• Moving Toward a More-Sustainable Synthetic Turf

    by Thomas P. Shay October 2016

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  • Couple Pushes for EKG Access After Losing Son

    by Kyra Gurney October 2016

    MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — Football season in the Mitchell household used to be a joyous time. The house would buzz with activity and sports-talk from September to February as Chris, Shantell and their son Dwayne each donned a different jersey and bet on whose team was going to win. This year, it’s quiet. Chris and Shantell lost their 19-year-old son Dwayne in March to complications from a heart condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. Dwayne, a healthy, athletic high school senior, suffered sudden cardiac arrest and collapsed at his grandmother’s house in May 2015, going into a coma two weeks before graduation.

  • Column: Sports Specialization Leads to Overuse Injuries

    by Ryan Basen October 2016

    Injuries from specializing in one sport at a young age have long been discussed in medical journals, and it remains an ongoing issue. Meanwhile, studies reject many of specialization's purported benefits, finding that it leads to overuse injuries and emotional burnout among pre- and early adolescents - often without generating the competitive advantage promised over multisport athletes.

  • Concussion Diagnoses Surge in Fall

    by Chicago Daily Herald October 2016

    Concussion diagnoses among young people in Illinois have skyrocketed as media coverage of football-related concussions and legislation aimed at preventing participants of youth sports from "shaking off" signs of head injuries have drawn attention to the dangers of head injuries, according to a new study by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA).

  • Akron Hospital Studying Concussions in Children

    by Amanda Garrett October 2016

    Dr. Joseph Congeni, director of sports medicine at Akron Children's Hospital, says, "The biggest thing that's exciting now is research. We've only just begun to learn." Woodridge High School lineman Carsen Everly returned to action on Sept. 2 after being cleared to play his first game since suffering his second football-related concussion since August. AKRON - Carsen Everly had suited up to play alongside his Woodridge Bulldogs football teammates for the first time this season.

  • Player's Cardiac Arrest Shows Importance of Planning

    by Dr. David Geier September 2016

    Wofford linebacker Michael Roach collapsed near his team s bench in the third quarter of the Terriers game at Tennessee Tech earlier this month. It would have been understandable to assume he was exhausted from playing 13 consecutive plays. But Roach was not breathing, and he lacked a pulse for 45 seconds. His sudden cardiac arrest has a happy ending, but not every athlete is as lucky.

  • HS Teams Cite Player Safety in Forfeits to Powerhouse

    by Jason Scott September 2016

    For the second time this season, a high school football team in Washington state will not be playing a scheduled game.

  • High School Football Team Goes Independent for Safety

    by Jim Baumbach September 2016

    Port Washington withdrew its varsity football team from Nassau's interscholastic organization this season because the school says it was concerned about injuries and an ability to compete in a conference with similarly sized high schools. Port Washington has instead elected to play eight exhibition games against four Lower Hudson Valley schools, three Nassau public schools from a lower conference and Long Island Lutheran. The team lost its first game of the season, 21-14, to Pelham of Westchester County on Sept. 10. The Vikings' next scheduled game is at home on Sept. 24 against Long Island Lutheran. The district's decision to opt out of Nassau's organized sports setup comes after years of appealing its varsity football team's placement in Conference I, which includes the county's 14 largest high schools by enrollment, athletic director Stephanie Joannon said.

  • Changes Aim to Limit Concussions, But Still More to Do

    by Steve Christilaw September 2016

    A football helmet is a fascinating piece of equipment. It is at once the most recognizable part of a player's uniform, emblazoned with the team emblem and painted to match the full game-day ensemble. But advertising is not its first responsibility. Between the polycarbonate shell, vinyl nitrile foam, an expanded polypropylene substructure, a foam liner and an air liner, jaw padding and a face mask, the modern football helmet does a mighty fine job accomplishing what it was meant to accomplish.

  • NFL Announces $100M Brain Health Donation

    by Bob Glaube September 2016

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced Wednesday that the league will commit $100 million toward brain health, and stressed in an interview with NBC's Matt Lauer that the league is deeply concerned about the health and well-being of its players. "I've been in this game for 35 years," Goodell told Lauer. "I've known players. I care about our players. I respect what they do on and off the field. I know our players. I care about our players. Some of them, I've known for 30 years."