• Proposed Arkansas Bill Would Limit Athletic Trainers

    by Jason Scott January 2017

    As the 2017 legislative session gets underway in Arkansas, a bill under consideration could place restrictions on the care athletic trainers are able to provide to students.

  • Will NCAA Become Next Concussion Battleground?

    by Thom Loverro January 2017

    The freedom fighters who want to paint college football players as victimized workers might want to get their priorities in order. Before we start worrying about paying these players, the more important goal may be to protect them.

  • NFLPA Reviews Miami's Concussion Protocols

    by Hal Habib January 2017

    The NFL Players Association announced late Monday that it was initiating an investigation after the Dolphin's Matt Moore sat out only one play after his chin absorbed a hard hit from the crown of the helmet of Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree.

  • Brain Injury Study Shows Increased Death Rate

    by Courtney Cameron January 2017

    Last Thursday, a study was released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention showing a small increase in recent years in high school football player deaths attributed to brain and spinal injuries.

  • Ice Arena Closed After Carbon Monoxide Scare

    by Jason Scott January 2017

    Women’s hockey players from the University of Wisconsin and Lindenwood (Mo.) University suffered carbon monoxide poisoning during a game on Friday. The ice arena they were playing in has been closed until the issue can be resolved.

  • Infographic: Wearable Tech and Sports Injury Prevention

    by AB Editors January 2017

    From professional to collegiate sports, injuries continue to sideline some of the world’s top athletes. Many teams across the globe have begun implementing the use of wearable technology to track their athletes’ health data in real time to not only improve their game, but prevent potentially devastating injuries as well.

  • Unconscious Wrestler Revived by Coach and Spectators

    by Courtney Cameron January 2017

    On Wednesday night, Donovan Catholic High School wrestler Brandon Gonzalez was revived by a group of fast-acting coaches, trainers and spectators after collapsing during a tri-match with Lakewood and Toms River North in Lakewood, N.J.

  • MRI Techniques Offer New Look at Head Injuries

    by Jason Scott January 2017

    In recent years, traumatic brain injuries have become a source of concern at virtually every level of sport. Sports organizations are instituting new rules to protect players, teaching techniques that could lower risks, and experimenting with different kinds of safety equipment, but the concerns surrounding concussions persist, particularly as they relate to younger athletes whose developing brains are thought to be more vulnerable.

  • Turf Industry Asks EPA for Final Decision

    by Courtney Cameron January 2017

    In response to a status report released on Dec. 30 by the Environmental Protection Agency regarding progress made on the Federal Research Action Plan on artificial turf, the Safe Fields Alliance (SFA) and the Synthetic Turf Council (STC) made a joint statement on Tuesday urging the EPA to present their full findings as soon as possible.

  • Advocate Seeks Research on Concussions in Women

    by Dave Collins January 2017

    Katherine Snedaker says she has personally had 20 concussions, but it wasn't until her son suffered a series of concussions that she felt compelled to learn all she could about head injuries to help him recover.