• Miami-Dade Schools to Introduce Steroid Testing Pilot

    by Rexford Sheild August 2014

    After Tony Bosch and a slew of his associates were arrested in connection with providing steroids to MLB players as well as high school athletes on Tuesday, the Miami-Dade School Board introduced a steroid testing pilot program that is slated to begin during the 2014-15 school year. 

  • Staph Outbreak Cancels Prep Football Team's Practice

    by August 2014

    Wando High School canceled football practice Wednesday after some players came down with staph infections, according to principal Lucy Beckham.

  • Youth League Official: Football 'Has Never Been Safer'

    by Jamie Sotonoff August 2014

    As football season gets underway, suburban leagues report enrollment in their tackle football programs is flat or slightly lower, but many attribute any decrease to a variety of factors and not just concussion fears.

  • Study: 56 Percent of UNM Athletes Have Brain Damage


    UNM's Brain Safe Project, a program started last fall, studies the long-term effects of brain concussions on student-athletes.

  • Suing NFL Not Easy Decision for Head Injury Sufferers

    by Brent Schrotenboer, USA TODAY Sports August 2014

    The injured brain of Merril Hoge keeps giving him problems. So why didn't Hoge join thousands of other former players who are suing the league with similar complaints?

  • Opinion: High School Football Will Never Be Totally Safe

    by Jay Evensen, Deseret News August 2014

    Last month, California lawmakers passed a bill limiting full-contact football practices for middle- and high-school players to two 90-minute workouts per week. Not long after, the Utah High School Activities Association implemented a new rule requiring all athletes to have yearly physical exams, rather than only one during their high school careers.

  • New AIA Rules Expected to Make Prep Football Safer

    by Chuck Constantino, Arizona Daily Star August 2014

    Football is evolving. New research on concussions and brain injuries has guided the Arizona Interscholastic Association to make some safety-related changes to the game over the offseason. About 25 coaches attended Southern Arizona's inaugural AIA football coaches meeting at Cienega High School on Saturday afternoon to learn, discuss and get clarification on the new rules.

  • Study: Neck Injuries Can Mimic Symptoms of Concussion

    by Staff Reports August 2014

    Some patients diagnosed with concussions actually suffer from neck injuries that cause similar symptoms, highlighting the importance of distinguishing between the two problems, a University at Buffalo study shows.

  • Lightning Prediction Systems Keep Florida Schools Safe

    by Adam Fisher, Naples Daily News (Florida) August 2014

    A recent deadly lightning strike in Fort Myers Beach has brought renewed attention to outdoor safety this time of year, when afternoon storms rage almost daily in Southwest Florida. As football coaches prepare to return to practice fields Monday, they’re reviewing more than playbooks and defensive schemes. With players spending as many as three hours a day outside over the next two weeks, coaches also are going over their lightning response protocols.

  • Youth Coaches Learn Ways to Reduce Concussions

    by Thomas Clouse,, (509) 459-5495 August 2014

    Area youth coaches taught how to address concussions NFL-sponsored USA Football leads seminar By Thomas Clouse, (509) 459-5495 Youth football coaches sat around a room Saturday at the Spokane YMCA and had safety regarding concussions drilled into their heads. Head-injury awareness has been heightened in what many view as a violent sport. Concussions have been further thrust into the spotlight through litigation by former players who claim the National Football League overlooked head injuries that have caused debilitating effects.