• Cutting-Edge Strategies Make Oregon Aquatics Center Model for Sustainability

    by Nicholas Brown October 2010

    Cutting-edge approaches to conserving water and energy have made an Oregon aquatics center a model for sustainability.

  • Strict Usage Rules are Designed to Prevent Drowning Accidents

    by Nicholas Brown August 2010

    Strict usage rules at one city's pools are designed to prevent drowning accidents among children.

  • Advances in Dehumidification Efforts Target Chloramines

    by Michael Popke July 2010

    Advances in dehumidification efforts target chloramines and other gases that leave aquatics facility patrons gasping for breath.

  • Seattle-Area Pools Drained But Not Defeated

    by Michael Popke July 2010

    An aging infrastructure and severe budget cuts are combining to drain swimming pools in and around Seattle. While this situation is not unique to the Emerald City, it is spurred by a King County bond measure passed by local voters 42 years ago. Known as "Forward Thrust," the measure paid for the construction of several bunker-like concrete pools in the 1970s with little in the way of amenities. As The Seattle Times reports today, those bonds, which required the pools to stay open for 40 years, are expiring - and so are the pools. "It's just worn out," Craig Larsen, Redmond's parks and recreation director, told reporter Nicole Tsong, referring to that city's only public pool, which is now closed for major repairs. Larsen is hopeful the indoor facility will reopen in September - but even then, the city will need to set aside approximately $100,000 a year to subsidize the pool's operation.

  • Iowa Pool's Underwater Lights Off When Boys Drowned

    by Michael Popke July 2010

    Two teenagers who drowned at the Pella (Iowa) Aquatic Center last week were swimming at night in a pool that did not have working underwater lights. The Des Moines Register reports that the lights have been shut off for about four years while city officials pursued a lawsuit against the company they claim improperly installed the fixtures.

  • 10 Steps to Managing Critical Incidents at Commercial Pools

    by Michael Popke June 2010

    Following 10 important steps before, during and after a critical incident can keep swimmers safe and aquatic facility operators out of legal trouble.

  • Collegiate Aquatic Centers Designed to Accommodate High-Activity Usage

    by Steve Crocker and Michelle Schwartz October 2009

    Collegiate aquatic centers are increasingly incorporating design elements and equipment that accommodate high-activity usage.

  • Facility of Merit Judging - Second Day

    by Andrew Cohen September 2009

    Dateline Chicago - A very hard-working group of panelists this year, the first in my 19 years of involvement in the Facility of Merit judging to require pushing back our dinner reservation to 9 p.m. They've lent credence to this photo, which an architect friend sent me years ago:

  • Reopening of Aquatics Center Reenergizes New Orleans Swim Programs

    by Nicholas Brown August 2009

    The reopening of the University of New Orleans campus aquatics center has reenergized local swim programs.

  • Cash-Strapped High Schools Struggle to Keep Pools Open

    by Michael Popke July 2009

    As aging high school pools fall into disrepair, cash-strapped districts either are partnering with other entities to keep facilities afloat or deciding to shut them down.