• Athletic Trainers Seek Changes to Protect HS Athletes

    by Jane Brody April 2016

    With all the attention on national rules to prevent and properly treat injuries to professional and college athletes, it may surprise you to learn that there are no nationwide guidelines to protect high school athletes from crippling or fatal injuries. Instead, it is up to individual states and the schools within them to adopt policies and practices that help to assure the safety of children who play organized school or league sports. But most states and schools have yet to enact needed safety measures, according to data from the National Athletic Trainers Association.

  • Opinion: NFL Got Off Easy with Concussion Settlement

    by Bucky Gleason April 2016

    Years from now, people will look back on the NFL concussion settlement, upheld this week on appeal, the same way kids see prices from previous generations. Remember when gasoline was 50 cents per gallon, candy bars were 15 cents and postage stamps were a dime?

  • U. of Washington Embraces Rugby-Style Tackling

    by Daniel Uthman April 2016

    In the middle of a football practice at the University of Washington last spring, two assistant coaches suddenly charged each other, collided and ended up rolling around on the ground. This was not a fight, nor was it even roughhousing. It actually happened in the name of safety. When co-defensive coordinator Jimmy Lake sunk his shoulder into graduate assistant Terrence Brown's midsection, he wasn't doing it to teach the young coach a lesson, but to teach Huskies players a lesson: That there was a more effective and safer way to tackle -- so safe, it could be done without wearing a helmet.

  • Debate Over Tackling in Practice Continues

    by Paul Myerberg, @paulmyerberg, USA TODAY Sports April 2016

    Every little advantage helps, even if most of Stanford's practices this spring involved far less hitting than one might expect -- minus a single daily session in particular: a set time devoted to full-contact drills, with tackling and blocking occurring at full speed. Stanford coach David Shaw will preface these sessions with a message. Block high and tackle high, he'll tell his team, and stay face to face and chest to chest. "The game is still blocking and tackling, and avoiding blocks and avoiding being tackled," Shaw said. "And the only way to get good at that is by doing it."

  • Billion Dollar NFL Concussion Settlement Upheld

    by Jeremy Roebuck April 2016

    A federal appeals court on Monday upheld the NFL's landmark class-action settlement aimed at compensating its former players for the long-term health effects of repeated concussions. The ruling by the Philadelphia-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit served as an endorsement of a deal worth potentially as much as $1 billion and fashioned to end one of the most protracted and publicly debated fights in the history of the football league. If no further appeals are filed, league retirees could begin receiving benefits within four months, lawyers for the plaintiffs said.

  • Does NCAA's Targeting Rule Actually Protect Players?

    by Post & Courier April 2016

    In February, the NCAA took steps to address concerns about targeting penalties. After a four-day meeting in Orlando, Fla., the NCAA Football Rules Committee decided to allow the instant replay official to review every aspect of a targeting penalty. The replay official could also stop the game if he witnesses an obvious violation missed by officials on the field.

  • Reports: Harvin Retiring from NFL at 27

    by The Virginian-Pilot April 2016

    Percy Harvin, the explosive wide receiver who went from high school stardom in Virginia Beach to greatness at the University of Florida and a Super Bowl championship with Seattle, is ending his NFL career at the age of 27, according to multiple media reports. Citing sources that were not named, Pro Football Talk reported Thursday afternoon that the oft-injured Harvin told the Buffalo Bills – the team he played with in 2015 – that he is retiring.

  • Maine Legalizes Roller Derby

    by From staff reports April 2016

    Roller derby is no longer an outlawed sport in Maine. The sport - in which two teams roller skate around a rink while blocking, bumping and slamming members of the opposing team - has been growing in popularity for years.

  • NFL Players: League Knew About Flawed Helmets in '70s

    by Josh Kosman April 2016

    Former NFL players suing helmet maker Riddell say they have unearthed documents showing the NFL knew decades ago that football helmets were flawed and ignored the findings.

  • Club, District Partner for Flag Football Program

    by Bangor Daily News April 2016

    Aroostook Huskies Football and SAD 1 have announced that they've partnered to start a flag football program for youth in grades 1-6 in central Aroostook County.