• Concussion Protocol Failure Can Bring Negligence Claim

    by John Wolohan and Emily Campeas June 2016

    This article appeared in the July/August issue of Athletic Business. Athletic Business is a free magazine for professionals in the athletic, fitness and recreation industry. Click here to subscribe.

  • AIG Drops Head Injury Coverage for NFL Players

    by Josh Kosman June 2016

    AIG wants the benefits of football without the risks.The New York insurance giant has stopped insuring NFL players against head injuries as the dangers of concussions became apparent even though it continues to play up its ties to the game, The Post has learned.

  • Trainer: Football is Fine with Proper Precautions

    by Chris Goff June 2016

    Jacob Gilbert rejects the idea that football is unnatural activity for the human body. Gilbert, a master trainer with USA Football who ran a player safety clinic Wednesday, said the sport is fine so long as precautions are taken and good practices used. "I really (believe that)," he said. "And then I know there are drastic decreases in risky behaviors in teens, whether that be drugs, alcohol, missing school, if they are involved.

  • NMAA Won't Seek to Overturn Concussion Ruling After Law Change

    by James Yodice June 2016

    Although the NMAA had said that it would seek to challenge and overturn a judge's temporary restraining order — one that allowed Cleveland High running back Shawn Nieto to be cleared to participate in last December's Class 6A state championship game — the organization is no longer going to pursue the matter.

  • Why More Youth Baseball Pitchers Are Getting Surgery

    by Jason Scott June 2016

    A larger group of young baseball players are going under the knife, and some surgeons and coaches are working to combat the issue.

  • Hall of Famer Calls for Contact Sports Safety

    by Neil Best June 2016

    Harry Carson said Monday that he has petitioned both the Surgeon General and the Centers for Disease Control to issue a formal warning that "contact sports can be hazardous to your young person's health."

  • Florida Guidelines Limit Full-Contact HS Football Practices

    by Josh Barnett June 2016

    Given the concerns about football and head trauma, the Florida High School Athletic Association has adopted full-contact practice limits for the first time. Frank Beasley, the executive director of the FHSAA, told USA TODAY High School Sports on Monday that the guidelines would take effect Aug. 1.

  • Untreated Youth Concussions Can Hamper Quality of Life

    by Debra Erdley June 2016

    The dangers of concussions became increasingly apparent over the last decade. As researchers documented their impact on professional athletes and study after study was published, high schools began adopting concussion protocols and baseline testing for students involved in school-sanctioned sports.

  • Solving CTE Is What Matters, Not NFL Controversy

    by Nancy Armour June 2016

    Something was lost in the furor over who made what phone calls when and why the NFL went back on its word. The day is coming when former players won't have to wait for an autopsy to explain the mood swings, the memory loss, the depression and, in the very worst of cases, the urge to kill themselves. That breakthrough will lead to others. An explanation for why some people exposed to repetitive head trauma get chronic traumatic encephalopathy and others do not and a test to indicate which group someone falls into. Treatments that can slow the progression of the disease that has reduced dozens of former football players -- and soccer players and hockey players and members of the military -- to shadows of themselves.

  • Support Voiced for Proposed AED Law

    by Managing Editor June 2016

    Sterling Selectmen voted to support Senate bill 1191, which would require automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in all schools and sporting events, as well as someone trained to use the device.