• Fighting Down in US Junior Hockey Leagues

    by Kevin Allen April 2016

    Fighting in the NHL continues to decrease, but U.S junior hockey is where radical changes are being seen. "Fighting is not part of the fabric in junior hockey in the United States anymore," said Marc Boxer, USA Hockey's director of junior hockey. "It's not what kids are doing. ... No kid wants to take himself out of a game because the viewing he may get from NHL scouts and college scouts." The USA Hockey Player Safety Initiative was adopted in 2012 with a mandate to reduce unnecessary violence with tougher standards, harsher punishments and increased league scrutiny. Since then, fighting and reckless hits have been down and the quality of play has been on the rise.

  • Opinion: Today's Pitchers Softer Than Predecessors

    by Normand Chad April 2016

    The pitcher's mound has been 60 feet, 6 inches away from home plate since 1893. Athletes today are bigger, stronger and faster than in generations past, due to human evolution, improved nutrition and superior training methods. So how come 50 years ago pitchers could start every fourth day and throw 250 innings a year and now they start every fifth day and seldom reach 200 innings?

  • NHL Discussed Link Between Fights, Concussions

    by Jason Scott March 2016

    In recently unsealed emails, top NHL officials discussed possible links between fights, concussions and the deaths of three former players who died either due to suicide or drug overdose.

  • Eye-Tracking Device May Help Concussion Diagnoses

    by Jason Scott March 2016

    As concerns about concussions and head injuries continue to dominate the discussion when it comes to sports at all levels, businesses are flocking to find ways to prevent, treat and diagnose the condition in hopes of improving outcomes.

  • Lawsuit: Concussion Protocol Missteps Led to Paralysis

    by Jason Scott March 2016

    The family of a former football player at Belt High School in Montana filed a lawsuit this week, claiming negligence in a series of events that has left him paralyzed.

  • NFL Exec: Link Exists Between Football, Brain Diseases

    by Jason Scott March 2016

    For the first time, a high-ranking NFL official admitted that there is a link between the head trauma produced in football and degenerative brain diseases like chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

  • HS Wrestler Claims Competing Gave Him Herpes

    by Jason Scott March 2016

    A California high school wrestler who says he contracted a strain of herpes while competing in a wrestling match made a passionate call for the state wrestling championships to be canceled.

  • Bill Would Give Refs Concussion Overrule Power

    by Jason Scott March 2016

    In the name of player safety, lawmakers in Kentucky are considering adopting a law that would give high school sports officials power to decide whether a player can return to a game following a head injury.

  • Iowa Bill Would Require Athletic Trainers at Prep Events

    by Stuart Goldman February 2016

    A bill in the Iowa Senate would require Iowa high schools to have a certified athletic trainer on site to identify concussions at all varsity football, wrestling and boys and girls soccer events.

  • Study: Concussion May Triple Suicide Risk

    by Takara Scott-Johnston February 2016

    The dangers of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE),  a degenerative neurological disease have been well known for many years. The disease has been been be linked to brain trauma as well as concussions.