• Doctor: Oxygen Therapy Revived Joe Namath's Brain

    by By Linda Santacruz, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer October 2014

    Brain scans and cognitive tests showed Namath, who said he had at least five concussions playing football, suffered from traumatic brain injury (TBI), particularly on the left side, where he received the most impact as a right-handed quarterback.

  • Opinion: Michigan Stance on QB Concussion Defies Belief

    by Steve Greenberg, Staff Reporter October 2014

    Please excuse me as I try like hell to stop just short of calling Michigan coach Brady Hoke and athletic director Dave Brandon liars.

  • Test Detects Concussion Signs Easily Overlooked

    by Jack Kelly October 2014

    Researchers at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the University of Pittsburgh have developed a simple test that can detect symptoms of a concussion current tests often miss.

  • Kansas City Chief Involved in '12 Murder-Suicide Had CTE

    by Gary Mihoces, @ByGaryMihoces, USA TODAY Sports September 2014

    Citing a finding of brain disease linked to head trauma in late Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, a lawyer for his toddler daughter has until Oct. 14 to join a proposed leaguewide settlement that would pay awards up to $4 million or continue a wrongful death suit.

  • Paralyzed Ex-Rutgers Player Praises NFL's Safety Efforts

    by David Daniels, THE WASHINGTON TIMES September 2014

    When the NFL passed a rule last summer to penalize players for creating contact outside of the tackle box with the crown of their helmets, numerous players complained.

  • Four Killed In Texas College Softball Bus Crash

    by Michael Gaio September 2014

    Four collegiate softball players died Friday when an 18-wheel semi truck collided head-on with their team bus. The bus was carrying the softball team from North Central Texas College and was being driven by the team's head coach when the semi crossed the median and hit the bus near Davis, Oklahoma.

  • High School Suspends 21 Athletes Amid Hazing Probe

    by Brian Rokos, Staff Writer September 2014

    Ayala High in Chino has suspended 21 varsity football players from school because of a hazing incident at a hotel while the team was in St. George, Utah.

  • Helmet-Cap Maker Claims It Has Protected 35K Players

    by Christopher Seward; Staff September 2014

    An increasing number of football players from leagues to colleges are strapping heavily padded, locally developed "caps" to their helmets to prevent concussions and other serious injuries.

  • What Do Latest Concussion Stats Mean for NFL's Future?

    by Post & Courier September 2014

    Will the now acknowledged link between football and brain injuries change the NFL's place in sports and in society?

  • Hollywood Hitting NFL with Concussion-Centered Films

    by Alexandra Cheney, Variety September 2014

    Hollywood is warming up to tackle the National Football League with several projects that focus on concussion-related brain injuries among players. Each of the works could shed new light on the most contentious issue plaguing both the sport and the league.