• No Longer Sidelined, Competitive Cheerleading Evolves

    by September 2016

    Once associated with young girls wearing skirts and waving pompoms, competitive cheerleading has evolved into teams performing 2-and-a-half-minute routines jam packed with highly technical gymnastics, stunts, tumbling passes and dance.

  • Opinion: Law on Concussion Training a Home Run

    by AB Staff September 2016

    The Erie County Legislature acted on behalf of children and their parents last week in voting to require concussion safety training by coaches in local youth sports leagues. Given what Americans have learned about the terrible consequences of repeated concussions in adults, it was incumbent to ensure that children are protected.

  • Opinion: Football's Death Toll Still Too High

    by Jay Evensen August 2016

    Turns out we haven't improved the death toll much over the past century, even if the odds of avoiding death and injury have improved. Many more people play the sport today than in 1906. In Utah, 8,587 high school students played in 2014. Nationally, the figure was 1,083,617, according to the National Federation of State High School Associations.

  • Amendments to New Concussion Law Proposed

    by Sandra Tan August 2016

    Erie County adopted a law last month that requires coaches of youth contact sports to take concussion safety training so they can recognize when a child might have suffered a concussion and can take appropriate action. Now, two amendments have been proposed to soften the law's requirements, in light of the backlash over the "administrative nightmare" the law would unleash on volunteer-based organizations and questions about which sports are considered "contact" sports and which aren't.

  • Study: Playing with Concussion Doubles Recovery Time

    by Dayton Daily News August 2016

    Continuing to play despite a concussion doubles recovery time for teen athletes and leads to worse short-term mental function than in those immediately removed from action, a study found.

  • Opinion: Lack of Oversight on Concussions Concerning

    by Gene Sapakoff August 2016

    The NCAA lacks a commitment to long-term brain care for athletes that includes money for treatment. Ridiculous. Sad. Not part of the solution.

  • New Jersey Schools Host First No-Tackle Scrimmage

    by Josh Barnett August 2016

    Blair Academy in New Jersey has long had a policy of no tackling in practice. With a small roster that's hovered at about 35 players on the varsity and junior varsity combined, the school couldn't afford to lose players to injury. That no-tackle philosophy now will be applied to a three-team scrimmage scheduled for Saturday with Kittatinny and Belvidere that is thought to be the first of its kind nationally.

  • Dolphins Taking Proactive Approach to Combating Zika

    by By Joe Schad Palm Beach Post Staff Writer August 2016

    Even though there are 15 miles separating Zika hot zone Miami Beach and Miami Gardens, the Dolphins organization has taken proactive, aggressive steps to treat areas with EPA-approved chemicals designed to limit mosquitoes.

  • Pop Warner League Nixes Season, Blames Flag Football

    by Jason Scott August 2016

    As safety concerns surrounding youth football continue to mount, a growing number of players (and their parents) are opting for non-contact options, leaving tackle football teams and leagues suddenly low on participants.

  • Concussion Awareness Rises Among Players

    by The Commercial Appeal August 2016

    m for football — the NCAA achieved record attendance levels in 2015 — college players are paying close attention, as evident during last month’s 2016 ACC Football Kickoff at Charlotte, North Carolina.