• Playground Startup's Device Measures Fall Impact

    by Steve Sadin January 2015

    The sphere-shaped, four-inch product is equipped with sensors and can be dropped from the height of a swing or jungle gym, enabling park and school district personnel to test whether their equipment meets safety standards.

  • Deputies Confirm Alibi of Wrestler in Gym Mat Death

    by Christian Boone, Staff December 2014

    Lowndes County sheriff's deputies have released a report confirming the alibi of the older of two brothers still being investigated by federal prosecutors in the death of a Valdosta teen found dead in a gym mat.

  • Mental Maturity, Not Weight, Key to Peewee Football Risk

    by Scott Clair Daily News Correspondent 239-435-3435 December 2014

    With the Football University Youth National Tournament set to begin in Naples on Friday, one thing will be apparent: the size of the players has grown as much as the sport itself.

  • Columnist: Is NFL Career Worth an Early Death?

    by John Smallwood; Daily News Columnist December 2014

    Chris Conte, a fourth-year free safety with the Chicago Bears, told a radio station that if he knew today that playing in the NFL would take at least a decade off his normal life span, he'd still do it all over again.

  • Thin Ice: NAHL Game Halted When Crease Deteriorates

    by Zach Duncan 940-720-3470 December 2014

    The Wichita Falls Wildcats were about a period away from a road sweep Saturday night against Rio Grande Valley when a franchise first happened.

  • Video: High School Coach Throws Player Down by Her Hair

    by Michael Gaio December 2014

    It's an ugly situation that only looks worse once you see the video.

  • Farmer Denies Her Milk Sickened 38 at Football Dinner

    by RICK BARRETT, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel December 2014

    The dairy farmer who supplied raw milk at a Durand High School football team dinner this fall, tied to the illnesses of nearly 40 people, said Friday she doesn't believe the milk was to blame - despite evidence from public health officials.

  • How Much Contact is Too Much in High School Football?

    by Ernie Clark BDN Staff December 2014

    The National Federation of State High School Associations Concussion Summit Task Force has developed a series of fundamentals for minimizing head impact exposure and concussion risk in football.

  • More NFL Teams Enhancing Medical Options for Players

    by Tom Pelissero, @TomPelissero, USA TODAY Sports December 2014

    NFL teams are looking outside the usual structure of doctors and athletic trainers, hiring chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists and other specialists to help keep players healthy, in part because players were seeking such treatments on their own

  • NHL Fighting Mumps Outbreak

    by Kevin Allen, @ByKevinAllen, USA TODAY Sports December 2014

    When Anaheim Ducks players initially heard mumps might be in their dressing room, the news seemed more like a source for comedy than for concern.