• Sensor Project to Expand from Two NFL Teams to All 32

    by Tom Pelissero, @TomPelissero, USA TODAY Sports June 2014

    More NFL players are likely to wear sensors that assess head impact in games this season as the league and the NFL Players Association expand a project proponents hope will help them tackle the concussion issue.

  • USA Hockey Policy Statement on the Look-Up Line

    by Super User June 2014

    Source: USA Hockey

    The USA Hockey Board of Directors approved the Policy below regarding the Look-Up Line at the Saturday June 7th, 2014 Board Meeting.  Installation of the Look-Up Line is not required under USA Hockey rules, and USA Hockey has not taken a position about whether the Look-Up Line should be recommended.  The specific policy passed by the USA Hockey Board of Directors is as follows:

  • More Green Bay Packers Battling Injuries with Yoga

    by TYLER DUNNE, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI) June 2014

    De Pere - To the left is a cinema straight out of 1955, where you can order a beer for $3.75 and watch a movie for $4. To the right is a wine bar. In between is a small green "Yoga" sign with an arrow pointing inside. Flow Yoga Studio is camouflaged along this quaint one-way segment of George St. Inside, a petite 36-year-old instructor bounds to her feet. She finds a yoga block from a closet, uses it as a seat cushion near the front window, and one beam of light - presumably from the football gods - shines directly onto Ryanne Cunningham.

  • Helmets Will Be Mandatory for Girls' Lacrosse in Florida

    by Jodie Wagner, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer June 2014

    In an effort to protect against head injuries, the Florida High School Athletic Association will require girls lacrosse players to wear helmets beginning in 2015. The FHSAA adopted the measure at its Board of Directors meeting Tuesday in Gainesville. Boys lacrosse players already are required to wear helmets during competition.

  • AMA: Cheerleading as Rigorous, Risky as Any Sport

    by The Associated Press June 2014

    The American Medical Association says cheerleading should be considered a sport because of its rigors and risks.

  • Should Chiropracters Be Ruling on Athletes' Concussions?

    by The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) June 2014

    The Ohio legislature has ignored expert medical advice and put children at risk by opening the door for chiropractors to independently clear young athletes to resume play after they've suffered a concussion.

  • Report: 15- to 20-Year Old Females at Highest ACL Risk

    by Dayton Daily News (Ohio) June 2014

    A trend that sports medicine and orthopedic experts are seeing nationwide is knee injuries in female athletes. Females are 4.6 times more likely than males to have season-ending knee injuries.

  • Football Safety a Hot Topic at Ohio State Women's Clinic

    by Rob Oller, The Columbus Dispatch June 2014

    A huge portrait of a kneeling Woody Hayes stared down at the more than 700 females, many of them mothers, who participated in the Ohio State football women's clinic yesterday at the athletic facility named in his honor. It was a gathering of gals the likes of which Hayes never could have imagined in 1978, the last year he coached the Buckeyes. Women? Hitting tackling dummies? Running wind sprints? Playing football?

  • Marino Says Head is Injury-Free, Pulls Out of Lawsuit

    by Hal Habib, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer June 2014

    Dan Marino's concussion-related lawsuit against the NFL is ending. Marino issued a statement Tuesday saying he never intended to be among 15 former players added to a suit filed in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia that claims the league was negligent and careless in its treatment of head trauma. Marino's statement, sent to Sports Illustrated's Peter King, confirmed a report by the South Florida Sun Sentinel that Marino, 52, wanted his name promptly removed. Marino said that, contrary to the suit, he is not suffering from head injuries from his 17 years as the Dolphins' quarterback.

  • Marino Adds Stature to Concussion Lawsuit Against NFL

    by Andrew Abramson Palm Beach Post Staff Writer June 2014

    Dan Marino and 14 other lesser-known players added their names to the lawsuit in federal court last week in Philadelphia.