• Dementia, ALS Harsh Reminders of Dangers of Football

    by Dave George March 2017

    Maybe there's a need for a sticker affixed to every helmet, from peewee ball to the NFL, bearing the words, "Football can be hazardous to your brain long after you stop playing."

  • Baseball Coach Investigated for Pitching at Players

    by Megan Boehnke and Troy Provost-Heron March 2017

    Two Hardin Valley Academy baseball coaches are under investigation by state and local authorities after they were accused of intentionally and repeatedly hitting players with pitches during a practice last week.

  • Are NFL Doctors Playing for the Wrong Team?

    by the Telegram & Gazette March 2017

    Allegations that team doctors for the National Football League engaged in questionable, and possibly illegal, use of prescription drugs to manage player pain are raising medical ethics questions.

  • Study: Athletes Specializing in Sport at Younger Ages

    by Rita Giordano March 2017

    Youth athletes tend to specialize in a single sport at younger ages than college or professional athletes, according to a new study from the Rothman Institute.

  • Bill Aims to Protect Medical Staff Across State Lines

    by Dr. David Geier March 2017

    The U.S. House of Representatives recently took a major step to ensuring athletes have access to the best medical care when traveling to compete. The Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act (H.R. 302) aims to protect medical professionals who work in sports medicine - doctors, athletic trainers and physical therapists - and travel with high school, college and professional teams.

  • Nearly 10K Register for NFL Concussion Settlement

    by Tribune-Review March 2017

    Almost 10,000 retired football players have registered to receive payouts from a $1 billion settlement with the NFL in a class-action concussion-related lawsuit. Pittsburgh attorney Jason Luckasevic expected even more by now. There are more than 20,000 former players who could benefit from the settlement. Registration for the settlement began a month ago and will remain open until Aug. 7. "I find it interesting that only 50 percent have registered," Luckasevic said. "That tells you that a lot of guys are apathetic or unable to realize that they need to do something."

  • Wolverines' Aircraft Grounded by Gusting Winds

    by Courtney Cameron March 2017

    Wednesday afternoon, the University of Michigan men’s basketball team was loaded and ready to leave for the Big Ten tournament in Washington, D.C., when gusting winds forced the aircraft carrying the team off the runway.

  • NSPF Responds to Urine Health Risk Study

    by Courtney Cameron March 2017

    In a press release yesterday, the National Swimming Pool Foundation responded to a recent report from the University of Alberta, Edmonton about the urine content of public pools.

  • European Report: No Need for Crumb Rubber Concerns

    by Jason Scott March 2017

    A report published by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) on Tuesday indicated that there is little cause for concern regarding exposure to chemicals as a result of contact with synthetic turf surfaces and recycled crumb rubber infill.

  • Study: Private School AT Services Lag Behind Public

    by Courtney Cameron February 2017

    A new study released by the National Athletic Trainers Association shows that private secondary schools are falling well behind public schools in providing adequate athletic training services to meet the needs of student-athletes.