• 15-Year-Old Player Dies After Being Struck by Baseball

    by Laura Godlewski May 2015

    A 15-year-old baseball player died after being hit by a ball during a game in Bemidji, Minnesota.

    Zacharie Schaubhut was pitching in the pick-up game played at Bemidji High School and collapsed after being struck by the ball hit by the batter.

  • IHSA Bolsters Concussion-Prevention Initiatives

    by Laura Godlewski May 2015

    The Illinois High School Association recently introduced several concussion-prevention initiatives after a lawsuit was filed accusing it of doing too little to protect student-athletes from head injuries. 

  • Doctor: Mandate Heart-Screening in HS Sports Physical

    by Dr. John P. Higgins May 2015

    in the past two weeks there have been at least three cases of fatal or near fatal heart-related events involving Texas high school and middle school students. It is time that we not only recognize there is a problem, but do something about it.

  • Family to Sue After Autopsy Finds Montador Had CTE

    by John Vogl; News Sports Reporter May 2015

    Steve Montador's family learned Tuesday he suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the degenerative brain disorder commonly known as CTE.

  • Understanding the Role of Athletic Trainers in High Schools

    by Larry Cooper May 2015

    Athletes participating in every sport at the collegiate and professional levels have come to rely on an athletic trainer for all of their injuries and ailments. Athletic trainers' specialized scope of practice includes injury prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.

  • Virginia Tech Professor Explains Helmet Research

    by Paul Steinbach May 2015

    In February, the NFL suspended its concussion research program employing helmet sensors, citing player privacy and data-reliability concerns. Stefan Duma disagrees with that decision. After attending a military conference in 2003, the head of Virginia Tech's biomechanical engineering department helped the Hokies football program become the first in the nation to track head impacts.

  • Opinion: Avoiding Sports Injuries Should Be Fashionable

    by Arthur Caplan/Brendan Parent May 2015

    Concussion data is motivating some top pro athletes, including Giancarlo Stanton and Wayne Rooney, to sacrifice what is now thought of as fashionable for safety.

  • Will Injury Fears Have Negative Effect on Youth Play?

    by Adam Fisher, Naples Daily News May 2015

    When Steven Quinn created the Southwest Florida Youth Football League years ago, he couldn’t imagine how quickly it would take off. After just two years, the league had to add an extra team in most age divisions to satisfy demand.

  • Response to 'Scary' Girls' Soccer Injury Praised

    by Scott Kaniewski, The Gazette May 2015

    A Widefield girls' soccer player is home safe if not seriously sore after being wheeled off the field Thursday night by ambulance.

  • NFL Safety Official: Concussions Have Been Decreasing

    by Jeff Miller, USA Today May 2015

    More than a million high school students and more than 2.5 million younger students play tackle football across the country every year. There is no higher priority, both in the NFL and throughout the football community, than ensuring that they have safe, fun and healthy experiences.