• Water-Safety Program a Hit in Drowning Hot Spot

    by Mike Salinero, Tribune staff August 2015

    Florida, the nation's third most-populous state, ranks No. 1 on one of the sadder lists of statistics - the rate of accidental drownings among kids age 4 and younger.

  • Giant Waterslide Event Cancelled Amid Safety Concerns

    by Kip Hill August 2015

    Plans to set up a 1,000-foot waterslide that would have cooled thrill-seekers near Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena this weekend were scuttled because of safety concerns.

  • Does City's Swimsuit Policy Sexualize Young Girls?

    by Laura Godlewski July 2015

    A woman in Guelph, Ontario, is calling for a policy change after her eight-year-old daughter was told to cover up at a public pool in the city.

  • Mock Drowning Aids Water Safety Day Effort

    by Sara Gold July 2015

    Lifeguards dove into the pool to rescue 14-year-old Matt Sorenson from drowning Saturday as about 100 people watched at Mission Viejo's Sierra Recreation Center.

  • Historic Pool Reopens, Rebranding Efforts Continue

    by Jessica Parks; Inquirer Staff Writer June 2015

    A Norristown neighborhood is to be awash in music, splashing, cheers, and laughter Saturday as the historic George Washington Carver Community Center pool is resurrected.

  • City Offers New Swim Lessons for Kids with Disabilities

    by Dianna Smith Special to The Palm Beach Post June 2015

    The Palm Beach Gardens Aquatics Complex has always reached out to every member of its community each year with swim lessons, but this year, officials decided to spend more time focusing on those with disabilities who might need a little extra attention in the pool.

  • California Pools Conserve Elsewhere to Remain Open


    Families from San Bernardino to Temecula will be able to cool off at their neighborhood pools despite orders from the state to cut water use an average of 25 percent.

  • Mermaid Tails Newest Safety Concern at Canadian Pools

    by Emily Attwood May 2015

    The growing popularity of mermaid tail aquatic accessories has officials in Alberta, Canada, concerned for swimmers’ safety. The tail, popular among young girls in particular, typically consist of brightly colored fabric that covers a swimmer’s legs and ends in a wide fin. 

  • Moving Toward a Self-Sustainable Aquatics Funding Model

    by Emily Attwood May 2015

    Of all the municipal recreation programs that suffered budget cuts during the Great Recession, perhaps no area has taken a bigger hit than aquatics. Public pools have never been a profitable line item in recreation budgets, bogged down by expensive initial construction costs and ongoing maintenance needs. Public pools drained their waters left and right to save on operational costs, and even with budgets rebounding, deferred maintenance has caused expenses to increase to the point where many programs have no choice but to close down indefinitely.

  • Video: An Aquatic Twist on Tug of War

    by Michael Gaio March 2015

    We stumbled upon this video today and felt it was worth sharing with our readers. Shamelessly stealing this from the comments on the YouTube video, let's call it "Tug of Oar."