• TE Latest to Join Growing NFL Early Retirement List

    by Chip Scoggins, Star Tribune (Mpls.-St. Paul) July 2015

    An NFL career ends in different ways. Players become too old, too broken down, too expensive or just not good enough anymore. They're often shoved into retirement as teams find the next man for the job. John Carlson unexpectedly left the game of his own volition.

  • Study: Football Helmet Tests May Need a Change

    by Laura Godlewski July 2015

    It's a well-recognized fact that football helmets cannot prevent concussion, though they do protect the head from blunt-force impacts that can lead to skull fractures and injuries. As growing research suggests that the cause of concussions is not the force of impact but the movement of the head, particularly brain and skull rotation, researchers are also directing their attention to how well helmets are able to protect against these types of injuries.

  • Judge Orders Towson to Allow Player to Return to Team

    by Laura Godlewski July 2015

    It was a hot summer day in August of 2013 when Towson University offensive lineman Gavin Class collapsed on the field during football practice. His body temperature had risen to 108 degrees, causing his heart to stop and his liver to fail.

  • Big 12 Adopts Stricter Policy Regarding Live Contact

    by Kevin Haskin. July 2015

    Big 12 became the first in the Bowl Subdivision to place additional reductions on live contact that exceed the current restrictions allowed by the NCAA.

  • Concussion-Detecting Goggles May Soon Be On Way

    by Michelle Kaufman, Miami Herald July 2015

    Like millions of other Americans, Shannon McCarthy and Ronnie Johnson watched the Women`s World Cup semifinal on TV recently and cringed when they saw the head collision between U.S. midfielder Morgan Brian and German forward Alexandra Popp as they leaped for the ball.

  • Mom Blames Helmet Maker for Son's Football Death

    by Brian Rokos, The Press Enterprise (Riverside, CA) July 2015

    The mother of a Riverside teenager who died after collapsing during a football game in 2013 has sued the companies that manufactured and reconditioned her son's helmet, saying that they had reason to know that the helmet was defective but failed to warn anybody.

  • Study Explores Differences in Brain Injury Recovery Time

    by Laura Godlewski July 2015

    The question of why some children recover quickly from traumatic brain injuries, such as concussions, while others suffer from side effects for much longer may finally have an answer.

  • Best Practices Guide Will Define How to Improve High School Security

    by Dennis Van Milligen July 2015

    The numbers don't lie. More than eight million students participate in interscholastic sports and afterschool programs annually, with approximately 336 million spectators attending those events. Threats, new and old, lurk around each corner, and for every athletics administrator tasked with providing a safe atmosphere for those millions of fans and athletes, the stakes have never been higher.

  • MLBPA Strikes First Partnership with Supplement Provider

    by Gabe Lacques, USA TODAY Sports July 2015

    As concerns grow about the health of major league players grinding through a 162-game schedule, the game's Joint Drug Agreement grows stricter. And the fear of a player ingesting a tainted supplement that could result in a career-altering suspension remains very real for players.

  • OHSAA Places Limits on Full-Contact Football Practices

    by Jeff Gilbert, Dayton Daily News (Ohio) July 2015

    High school football players will be involved in less full contact during practices under regulations adopted Monday by the Ohio High School Athletic Association. The goal is to reduce the risk of concussions.