• TSSAA Tweaks Football Practice Contact Limits

    by Chris Thomas April 2015

    The state office detailed its tweaks during a series of mandated meetings with football coaches across the state this week.

  • Phys. Ed. Substitute Charged with Child Endangerment

    by Nancy A. Fischer; News Niagara Reporter April 2015

    A substitute physical education teacher in the Starpoint Central School District for the past two and a half years has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child as a result of actions related to texting and social media, according to the Niagara County Sheriff Department.

  • Editorial: HS Football Must Get Tougher on Concussions

    by Sun-Times Editorial Board April 2015

    From brain-injury specialists and former NFL players who are scared to leave home for simple errands because they forget where they're going, we have learned a lot about blows to the head and concussions in football.

  • GHSA Limits Full Contact During Football Practices

    by Lindsey Young April 2015

    Athlete safety was the impetus behind new rules adopted by the Georgia High School Athletic Association that will reduce contact during football practices.

  • Debate Continues Over Headgear in Girls' Lacrosse

    by Jodie Wagner Palm Beach Post Staff Writer April 2015

    It's been nearly a year since the Florida High School Athletic Association voted to make protective soft headgear mandatory for girls lacrosse players, and reaction among local coaches and players remains mixed.

  • An Injury Risk Like No Other: Skate Blades

    by Chip Alexander, San Angelo Standard-Times April 2015

    For Nathan Gerbe, it all happened in a flash. The puck was dropped for a faceoff. A player was knocked down, his leg flying up and suddenly Gerbe’s face was flush with blood. Gerbe had been cut by a skate blade.

  • Study: Brain Scans May Identify CTE in Living People

    by Malcolm Ritter April 2015

    A brain-scanning technique might one day help identify people with a disease linked to concussions in football and other sports, an illness now diagnosed only after death, a small study suggests.

  • Opinion: ESPN's Cowherd Thinks Clearly on Concussions

    by Sherry Young April 2015

    Colin Cowherd concedes that the NFL is a violent sport and that concussions are a reality. But in his opinion, the issue has been blown out of proportion by the media.

  • Is Your Sports Organization Using 15-Passenger Vans?

    by Jorge Milian, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer April 2015

    Florida Highway Patrol investigators say it's still too early to say what caused the crash that killed eight Independent Haitian Assembly of God church members and injured 10 others early Monday as the group returned to Fort Pierce from a Palm Sunday service in Fort Myers. But what is known is that 18 people were piled into a 15-passenger Dodge van that ran a stop sign and then nosedived down an embankment near Moore Haven.

  • Virginia Tech Report to Reveal Unsafe Hockey Helmets

    by Tom Mahon, Daily News Staff Writer March 2015

    Your kid plays hockey, so you shell out a little extra and buy a quality helmet to protect his or her noggin. Good idea, right? Yes and no.