• Analysis: Wave of Closures for Atlanta's Dirty Pools

    by Shannon McCaffrey, Jennifer Peebles; Staff June 2015

    An Atlanta Journal-Constitution analysis of county records in metro Atlanta found that about one out of every six inspections of swimming pools and spas resulted in a closure. The data covered more than 15,000 inspections over the past 2 1/2 years. Some pools have flunked repeatedly, records show, yet they continue to operate.

  • Middle School Student in Coma After Near-Drowning

    by Sandra Tan News Staff Reporter June 2015

    According to Buffalo school and district officials, the student was among roughly 40 students from four different schools participating in an annual recycled boat race at the school pool.

  • Public Pools Banning Underwater Breath-Holding

    by Laura Godlewski June 2015

    Public swimming pools across the country are banning prolonged breath holding due to condition called hypoxic blackout, or shallow water blackout, which can lead to drowning. It's a topic AB first explored in 2006.

  • How to Structure Spectator Seating in Natatoriums

    by Scott W. Hester May 2015

    Spectator seating, a key component in any competitive venue, can often become a hot-button topic when designing a natatorium. Aspects such as quantity of seats, type of seat, location, spectator viewing angles and many more variables will arise when making these important decisions. While there is some level of subjectivity involved, and expectations can vary widely, these choices can have a significant impact on a facility.

  • Public Pool Investment Rankles School Superintendent

    by Alejandra Matos; Star Tribune (Mpls.-St. Paul) May 2015

    The Minneapolis school board wants the district to spend at least $2 million to help Minneapolis park officials renovate the Phillips Community Pool into an eight-lane facility, offering better access to swimming lessons and competitive swimming programs.

  • Bloomberg's $50M Brooklyn Park Pool Fix Full of Leaks

    by Rich Calder May 2015

    The $50 million renovation of Brooklyn's famed McCarren Park pool complex three years ago left its historic bathhouses plagued by water leaks, a cracking facade and other problems, according to a report obtained by The Post.

  • Mermaid Tails Newest Safety Concern at Canadian Pools

    by Emily Attwood May 2015

    The growing popularity of mermaid tail aquatic accessories has officials in Alberta, Canada, concerned for swimmers’ safety. The tail, popular among young girls in particular, typically consist of brightly colored fabric that covers a swimmer’s legs and ends in a wide fin. 

  • Kids' Triathlon Pool Fails Inspection, Used Anyway

    by Emily Attwood May 2015

    Thousands of children participated in a triathlon this past weekend in Jacksonville, Fla., despite reports that the pool used had failed a health inspection earlier in the week. But that’s okay, event and city officials say.

    As part of the two-day conversion of EverBank Field to host swimming, biking and running for the 7th Annual First Coast Kids Triathlon, a portable pool was constructed on the site. The event was a success, despite reports that swimmers had to be pulled from the pool by lifeguards due to the absence of pool ladders. 

    Because the pool was temporary, city officials say it was not considered a public pool under the state’s Department of Health, and thus was not subject to the same inspection criteria. In particular, the water used for such pools is pumped in and out and not recalculated. 

    “They actually don't have guidelines to monitor portable pools, so we actually work with them to set up a structure that allows us to circulate the water and make sure that it's safe,” event director Tom Gildersleeve told

    Furthermore, while the status of portable pools for city inspection purposes is still a little murky, the event still had to fulfill the guidelines set forth by USA Triathlon. 

    “Our events are all sanctioned by USA Triathlon, which is the governing board underneath the U.S. Olympic Committee so there's a safety protocol we follow,” Gildersleeve said.

    Such pools have been used at other kids triathlon events. Lifeguards were also on hand both in and out of the pool to monitor participants’ safety. 


  • The AB Extra: April 17

    by Laura Godlewski April 2015

    The April 17th edition of The AB Extra, the inspiring, quirky or downright weird stories you may have missed this week.

  • Anonymous Donation Will Keep City Pools Filled This Summer

    by Laura Godlewski, Athletic Business Intern April 2015

    With a severe drought hitting the southwestern United States, many towns are forced to rethink the way they use available water. Mineral Wells, Tex., was planning on keeping their public pools closed this summer in an effort to conserve water.