• Experts: Rest Alone Insufficient to Treat Concussions

    by Wes Venteicher October 2015

    About three dozen concussion experts who met in Pittsburgh last week are aiming to overturn the prevailing view that rest is the only treatment for the injury.

  • Condensation on Floor Forces End of NBA Game

    by Bill Oram, The Orange County Register October 2015

    The court at the former San Diego Sports Arena has a reputation among NBA players for problems: being uneven, having dead spots. Typically, however, it has been good enough for an exhibition game.

  • Bullets Left at Stadium Gate Prompt Season Cancellation

    by Paul Steinbach October 2015

    Mount Pleasant (Pa.) Area Junior Football League has cancelled the 2015 season — its 50th — following the latest in mounting threats against league officials, coaches and referees, allegedly made by parents. On Tuesday, ammunition shells depicting the names of league officials in permanent marker were found at the gate of Hurst Stadium, a playing field used by the league.

    Parents of football players and cheerleaders told Pittsburgh’s WTAE-TV a fistfight among parents occurred at a game earlier this season, and another game had to be rescheduled due to an unspecified threat. Shouted comments from the stands included criticism of players’ weights. The league serves children ages six through 14.

    “I have no idea where it’s coming from, but it’s got to stop,” parent Stephanie Spallone told reporter Kelly Brennan. “The kids have more sense than the adults here.”

    “It’s a feeder league,” added another parent, Robyn Josey. “They will eventually all play for the Mt. Pleasant Vikings together as teammates, as friends, and that’s what is sad about the whole thing.”

    A league statement to parents said, "Decisions of this magnitude are not done lightly; rather they are done with the advice of the state police, FBI, school administration and league officials. We hope that as parents you will agree with this decision and try to cooperate with everyone involved to bring forward the person or persons responsible for these actions. The league's future and our children's continued participation in future seasons is what is in jeopardy."

  • High School Cancels Football Game Due to Too Many Injuries

    by The Herald-Sun (Durham, N.C.) October 2015

    Carrboro High School has cancelled its home football with Barlett Yancey on Friday night due to too many of its players being injured, the school said in a statement released Wednesday night.

  • CTE Discovered in Brain of NFL Player Who Committed Suicide

    by Jason Scott October 2015

    Adrian Robinson, a former NFL linebacker who committed suicide in May, was found to have the degenerative brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

  • After Utley's Takeout Slide, MLB Commish Eyes Rule Change

    by The Commercial Appeal October 2015

    After the success of the so-called Buster Posey rule to protect catchers from home plate collisions, baseball is looking to alter the rule on takeout slides. “We started talking to the union about this,” commissioner Rob Manfred said before Game 4 of the Cubs-Cardinals NLDS at Wrigley Field. “It is another example of player safety, which is really high on our radar screen. We’ve got a lot of money invested in ballplayers. The players themselves have tremendous playing opportunities in terms of what they can earn and I think it’s important we protect them.”

  • Quick Response Saves HS Football Player With Ruptured Spleen

    by Mike Lowe October 2015

    Leavitt High School football player Adam Smith recovering from spleen injury suffered last Saturday against Greely. A high school football player who ruptured his spleen during a game Saturday is fortunate that a doctor on the sidelines recognized the "life-threatening" nature of his injury and acted quickly to have him rushed to the hospital. Adam Smith, a senior lineman at Leavitt Area High, was listed in fair condition Monday night at Maine Medical Center in Portland. Earlier in the day, he was moved from the intensive care unit to a room in the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Med. His mother, Susan Smith, said doctors determined that her son suffered a Grade V spleen injury, the most serious of its type. Dr. Kate Quinn, the physician who assessed Adam Smith on the sidelines Saturday at Greely High in Cumberland, said a ruptured spleen "can be life-threatening if not caught in time. You can lose a lot of blood in a hurry."

  • After MRSA Infection, Doctors Fight to Save NFL Player's Foot

    by Paul Schwartz October 2015

    Daniel Fells remains hospitalized as doctors continue to treat the MRSA infection that ended his season, and medical specialists are fighting to save his foot, according to the NFL Network.

  • "Mental Boot Camp" Possible Treatment for Concussions

    by John Hollenhorst October 2015

    A clinic in Provo is claiming remarkable success in treating people - including some NFL football players - who suffer long-term consequences from concussions. "I had personality changes, I had severe fatigue, it affected my personal relationships, my family relationships, my grades even," said college student Lisie Cornish describing her symptoms after suffering a concussion in a car accident. But her treatment at Cognitive FX has made a dramatic improvement. "Yes, yes, yes. I would recommend it to anybody," she said. The claims of a breakthrough are still awaiting formal scientific confirmation, but the clinic does expect to submit its data for peer-review by the end of the year. "We know how to target exactly what to work on," said Rett Lam, one of the partners in Cognitive FX.

  • Preexisting Condition to Blame for HS Football Player's Death

    by Chris Joyner October 2015

    Burke County Coroner Susan Salemi said high school officials did everything they could to save 17-year-old Roddrick "Rod" Williams when he collapsed on the practice field Sept. 22 in Waynesboro.