• 2011 Facility of Merit Winner: The Aquatic Centre at Hillcrest Park

    by Andrew Cohen October 2011

    Part of the legacy initiative of the 2010 Olympics, Vancouver, B.C.'s Aquatic Centre at Hillcrest Park is an addition to the Olympic curling venue, known as the Vancouver Olympic Centre. The first step in a conversion to a recreation complex that will also include a community center, public library, preschool and field house, the center won plaudits from AB's panel of architects for being, as one judge said, "complementary to the existing Olympic structure, while being strikingly beautiful on its own."

  • 'Conversation Pit' is Focal Point of Campus Pool

    by Andrew Cohen August 2011

    One way to distinguish a leisure pool meant for children from a leisure pool intended for adults is the lack of brightly colored play equipment in the adults' pool.

  • Possible Explanation Offered in Bizarre Pool Drowning

    by Michael Popke — AB Managing Editor July 2011

    How could a drowned swimmer's body have laid at the bottom of a public pool for more than two days - surrounded by other swimmers - without someone noticing? That's the question Benjamin Radford, a writer for Discovery News, attempts to answer in an online piece exploring the physics of water reflection in the wake of the bizarre drowning in Veteran's Memorial Pool in Fall River, Mass., last week. Marie Joseph, 36, drowned on June 26 but was not discovered until early June 29 by trespassers who snuck into the pool overnight.

  • Aquatics Facility Expansion Takes Advantage of Geothermal Energy

    by Joe Bush June 2011

    Mike Pollocoff, the village manager in Pleasant Prairie, Wis., takes a lot of pride in never having had to levy a tax to pay capital costs or debt service on his 305,000-square-foot recreation center, the RecPlex, through its construction and two additions.

  • How to Identify Risks at Aquatic Facilities

    by Shawn DeRosa February 2011

    An in-house safety team can help keep patrons out of harm's way.

  • Model Health Code Making Waves in the Aquatics Industry

    by Nicholas Brown January 2011

    A former manager of aquatics for the state of Wisconsin's health department, Tracynda Davis has inspected her fair share of recreational pools, and she knows all too well how pool operators respond to notifications of code violations.

  • AB Conference: No Drownings Allowed

    by Michael Popke December 2010

    Jim Wheeler is tired of saying the right thing. The recreation services manager for San Francisco Recreation & Parks stirred the water at the Athletic Business Conference on Friday when he proclaimed: "Nobody should drown in a lifeguarded pool."

  • New Life for the Concept of Computer-Assisted Drowning Detection

    by Paul Steinbach November 2010

    The launch of one company and the re-emergence of another have breathed new life into the concept of computer-assisted drowning detection.

  • Cutting-Edge Strategies Make Oregon Aquatics Center Model for Sustainability

    by Nicholas Brown October 2010

    Cutting-edge approaches to conserving water and energy have made an Oregon aquatics center a model for sustainability.

  • Strict Usage Rules are Designed to Prevent Drowning Accidents

    by Nicholas Brown August 2010

    Strict usage rules at one city's pools are designed to prevent drowning accidents among children.