• Fountains of Youth

    by Marvin Bynum December 2006

    Already popular with the younger set, spray parks are gaining more mature fans, too - thanks to low installation and operational costs.

  • Pool Operators Challenged to Keep Rehab Clinics and Patients in Good Health

    by Michael Popke October 2006

    Keeping rehab clinics-and their patients-in good health requires aquatic facility operators to proceed delicately and, in other cases, aggressively.

  • Trade-Offs Required in Getting an Outdoor Pool Built Within Budget

    by Andrew Cohen August 2006

    Getting an outdoor aquatic facility built within budget often means making some pretty big tradeoffs.

  • Behind the Success of Every Great Pool Is a Great Pump Room Staff

    by Marvin Bynum July 2006

    Behind the success of every great aquatic faciltiy is a great pump room staff.

  • Audit Trail

    by Melinda Kempfer May 2006

    A pool evaluation can help operators of aging aquatic facilities determine whether a renovation - or a rebuild - is in order.

  • Fueling Change

    by Randy Mendioroz March 2006

    A number of design schemes and alternative-energy strategies can help operators beat the price of natural gas.

  • Clear Choices

    by Paul Steinbach October 2005

    A flood of equipment options - from high-tech robotics to time-tested manual tools - is available to keep commercial pools operating efficiently and looking their best.

  • Dream Weaving

    by Scot Hunsaker August 2005

    Condensing multiple visions into one is an involved yet necessary step in the process of planning outdoor aquatic facilities.

  • Variations on a Theme

    by Andrew Cohen May 2005

    Theming of aquatic facilities has trickled down from major water parks to municipal recreation centers and even high schools

  • Size Wise

    by Brad Mccord, Nancy Freedman & Randy Mendioroz March 2005

    Choosing whether to construct a 25-, 35- or 50-meter pool raises a host of design, planning, construction and operational issues.