• Prep Lineman Goes into Cardiac Arrest at Practice, Dies

    by Aaron Feis , Aaron Short and Joe Tacopino September 2014

    A nearly 300-pound, 16-year-old high-school football player collapsed on the field during practice on Staten Island Monday morning and died, cops said.

  • Texas Concussion Law Has Shifted Mindset of HS Coaches

    by Mike Lee August 2014

    Three years after Texas House Bill 2038 became law, high school football coaches and players have pretty much accepted the major changes regarding the diagnosis and treatment of concussions.

  • MLB Players, Coaches Want Changes to Home-Plate Rule

    by bnighten@,, USA TODAY Sports August 2014

    Implemented this season to help avoid home-plate collisions and prevent concussions, Rule 7.13 probably has served its intended purpose.

  • Hockey's 'Look-Up Line' Gaining Support

    by Kevin Allen August 2014

    After Thomas Smith suffered his second paralyzing accident while playing hockey, he recalled spine specialist Barth Green telling him, "You had a better chance of winning the lottery five times in a row than having two separate accidents, totally unrelated." Aug.2, 2008, Smith, then 19, suffered his first catastrophic injury when he went headfirst into the boards while trying to avoid a collision. Partially paralyzed, Smith made what was considered a remarkable recovery at the Miami Project. He was walking in April and cleared to resume playing hockey May10.

  • UNC Investigating Alleged Hazing Incident

    by Star-News August 2014

    UNC looking into alleged hazing incident North Carolina is investigating a report of an alleged hazing altercation that left a walk-on receiver with a possible concussion. "We are aware of an incident involving members of the UNC football team that took place earlier this month," team spokesman Kevin Best said in a statement Tuesday. "We take this allegation seriously and the university is conducting a thorough review."

  • High School Coach Fired After Pop Gun Hazing Incident

    by Michael Gaio August 2014

    What was supposed to be a night of fun and team-building has instead cost a Minnesota high school dance coach her job and divided supporters of the team in the process. The Cannon Falls school board voted Monday not to renew the contract of Madi Salisbury, the head coach of the Bomber Dance Team, due to a July 25 incident at the school's auditorium.

  • So Far This NFL Preseason: 49 Games, 66 Concussions

    by Tom Mahon, Daily News Staff Writer August 2014

    THE NUMBER, if accurate, is staggering. So far, there have been 66 concussions in 49 NFL preseason games. That, according to @NFLconcussions, the Twitter feed that tracks such things. Former NFL player Dave Pear isn't surprised.

  • Football Player Who Died at 25 Had Severe CTE

    by Michael Gaio August 2014

    A new report from the Associated Press has found disturbing information about the death of former college football player Michael Keck.

  • Diverse Sports Pool Resources at NFL Concussion Summit

    by Gary Mihoces, USA TODAY Sports August 2014

    Sports as different as football and Olympic horseback riding events such as jumping and dressage (aka the "horse ballet") have a common denominator: concussions.

  • Family Sues District, Coach Over Return-to-Play Incident

    by Kathy Boccella; Inquirer Staff Writer August 2014

    The suit says the girl, now 16 and identified as M.U., suffered a traumatic brain injury that made her miss most of freshman year and that continues to cause headaches, fatigue, anxiety, and other symptoms two years after the collision on Aug. 20, 2012.