• Woman Falls to Her Death in Climbing Gym Accident

    by Michael Gaio September 2013

    An experienced climber died Sunday when she fell about 30 feet off a climbing wall at a Grapevine, Texas, climbing gym. Police say the death was an unfortunate accident.

  • Middle School Football Player Dies From Ant Attack

    by Michael Gaio September 2013

    Unfortunately, for the second day in a row, we are writing about the death of a youth football player. However, this one wasn't caused by a helmet-to-helmet hit or any other football-related injury.

  • Helmet-to-Helmet Hit Results in Death of Prep Player

    by Michael Gaio September 2013

    Damon Janes, a 16-year-old high school running back from Brocton, N.Y., died Monday after suffering a helmet-to-helmet hit in a game on Friday night.

  • Dr. James Andrews Targets Youth Sports Injuries

    by Paul Steinbach August 2013

    Adrian Peterson, Drew Brees and Robert Griffin III begin the 2013 NFL season this month, thanks in large part to Dr. James Andrews, orthopedic surgeon and injury consultant to a roster of clients that reads like a multisport hall-of-fame ballot.

  • Another Breakthrough in Concussion Research

    by Michael Gaio July 2013

    According to a recent study, researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have developed a new way to measure the cumulative effect of impacts to the head suffered by football players.

  • Are High-Tech Football Helmets Any Safer?

    by Michael Gaio July 2013

    Here at AB, we write a lot about concussions and player safety. We write about recovering from concussions. If it deals with concussions, it's always a popular topic with our readers.

  • Lax Reporting Sparks Revisions to Mass. Concussion Law

    by Emily Attwood July 2013

    Less than a third of Massachusetts schools turned in reports last year on sports-related concussions and head injuries as required by state law, but even the small amount of data collected demonstrates that concussions among student-athletes pose a significant health issue.

  • Aerobic Test Could Save Athletes' Lives

    by Michael Gaio July 2013

    Heat-related deaths nationwide have been on the rise since 1975, and athletic programs everywhere are looking at ways to combat that trend. Notre Dame High School in Lawrence Township, N.J., is among the schools leading the charge, as its football players recently underwent a cutting-edge Aerobic Strength Test.

  • Nebraska Researchers Working on 10-Minute Concussion Test

    by Emily Attwood July 2013

    Researchers at the University of Nebraska are developing a tool that could rule out or confirm a concussion within 10 minutes. The device, a functional MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine, would use an electrode net placed on an athlete's head to monitor brain activity in response to various stimuli. Based on subtle changes in blood flow, team medical professionals will be able to determine within minutes whether an athlete is concussed, and if so, how severely.

  • Study Reveals Alarming Safety Trends in Youth Sports

    by Michael Gaio June 2013

    Remember the infamous New Orleans Saints bounty scandal that dominated sports headlines for much of last year? Well apparently the bounty effect has trickled down to youth sports, including kids as young as eight years old. A recent survey conducted by I9 Sports discovered some alarming numbers on bounties and injuries in youth sports.