• Officials Offer Explanation for Rio's Green Pool Water

    by Martin Rogers August 2016

    Olympic diving chiefs said Wednesday they had solved an embarrassing saga at the Games' diving arena that turned the competition pool a deep shade of green and left competitors joking that they were leaping into a swamp.

  • Dozens of Crypto Cases Linked to Water Parks, Pools

    by Stuart Goldman August 2016

    Health officials in Arizona and North Carolina have recently reported outbreaks of diarrheal illnesses caused by the parasite cryptosporidium that have spread in recreational water facilities.

  • How Will Rowers Handle Rio's Polluted Water?

    by Rachel Axon August 2016

    Athletes competing in water where debris, contaminants and high levels of bacteria have been found will take safety precautions when training and competing at the upcoming Rio Olympics. Last year, 13 U.S. rowers got sick at the junior world championships in Rio. But games organizers and IOC President Thomas Bach have repeatedly said they will provide a safe environment for athletes. We spoke to rower Esther Lofgren, who retired after winning gold with the women’s eight at the London 2012 Games, about the situation in Rio.

  • Texas Surf Park in Legal Battle Over Pool Regulations

    by Stuart Goldman July 2016

    Should NLand Surf Park in Austin, Texas, be regulated as a swimming pool? That’s at the heart of two lawsuits filed last week between the surf park and Travis County, Texas.

  • Parks and Rec Programs Grow Despite Limited Space

    by Shelby Hartin July 2016

    Bangor Parks and Rec has seen a significant uptick in recent years in the number of children participating in their programs. From summer camps, before- and after-school programs and more, their programs are filling up — and they're filling up fast.

  • Coaches Cleared After Swim Exercise Rescue

    by Imran Ghori July 2016

    The coaches involved in an Inland swim team's exercise that turned into a rescue operation have been cleared by an inquiry by the Val Verde Unified School District.

  • New York to Continue Female-Only Swimming Hours

    by Matthew Chayes July 2016

    Female-only hours will continue at two public swimming pools in Brooklyn, the de Blasio administration said Wednesday, an exception to the city law ordinarily barring gender discrimination. The decision, by human rights chairwoman Carmelyn Malalis, is a reversal of a position the agency took earlier this year, when segregated swimming was ruled unlawful and the practice ended. It was soon reinstated after an outcry by local Orthodox Jews whose women and girls patronize the pools.

  • Concussion Risk Has New Game: Water Polo

    by By Courtney Perkes, Staff Writer July 2016

    Water polo players, particularly goalies, might one day trade their caps for helmets now that a UC Irvine survey found that more than one-third of players reported suffering a concussion.

  • Air Duct Accident Closes Fitness Center Pool

    by Jason Scott April 2016

    The pool area at Choice Fitness Center in Grand Forks, N.D., was closed over the weekend after a 60-foot section of a heating and cooling air duct fell from the ceiling.

  • City Reaches Settlement in Splash Pad Sewage Case

    by Jason Scott March 2016

    A dispute over a 2013 splash pad renovation could be drawing to an end as Traverse City, Mich., commissioners accepted a settlement for $300,000. The city blamed the firm Hamilton Anderson Associates for design flaws that led to water contaminated with sewage to rain down on children.