• HS Football Player Dies After Injury, Fourth This Year

    by Jason Scott October 2015

    A high school football player died in Washington state yesterday after suffering an undisclosed injury during a game.

  • Opinion: HS Coaches Must Set Tone on Concussion Care

    by Portland Press Herald October 2015

    There is a growing stack of brain scans that shows what concussions and collisions can do to the cognitive function of professional football players. But the harmful effects of repeated brain trauma are hardly reserved for the NFL, or even football in general.

  • HS Quarterback Recovering After Concussion

    by The Salt Lake Tribune October 2015

    Pine View's Riley Livingston provided quite the scare across the state on Friday night. The quarterback was taken by ambulance after losing consciousness for "20 to 30 seconds" after his head collided with a defender's helmet and powered back into the turf while he tried to recover a mishandled snap in an eventual loss against Desert Hills.

  • Declining Football Participation Raises Safety Concerns

    by Kevin Thomas October 2015

    The beginning of theovarsity football at Camden Hills Regional High came during a Saturday afternoon game on Sept. 19. Head coach Thad Chilton turned around and saw a handful of starting players sitting on the bench, ice packs applied to wrists, knees and one neck. "My linemen were dropping like flies," Chilton said. "The attrition rate was killing us. And I have these young players next to me, standing alongside the girls. I can't get them hurt." The Windjammers began the game with 23 players, 12 of them freshmen. Three players were girls - who played only on the kickoff teams - and others were so inexperienced Chilton used them sparingly.

  • Recognizing Symptoms Key to Handling Youth Concussions

    by Kit Waskom Pollard October 2015

    Anita McHugh's 15-year-old son Daniel suffered a concussion and other injuries after a snowboarding accident. For active young people, concussions are often the result of participation in sports. Anita McHugh received some terrifying news; her 14-year-old son had been in an accident while snowboarding with friends in Pennsylvania. "He broke his leg and clavicle, and there was a high probability that he had a concussion," recalls the Parkville mom. "He was wearing a helmet and it cracked." Over the course of the next six months, her son, Daniel, saw numerous physicians. Once his leg and clavicle were stabilized and he began to recover from the immediate trauma of the accident, his treatment shifted, to focus more on the symptoms related to his concussion, which had not completely abated, even after several weeks.

  • Even More Evidence Suggests Link Between Football, CTE

    by Kavitha Davidson October 2015

    The latest findings from an ongoing study on football and brain injuries by the Department of Veterans Affairs and Boston University show that 87 of 91 deceased National Football League players had signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. The study showed that 96 percent of NFL players in its sample and 79 percent of athletes who played football at any level from high school to the pros tested positive for the degenerative brain disease.

  • Ohio HS Football Player Hospitalized After Stroke

    by Aaron Dorksen October 2015

    The Northwestern football team and community are rallying around Tyler Carlson after the freshman suffered an unimaginable injury. Carlson had a stroke following a collision during his team's game at Smithville on Friday and has been a patient at Akron Children's Hospital since Saturday night. The 5-foot-10, 240-pounder is one of Northwestern's most- heralded incoming freshmen ever, head coach Mike Thut said.

  • Concussion Protocol Keeps NFL Players Sidelined

    by Jarrett Bell October 2015

    Three weeks into the season, the NFL maintains it doesn't yet have definitive data showing how long players are spending in the protocol before receiving clearance.

  • Deceased NHL Player’s Brain Donated to CTE Research

    by Jason Scott September 2015

    The family of Todd Ewen, the NHL enforcer who committed suicide earlier this month, has decided to donate his brain to the Canadian Sports Concussion Research Project.

  • H.S. Football Death Prompts Urge for Injury Awareness

    by Kristine Meldrum Denholm September 2015

    At Taylor Haugen's first game of the 2008 season, the Niceville (Fla.) Eagles were playing their rival. The sophomore wide receiver reached up to catch a pass and was pummeled from the front and back. He tried to join the huddle on the next play, but his coach saw him struggling and called him off the field. "He lost consciousness in the ambulance and never regained it," said his mother, Kathy Haugen, her voice trailing off.