• Heightened Public Awareness Sparks New Initiatives to Recognize, React to Concussions

    by Michael Popke March 2010

    Heightened public awareness sparks new initiatives to recognize and react to brain trauma and other serious injuries.

  • Duck!

    by Paul Steinbach December 2009

    As a University of Oregon senior majoring in sociology, Katelynn Johnson probably knew something about mob mentality even before she was rendered unconscious by a full water bottle anonymously launched from within the masses at the University of Arizona's football stadium last month.

  • Heightened Awareness of Concussions Changing Culture of High School Sports

    by Michael Popke November 2009

    Heightened awareness of concussions is changing the culture of prep sports.

  • Turn Back the Clock?

    by Andrew Cohen November 2009

    The Wall Street Journal had an unusual take on the concussion debate last week: "Retire the Football Helmet," as the headline read. The argument put forth by Reed Albergotti and Shirley S. Wang is a provocative one that has been voiced off and on for some time. Helmets create a sense of invincibility that encourages athletes to collide with greater force and use the hard surface of their helmet to inflict the maximum amount of ass-whupping - "Helloooo, Brian Dawkins!" - on opposing players.

  • Running Scared?

    by Cathy Liewen October 2009

    Last Sunday, Jon Fenlon, Daniel Langdon and Rick Brown, ages 26, 36 and 65, all collapsed and died while running a half-marathon in Detroit. What made these deaths unusual was that they all happened within 16 minutes of each other during the last two miles of the 13.1-mile race. While the autopsies are still pending, the deaths were most likely caused by heart failure. Add these deaths to the list of fatalities during recent endurance events (half-marathons claimed two lives in San Jose, Calif., earlier this month and another in Virginia Beach, Va., in September), and it's enough to make even avowed couch potatoes break a sweat.

  • One on One: Pole Vaulting Expert Jan Johnson Sizes Up Safety of the Sport

    by Paul Steinbach September 2009

    A former world-class vaulter suggests improvements to the landing area.

  • CPSC Issues Alert Regarding Light Pole Inspections

    by Paul Steinbach September 2009

  • Executive Director Departs, But the Beat Will (Still) Go On

    by Andrew Cohen September 2009

  • How To Acclimate Student-Athletes to Heat

    by Douglas Casa and David Csillan July 2009

    The National Athletic Trainers' Association has released guidelines for acclimating high school student-athletes to heat during late-summer practices.

  • Legislation Stemming from High School Football Player's Death Affects Kentucky Coaches

    by Michael Popke May 2009

    Legislation stemming from a high school football player's death has coaches in Kentucky heading to summer school.