• District Drops Insurance Policy, Students Left with Bill

    by Courtney Cameron October 2016

    As a consequence of budget cuts finalized in spring of 2016, Paterson (N.J.) Public Schools has dropped accident insurance that previously covered accidental injury to students and student-athletes while on school grounds or attending school functions.

  • Athletic Trainers to Strike While Sporting Events Go On

    by Jason Scott October 2016

    Earlier this week, faculty at 14 universities owned by the State of Pennsylvania went on strike, and the impact of the walkout could extend beyond the classroom to the playing field.

  • Experts Prescribe Active Rehab for Concussion Patients

    by Courtney Cameron October 2016

    In October 2015, a grant from the NFL Foundation was given to fund a two-day meeting of the nation’s leading experts in the fields of concussion research, treatment and care. Experts gathered at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center to discuss new leads in the active treatment of concussion patients and prepared to share with the nation the agreed-upon best practices. The result was a Statement of Agreement publication in which experts pooled their knowledge and experience regarding the best treatments and therapies for concussion patients.

  • Head Injuries Occur in Sports Other Than Football

    by Brian Duewel October 2016

    When people think about concussions in sports, football always comes first to mind, but there are others activities that can just as easily cause this traumatic brain injury. Soccer, hockey, lacrosse, baseball, wrestling, boxing and even basketball all have moments that can cause head injuries. Just think about the repeated shock the cranium takes as a soccer player heads a ball throughout the game.

  • Injury-Plagued HS Team Cancels Remaining Games

    by Rick O'Brien October 2016

    Citing safety concerns because of to a shortage of players and injuries, Neumann-Goretti's football team has canceled its two remaining Catholic League Blue Division contests.

  • Mother Levels Wrongful Death Suit Against Helmet Manufacturer

    by Courtney Cameron October 2016

    In a lawsuit filed Friday, Jeanine Smith sought financial retribution over the death of her son Andre due to a blunt force head trauma suffered on the football field. Smith was injured in 2015 when he was struck by another player during a kick return play. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, he was knocked down but immediately got back up again, and complained of a headache before losing consciousness. Smith never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead the following morning.

  • Even One Concussion Can Have Lasting Consequences

    by Gretchen Reynolds October 2016

    A single concussion experienced by a child or teenager may have lasting repercussions on mental health and intellectual and physical functioning throughout adulthood, and multiple head injuries increase the risks of later problems, according to one of the largest, most elaborate studies to date of the impacts of head trauma on the young. You cannot be an athlete, parent of an athlete, sports fan or reader of this newspaper and not be aware that concussions appear to be both more common and more dangerous than most of us once thought. According to a report released last week by the health insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield, based on data from medical claims nationwide, the incidence of diagnosed concussions among people under the age of 20 climbed 71 percent between 2010 and 2015. The rates rose most steeply among girls, with the incidence soaring by 119 percent during that time, although almost twice as many concussions over all were diagnosed in boys.

  • Effort, Innovation Help to Combat Youth Concussion Concerns

    by Joseph Staszewski and and Zach Braziller October 2016

    Local youth football coaches are formulating a playbook to combat the impact of concussions, and ease parents' fears of serious head injuries to their children. Participation numbers are down across New York City at the youth level, as The Post reported on Tuesday, but many of those involved are trying to reverse that decline. An increased effort toward education and innovation is aimed at making the sport safer in the face of concerns over athletes suffering concussions.

  • Opinion: HS Forfeits Illustrate Need for Reform

    by Steve Christilaw October 2016

    In the past two weeks media in Western Washington spent a great deal of time discussing the situation that Class 2A power Archbishop Murphy finds itself in. This week Cedar Park Christian became the fourth opponent to forfeit its game with the Wildcats rather than risk injury on the field. The Wildcats will now have gone without playing a football game for a month. Archbishop Thomas Murphy, known by most as ATM, is a relatively new school in Everett, opening its doors in 1988 as Holy Cross High, and the football program was quickly built into a state power by Hall of Fame coach Terry Ennis, who won a state championship at Everett's Cascade High before tackling the job at the private Catholic school, where he was 75-12 with the Wildcats, winning state championships in 2002 and 2003.

  • NFL Player Harrison Says Sons Will Play Football

    by James Harrison, Jarrett Bell October 2016

    I'm not putting any pressure on my boys to play tackle football. I'm also not telling them that they can't play. I want them to decide what they want to do, so I've tried to expose them to other sports. Right now, their interests are in karate, track and flag football.