• WWE Wrestlers Cite Scripted Matches in Concussion Suit

    by Jeremy Roebuck; Inquirer Staff Writer January 2015

    Years of "chair shots," "flying head butts," "facebreakers," and "cobra clutch slams" have left former professional wrestlers with long-term brain injuries to which the sport's dominant circuit has continuously turned a blind eye, two ex-wrestlers allege in a proposed class-action suit filed in Philadelphia.

  • Study: Tailored Care Needed for Each Concussed Child

    by Dayton Children's Hospital January 2015

    It's like a double hit when a child suffers a concussion. Not only is he or she sidelined from the sport they love, they may also have to refrain from normal everyday activities like school, computer games, even television, to allow the brain to heal.

  • Editorial: Coach-on-Student Assault Haunts Community

    by Valley News (White River Junction, Vermont) January 2015

    The curious case of Brian Musty, the former Oxbow Union High School coach and teacher convicted of sexually assaulting one of his athletes, leaves in its wake a complicated dynamic that the community needs to sort out.

  • Boy, 11, Testifies of Sex Abuse by Football Coach

    by JULIE SHAW; Daily News Staff Writer January 2015

    The thin 11-year-old told a Common Pleas jury yesterday that he used to sleep over some weekends in his football coach's home bedroom.

  • Young Boy Killed at Soccer Practice by Falling Bench

    by Michael Gaio January 2015

    Tragedy struck soccer practice at a New Jersey elementary school on Wednesday night.

  • New Heading Rules for Youth Soccer Are No-Brainer

    by Geoff Calkins January 2015

    She started playing competitive soccer in first grade. A year later, she had her first concussion. "I was 7 years old," says Gracie Hussey, now 15 and a freshman at Hutchison. "I was playing up in age, with my sister. I remember going in for a header and a girl elbowed my head because I was so much shorter than her." Hussey finished the game because that's how she was wired. Her head hurt, sure, but nothing a little ice couldn't fix.

  • Study: Tighter Restrictions Bad for Concussion Recovery

    by David Templeton, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (TNS) January 2015

    The current regimen of quiet time until symptoms are gone followed by a step-by-step return to normal levels of activity is likely preferable to cocooning.

  • Playground Startup's Device Measures Fall Impact

    by Steve Sadin January 2015

    The sphere-shaped, four-inch product is equipped with sensors and can be dropped from the height of a swing or jungle gym, enabling park and school district personnel to test whether their equipment meets safety standards.

  • Deputies Confirm Alibi of Wrestler in Gym Mat Death

    by Christian Boone, Staff December 2014

    Lowndes County sheriff's deputies have released a report confirming the alibi of the older of two brothers still being investigated by federal prosecutors in the death of a Valdosta teen found dead in a gym mat.

  • Mental Maturity, Not Weight, Key to Peewee Football Risk

    by Scott Clair Daily News Correspondent 239-435-3435 December 2014

    With the Football University Youth National Tournament set to begin in Naples on Friday, one thing will be apparent: the size of the players has grown as much as the sport itself.