• Concussion Concern: LB Retires After One NFL Season

    by Michael Gaio March 2015

    One of last season’s top NFL rookies is retiring, citing concerns over head trauma and sending shockwaves throughout the league in the process.

  • Firefighters Foundation Gives Helmets to Skaters, Bikers

    by Anne Kallas Special to The Star March 2015

    As 13-year-old Cole Howard, of Santa Clarita, talked about how his friend Cody Doolittle died of massive head trauma after flying off his skateboard while not wearing a helmet, Cody’s mother, Rhonda, was moved.

  • Colorado Serious About Spelling Prep Pitchers' Arms

    by Justin Shaw & Kevin Carmody, The Gazette March 2015

    Big-time change could be on the horizon for high school baseball in Colorado. It's nothing new for administrators, coaches, players and parents to debate whether or not there should be a limit placed on pitchers.

  • Air Force Football Players Tracked with Helmet Sensors

    by Brent Briggeman March 2015

    Six Falcons players -- three on offense, three on defense -- were fitted with Riddell's Sideline Response System for a test during a spring scrimmage.

  • U. of South Carolina Fitted with Sensor Mouthguards

    by Post & Courier (Charleston, SC) March 2015

    The football concussion discussion is dominated by scary studies, premature deaths, suicides, lawsuits, more studies. Official progress is as elusive as discount surgery for those concerned about the brain health of athletes, particularly college students

  • Autopsy: Ohio State Football Suicide Not Linked to CTE

    by Misti Crane, The Columbus Dispatch March 2015

    The pathologist who examined Kosta Karageorge's brain found that the Ohio State University football player and wrestler from Worthington did not have chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative disease sometimes found in athletes and others with a history of repetitive brain trauma.

  • Gym Mat Death: Family Questions; Linebacker in Limbo

    by Erik Brady and Ray Glier, USA TODAY Sports March 2015

    Brian Bell is a linebacker without a team, just the latest twist in a complicated tale in which race and class intersect with a mysterious death that authorities call accidental but that an aggrieved and grieving family allege was murder.

  • Study: MRIs Can Aid in Concussion Treatment


    An imaging technique that measures blood flow in the brain could give doctors the first objective tool for treating athletes with concussions, Albuquerque researchers found in a new study.

  • Kansas State Fans Storm Court, Chaos Ensues

    by Michael Gaio February 2015

    Kansas State’s Bramlage Coliseum is nicknamed the “Octagon of Doom” and claims to have the largest student section in the Big 12. Monday night, that section spilled onto the court in a doomsday scene for players, coaches and fans.

  • Pop Warner Football Blamed for Former Player’s Suicide

    by Michael Gaio February 2015

    Pop Warner youth football is being sued for $5 million following the suicide of 25-year-old Wisconsin man. The lawsuit, filed by the man’s mother, alleges her son suffered severe brain damage caused by playing youth football and that Pop Warner failed to warn players about, and protect them from, the dangers of head trauma.