• Time to Rethink How Pool Operators Protect Swimmers?

    by Michael Popke June 2012

    The pool of excuses for not knowing how to swim shrinks every year. Last month, the third annual World's Largest Swimming Lesson™, held at more than 100 aquatic facilities across the United States, attempted to teach an estimated 20,000 people to swim — for free.

  • Recent Tragedies Put New Focus on Shallow Water Blackout

    by Michael Popke — AB Managing Editor August 2011

    The July deaths of two 21-year-old men in a Staten Island, N.Y., public pool brought increased attention to shallow water blackout - a largely unknown and potentially fatal condition that occurs when an insufficient amount of carbon dioxide is available to activate the body's natural impulse to breathe. Swimmers and free divers who practice prolonged underwater breath-holding are particularly at risk.

  • Second Man Dies in Staten Island Breath-Holding Accident

    by Michael Popke — AB Managing Editor July 2011

    A second man has died following an underwater training accident at a public pool on Staten Island. The New York Daily News reports that 21-year-old off-duty lifeguard Jonathan Proce died Sunday at New York Presbyterian Hospital following an exercise at Lyons Pool last Wednesday in which he and his friend, Bohdan Vitenko, also 21, were practicing underwater breath-holding.

  • Blog: Breath-Holding Can Be as Lethal as a Grenade

    by Tom Lachocki July 2011

    On July 13th, I achieved a personal milestone: I swam for 1.1 miles during my master's class at my Colorado Springs rec center. I wouldn't call it shabby, but in reality, it is more like a series of 25- or 50-yard swims followed by prolonged huffing and puffing. Our coach told me he would not go public with the percentage of time I spent stroking versus gasping. I'd like to be able to swim long and fast. But I am getting older, and the pool is at 6,000 feet elevation. At this elevation, oxygen is pretty precious.

  • Communities Find Alternatives to Eliminating Learn-to-Swim Programs

    by Michael Popke April 2011

    Five years ago, KNIK Aquatics, a USA Swimming club based in Anchorage, Alaska, took over the city's learn-to-swim program at Bartlett Pool, the state's only 50-meter facility.

  • Model Health Code Making Waves in the Aquatics Industry

    by Nicholas Brown January 2011

    A former manager of aquatics for the state of Wisconsin's health department, Tracynda Davis has inspected her fair share of recreational pools, and she knows all too well how pool operators respond to notifications of code violations.

  • Strict Usage Rules are Designed to Prevent Drowning Accidents

    by Nicholas Brown August 2010

    Strict usage rules at one city's pools are designed to prevent drowning accidents among children.

  • Aquatic Exercise Targets Younger Demographics

    by Michael Popke April 2010

    Aquatics professionals are targeting all age groups with a wide variety of upright exercise programming.

  • Research Lends Support to Long-Held Notion that Warm-Water Immersion Does a Body Good

    by Michael Popke February 2010

    Ongoing research is lending support to the long-held notion that warm-water immersion does a body good.

  • Reopening of Aquatics Center Reenergizes New Orleans Swim Programs

    by Nicholas Brown August 2009

    The reopening of the University of New Orleans campus aquatics center has reenergized local swim programs.