• Blog: Running As Punishment Does Nobody Any Good

    by Michael Popke — AB Managing Editor October 2012

    When I played freshman basketball at a Catholic high school in Wisconsin back in the 1980s, one of my teammates earned the nickname "Plop" because of the sound his flat feet made when we ran laps around the gym. I remember running laps around that gym with "Plop" and the rest of my teammates a lot, often as punishment for forgotten indiscretions; in fact, the running is what sticks out most about that season - which was my last playing organized hoops.

  • N.H. School Board Member Proposes Killing Football Program

    by Michael Popke — AB Managing Editor October 2012

    A proposal to ban high school football in Dover, N.H., a small city in the state's southeastern corner, has taken the community - including Dover High School athletic director Peter Wotton - by surprise. "I sure would like to believe [football will survive]," he told Foster's Daily Democrat. "Just the idea of what football is - it's an event. It entails the band, the cheerleaders, the community. That's what makes football so different from the other sports. Good and bad."

  • ASCE to Create Sports Lighting Support Pole Standard

    by Paul Steinbach August 2012

    Three years ago this month, when AB first reported on a rash of sports lighting support pole failures, one source admitted that the industry had long seen little regulation or consistent design guidance. That appears to be changing.

  • Helmets at the Center of Battle to Tame Concussions

    by Michael Popke August 2012

    No football season in memory has begun with as much emphasis on helmet safety at nearly all levels of the game as the 2012 campaign. Pop Warner Football has banned head-to-head hits.

  • New Youth Football Concussion Policies Emphasize Prevention, Education

    by Emily Attwood August 2012

    Football safety has progressed by leaps and bounds since the days when the "flying wedge" - the human battering ram linked to multiple deaths in the game each year during the late 19th century - was officially outlawed.

  • States Seek to Ensure Student-Athlete Safety in High Heat

    by Michael Popke June 2012

    July 26 marks the one-year anniversary of what Douglas Casa, a leading expert on exertional heat illness, called "the worst week in the last 35 years in terms of athlete deaths."

  • AAU Announces New Measures to Protect Young Athletes

    by Emily Attwood June 2012

    One of the nation's largest nonprofit youth sports organizations, child abuse allegations at Penn State and Syracuse, as well as allegations against former AAU president Bobby Dodd. The task force's 31-page report recommends 42 changes to AAU policies.

  • Athletes Saving Athletes Trains Teammates to Protect Each Other

    by Michael Popke May 2012

    When one of his teammates on the Santa Fe Christian boys' lacrosse team was knocked out by a wayward lacrosse ball during a January practice, Grant Lucier knew exactly what to do.

  • Study Finds Similar Brain Damage in Soldiers, Athletes

    by Emily Attwood May 2012

    What do athletes and military veterans have in common? Blasts from explosions may put soldiers at risk for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the same degenerative brain disease suffered by athletes after multiple concussions or head impacts. A study conducted by Boston University in conjunction with the Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System examined the brain tissue of young veterans, comparing it to those of young athletes exhibiting signs of CTE, and found nearly identical abnormalities.

  • Abuse Victim Katherine Starr Launches Safe4Athletes

    by Paul Steinbach April 2012

    She still holds Wisconsin swimming records for 13- and 14-year-old girls 30 years after setting them, but Katherine Starr has surrendered much in her life - innocence, Olympic dreams, even the name she was born with.