burns

    by Jason Scott September 2015

    The family of one-year-old Greyson Pelvin is seeking compensation from the town of Halton Hills, Ont., after the child burned his feet stepping on a hot metal grate near a splash pad.

  • Are Artificial Wave Pools the Future of Surfing?

    by Laylan Connelly, The Orange County Register August 2015

    For decades, engineers have been noodling with water and huge pistons and pumps and shifting cement blocks, trying to create sur able waves in places (the forests of Wales, inland Texas, Irvine and a few hundred other non-ocean properties) where waves aren't indigenous.

  • Neighbor of Aquatic Center Says Y Breached Agreement

    by Steven Matthews August 2015

    The man claims the YMCA has not complied with the management agreement and has had a "consistent pattern of poor performance" the last four years, the letter says.

  • Murky Water Concerns Close Five Providence Pools

    by Jason Scott August 2015

    Safety concerns prompted city officials in Providence, R.I. to close the city’s five public pools on Friday, the day before a four-day heat wave struck the city.

    The Providence Journal reports that Evan England, the mayor’s press secretary, said that heavy rains during the week offset the chemical balance of the pool water. This caused calcium in the water to crystalize into a substance called scale. Scale crystals are too small for pool filters to remove, and lingered in the pool making the water cloudy.

  • Plastic Fiber in Toronto Pool May Be Public Health Risk

    by Jason Scott August 2015

    Plastic fibers from a fraying pool liner found floating in the popular Alex Duff outdoor swimming pools at Toronto’s Christie Pits could pose a risk public safety.