• Marino Says Head is Injury-Free, Pulls Out of Lawsuit

    by Hal Habib, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer June 2014

    Dan Marino's concussion-related lawsuit against the NFL is ending. Marino issued a statement Tuesday saying he never intended to be among 15 former players added to a suit filed in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia that claims the league was negligent and careless in its treatment of head trauma. Marino's statement, sent to Sports Illustrated's Peter King, confirmed a report by the South Florida Sun Sentinel that Marino, 52, wanted his name promptly removed. Marino said that, contrary to the suit, he is not suffering from head injuries from his 17 years as the Dolphins' quarterback.

  • Marino Adds Stature to Concussion Lawsuit Against NFL

    by Andrew Abramson Palm Beach Post Staff Writer June 2014

    Dan Marino and 14 other lesser-known players added their names to the lawsuit in federal court last week in Philadelphia.

  • Senator: Open Sexual Predator Files to Kids Groups

    by Amber Sutherland June 2014

    Sen. Charles Schumer is proposing legislation to allow children's organizations such as the Boy Scouts to access the federal criminal histories of prospective staffers.

  • Blood Test Could Be Concussion Detection Breakthrough

    by Phil Kadner. May 2014

    A new blood test that reportedly can spot concussions in athletes could be "Nobel Prize-type stuff," according to a neurologist at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn.

  • Obama: Concussions Concerning in U.S. Sports Culture

    by Christine Brennan,, USA TODAY Sports May 2014

    Speaking as much as the parent of two athletic daughters as he was as president, Obama sent a clear message: It's time to treat concussions as the serious, wide-ranging, male and female health issue they have become.

  • NATA to Help Increase Medical Services in Underserved High Schools

    by Super User May 2014

    Source: National Athletic Trainers’ Association 

    WASHINGTON, DC, May 29, 2014 –The National Athletic Trainers’ Association, in collaboration with the Professional Football Athletic Trainers’ Society, will support a national initiative to place athletic trainers (ATs) in underserved high schools in NFL markets during the 2014 football season. The National Football League Foundation and NFL teams will provide $1 million, with the NATA adding another $125,000, to improve the health and welfare of those student athletes. The announcement was made during the White House Healthy Kids and Concussion Summit in Washington, DC, this morning.

  • Minnesota's Strict Hockey Rules Now National Standard


    Minnesota high school hockey's tougher rules to make the game safer will now be a national standard. The changes, which begin with the 2014-15 season, govern play in 17 states that offer hockey.

  • Child Psychologist: Screaming at Kid Athletes Is Abuse

    by Dr. Gregory Ramey May 2014

    It was painful watching the emotional abuse of young athletes by their parents in the HBO special "State of Play: Trophy Kids." The program documents the interactions among parents and four young athletes as they compete in golf, basketball, football and tennis.

  • Seven Sports Safety Questions Every Parent Should Ask

    by AB Staff May 2014

    Editor's Note: In response to the story Athletic Business published on May 19 titled, "School Districts Grapple with Youth Tackle Football Safety," the National Athletic Trainers' Association sent us the following release which we wanted to pass on to our readers.

  • School Disricts Grapple with Youth Tackle Football Safety

    by Nicole Shepard Deseret News May 2014

    Due to mounting evidence that football injuries are causing long-term brain trauma, U.S. school districts are considering removing tackle-football programs for their younger students.