• Student Vote Restructures Athletics Budget, Funding

    by Dave Dorsey November 2016

    Florida SouthWestern State College has shifted about 40 percent of student fees once used to pay for extracurricular activities to cover a large portion of the school's new baseball, softball and basketball programs. The other 60 percent continues to fund extracurricular programs, most of which had their budgets slashed as part of the restructuring. Each student, by state law, pays $11.88 per credit hour in student fees, with $4.75 of those hourly fees now devoted to athletics. There were about 16,000 students enrolled at FSW this fall.

  • Opinion: Owners Thrive Inside Atlanta Money Machine

    by Matt Kempner November 2016

    Three mega sports deals are lined up for $700 million in upfront public subsidies all at the same time: new stadiums for the Atlanta Falcons and Braves and, now with a proposal announced earlier this month, a renovated Philips Arena for the Atlanta Hawks.

  • Long Island Schools Spent $730K on Football Helmets

    by Jim Baumbach November 2016

    High school administrators, football coaches and neurologists said that having the best equipment is necessary in a game in which hits to the head happen on every play.

  • School Board Studies Cost of Athletics Programs

    by Sun Journal November 2016

    Thursday night, high school principal Eben Shaw presented the Leavitt area school board with a cost comparison for athletics expenses from 12 other schools, showing sports budgets ranging from $25,000 to $40,000 per year.

  • Stadium Vote Could Define Future of NFL's Chargers

    by Dayton Daily News November 2016

    A vote Tuesday will decide whether to levy a SAN DIEGO The new downtown stadium plan for the San Diego Chargers is almost certain to fail at the ballot box here Tuesday, according to multiple polls. The question is by how much.

  • Ohio Arena May Never Be Paid Off

    by Lucas Sullivan and Rick Rouan October 2016

    COLUMBUS- In the five years since Columbus and Franklin County officials approved the public purchase of Nationwide Arena, not one payment has been made on the loans used to buy it. The money needed to pay off the arena likely never will come from the casino tax receipts that were promised but so far have grossly underperformed expectations. And that means public ownership of the arena likely will remain in question.

  • Management Company Gives Little Leaguers Run-Around

    by Courtney Cameron October 2016

    As the autumn days get shorter in St. Petersburg (Fla.), little leaguers are faced with the spooky prospect of playing out the rest of the season in the dark, if the St. Petersburg Little League can’t get the money together to pay their electric bill. The monthly cost to run the floodlights at the field is around $1,000.

  • Knight Commission Pushes NCAA to Reward Academics

    by Jason Scott October 2016

    Ahead of a major vote by the NCAA, the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics urged the body to pass a policy that would change the organization’s revenue distribution model and reward schools whose athletic teams meet academic expectations with revenue generated by NCAA events.

  • Football Prep School Loses Housing, Food Contracts

    by Emily Bregel October 2016

    After failing to pay rent for the last three months, the founders of Tucson Tech have told players to vacate the program's housing facility and find somewhere else to stay. A local wholesaler has repossessed the dorm's furniture. The program has lost its contract with a local food bank that was providing donated food for its players. It even canceled its last two games of the season. "We thought we were giving our son a great opportunity," said Amy Gonzales of Houston, who last week became the second Tucson Tech parent to file a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General's Office. Her son left the program after three months when his coach told him he had to move out of the dorms.

  • District Drops Insurance Policy, Students Left with Bill

    by Courtney Cameron October 2016

    As a consequence of budget cuts finalized in spring of 2016, Paterson (N.J.) Public Schools has dropped accident insurance that previously covered accidental injury to students and student-athletes while on school grounds or attending school functions.