• Rec Dept. Wants Swim Programs to Pay for Themselves

    by Jane Ford-Stewart,, Muskego-New Berlin Now October 2015

    Parents who registered their children for fall New Berlin Recreation Department swimming lessons know that the fees shot up $18 or about 39 percent.

  • YMCA Seeks County Support for Swimming Programs

    by By Casey Fabris 981-3234 October 2015

    The Franklin County Family YMCA is seeking funding to help keep its swim programs benefiting students afloat. The nonprofit provides free swimming lessons to the county's second-graders and also hosts Franklin County High School's swim team and the Rip Tide feeder team. The YMCA spends upward of $90,000 on these programs. CEO Jim Currie has been making the rounds to ask for support, specifically for the $16,500 spent on equipment needed for the high school's swim meets. He approached the Franklin County Board of Supervisors in May, the Franklin County School Board in August and the town of Rocky Mount in September. Currie said he's done his part - he could be boating or golfing, but instead he stepped in to turn the Y around in 2013 - and now he's looking for others in the community to do theirs.

  • Choosing the Right Aquatic Amenity to Upgrade Your Facility

    by Emily Attwood September 2015

    Most recreational aquatic facilities built in recent years take their cue from waterparks, designing facilities complete with waterslides, lazy rivers, wave pools and a list of other attractions designed to, well, attract more users and more revenue. Older facilities with few or none of these frills face tough choices to stay competitive in such a market. Short of investing tens of millions into a new facility, smarter, smaller investments can pump new interest into an otherwise disadvantaged pool.

  • Junior Lifeguards Program Yields Real-World Results

    by Greg Mellen September 2015

    Six participants in Huntington Beach's Junior Lifeguards program were honored with special commendations at ceremonies last month for the more than 900 kids who completed the popular eight-week summer program.

  • Does City's Swimsuit Policy Sexualize Young Girls?

    by Laura Godlewski July 2015

    A woman in Guelph, Ontario, is calling for a policy change after her eight-year-old daughter was told to cover up at a public pool in the city.

  • Mermaid Tails Newest Safety Concern at Canadian Pools

    by Emily Attwood May 2015

    The growing popularity of mermaid tail aquatic accessories has officials in Alberta, Canada, concerned for swimmers’ safety. The tail, popular among young girls in particular, typically consist of brightly colored fabric that covers a swimmer’s legs and ends in a wide fin. 

  • Moving Toward a Self-Sustainable Aquatics Funding Model

    by Emily Attwood May 2015

    Of all the municipal recreation programs that suffered budget cuts during the Great Recession, perhaps no area has taken a bigger hit than aquatics. Public pools have never been a profitable line item in recreation budgets, bogged down by expensive initial construction costs and ongoing maintenance needs. Public pools drained their waters left and right to save on operational costs, and even with budgets rebounding, deferred maintenance has caused expenses to increase to the point where many programs have no choice but to close down indefinitely.

  • Video: An Aquatic Twist on Tug of War

    by Michael Gaio March 2015

    We stumbled upon this video today and felt it was worth sharing with our readers. Shamelessly stealing this from the comments on the YouTube video, let's call it "Tug of Oar."

  • Buffalo-Shaped Pool Draws Variety of Colorado Students

    by Paul Steinbach August 2014

    A small component of the University of Colorado Boulder Student Recreation Center's 300,000-square-foot renovation and expansion produced some fairly substantial debate.

  • Key Considerations When Building a Splash Pad

    by Paul Steinbach August 2014

    They're bubbling up from Texas to Minnesota and from coast to coast as complements to traditional dry playgrounds and existing pools, as well as stand-alone aquatics amenities replacing traditional pools altogether. For many municipalities, both urban and suburban, splash pads offer a simpler, more affordable aquatics recreation alternative.