• Six Synthetic Turf Fields to Be Tested for Safety Risks

    by Laura Godlewski June 2015

    Amid concerns over the safety of the crumb rubber used in synthetic playing fields and calls for further scientific study, one organization appears to be taking the lead in getting answers. The Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation will have a lab test the crumb-rubber fill that is on multiple synthetic turf playing fields funded by the foundation to determine whether there is a possible link between crumb rubber and cancer.

  • 20-Year-Old Collapses, Dies After Half Marathon

    by Nicholas Erickson, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI) June 2015

    An Oconomowoc man collapsed and died after finishing the Summerfest Rock 'n Sole half marathon Saturday. According to the Milwaukee County medical examiner's office, he was transported to Columbia St. Mary's Hospital and was pronounced dead at11:12 a.m.

  • Op-Ed: Ban Maple Baseball Bats

    by Martin Schram, Times Record News June 2015

    Memo to: Rob Manfred, commissioner, Major League Baseball CC: Tom Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture; America’s baseball fans; parents and grandparents of America’s youngest baseball fans Mr. Commissioner, you have an urgent decision to make.

  • Chicago Prep Basketball Coaches Unite Against Violence

    by Sun-Times Staff June 2015

    More than 1,000 people have been shot in Chicago so far this year, prompting a group of Chicago Public Schools high school basketball coaches to organize an anti-violence group: Coaches United Against Violence.

  • FIFA Fails to Address Soccer Concussions

    by Martin Rogers, USA TODAY Sports June 2015

    There was a recent skit on German TV featuring members of the country's World Cup champions, and it went something like this.

  • Ex-Athlete Sues U. of Illinois over Concussion Protocol

    by Laura Godlewski June 2015

    A former soccer player at the University of Illinois filed a lawsuit against the Illinois athletic department, the school’s athletic director Mike Thomas, head coach Janet Rayfield and assistant athletic trainer Brittany Scott over how team officials handled a concussion she received.

  • Iowa Schools Brace for Concussion Lawsuits

    by Laura Godlewski June 2015

    The state of Iowa expects more lawsuits to be filed after a former high school football player was awarded close to $1 million when a U.S. District Court found that his school district was at fault for complications due to head injuries he sustained while playing football.

  • 15-Year-Old Player Dies After Being Struck by Baseball

    by Laura Godlewski May 2015

    A 15-year-old baseball player died after being hit by a ball during a game in Bemidji, Minnesota.

    Zacharie Schaubhut was pitching in the pick-up game played at Bemidji High School and collapsed after being struck by the ball hit by the batter.

  • IHSA Bolsters Concussion-Prevention Initiatives

    by Laura Godlewski May 2015

    The Illinois High School Association recently introduced several concussion-prevention initiatives after a lawsuit was filed accusing it of doing too little to protect student-athletes from head injuries. 

  • Understanding the Role of Athletic Trainers in High Schools

    by Larry Cooper May 2015

    Athletes participating in every sport at the collegiate and professional levels have come to rely on an athletic trainer for all of their injuries and ailments. Athletic trainers' specialized scope of practice includes injury prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.