• Improved Rec Centers Costly, But It's Money Well-Spent

    by John Holland September 2014

    There was no talk of money, although taxpayers are going to be on the hook for a lot of cash. And there was no complaining about wasteful spending or political favoritism or public-private partnerships, the buzzwords for development all around the state.

  • HS Fieldhouse, Track Up for Third Bond Vote in Two Years

    by Matt Hongoltz-Hetling Valley News Staff Writer September 2014

    After two previous bond initiatives left the project unfunded, the School Board voted last week to put the issue on the November ballot in the form of a $3.5 million bond.

  • A Look at Athletic Operations in Three Texas Districts

    by Zach Duncan 940-720-3470 September 2014

    The Times Record News checked with three different-sized school districts to see how their athletic departments operated and what financial impacts their high school football and athletic programs had on their respective districts.

  • UNC Breaks Down Financials in Newly Required Report

    by Laura Oleniacz September 2014

    CHAPEL HILL - A University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Board of Trustees committee got a report on the athletic department's finances and on student-athlete academic performance on Wednesday in response to a reporting requirement from the university system's board.

  • School Board Favors Synthetic Fields Over Grandstand

    by Susan Sarkauskas September 2014

    Seats on the home side for varsity football games at Batavia High School could remain hard to come by, as the Batavia school board Tuesday pared a larger grandstand from prioritized projects if voters agree to a plan to borrow $15 million for building.

  • County Rejects MLB Teams' $140M Bed Tax Request

    by Joe Capozzi Palm Beach Post Staff Writer September 2014

    A majority of county commissioners Tuesday agreed they're willing to commit $90 million in bed tax money to help finance a new stadium, but not the full $145 million the teams are seeking.

  • Owner, Landlord Agree to Keep 30-Year-Old Gym Open

    by CALDER, AMY September 2014

    A win-win situation occurred, and thousands of dollars are being pumped into Champions Fitness Center by its owners for new equipment and computer operating system, paint, etc.

  • How Do You Pay for a New NFL Stadium? Team Effort

    by Jerry Zremski, News Washington Bureau Chief September 2014

    Now comes the hard part. Now that Terry and Kim Pegula have submitted the winning bid to buy the Buffalo Bills, experts in the economics of the NFL said attention inevitably will turn to a new stadium. NFL officials say the Bills need one.

  • NCAA Deregulation Brings Seven-Figure Food Budgets

    by Kyle Rowland, The Journal Gazette September 2014

    One million dollars can buy you a lot - a mansion, a yacht, a private jet. In a new era of college athletics, $1 million gets student-athletes from Indiana to Purdue to USC food. Yes, food.

  • YMCA Branch Takes Issue with Audit's 'Fraud' Claims

    by DALE WHITE September 2014

    Representatives of the Manatee County YMCA say county officials' comments alleging "fraud" have unjustly harmed the nonprofit's reputation, its potential to attract future donors and possibly its pending application for a charter school.