• County on Track to Pay Off Target Field Early

    by Kelly Smith January 2017

    Hennepin County planned to pay off the $555-million Target Field and its surrounding infrastructure by 2037, but now expects to pay the debt a decade early.

  • Bill Could Give State Power Over Athletic Departments

    by Jacob Thorpe January 2017

    A new bill proposed in the Washington Legislature would give the state Senate the power of the purse over university athletic departments that are consistently insolvent. Michael Baumgartner, a Republican state senator from Spokane, proposes that college athletics budgets that run deficits in three consecutive fiscal years will have to submit their budgets for review and approval by the Senate's Commerce, Labor and Sports committee.

  • County Commission Sidelines HS Track Project

    by Paul Leach January 2017

    The Hamilton County Commission has backed away from a proposal to use $500,000 in county credit to replace the Central High School/Brown Middle School track. The proposal, needing five votes, received only four, with commissioners Randy Fairbanks and Sabrena Smedley adding their support.

  • 2017 Budgeting Survey

    by AB Staff January 2017

    Athletic Business is putting together a report on readers’ budgets and purchasing goals for 2017, and we’d like to ask you to take a couple of minutes of your time to answer a few questions. The results of this survey will appear in our March issue and will provide valuable insight into your industry.

    As a small token of our appreciation for your time and effort, three individuals who submit complete and usable surveys will be chosen at random to receive a free registration for the 2017 Athletic Business Show in Orlando, Nov. 9-11.

  • Officials Consider Spending for NFL Practice Facility

    by The Columbus Dispatch December 2016

    The Cleveland Browns, the professional football team Forbes estimates is worth $1.85 billion, is asking Franklin County and Columbus taxpayers to contribute roughly $5 million each toward building a training camp and a stronger fan base in central Ohio.

  • State Grants Pave Way for Park Upgrades

    by Matthew Santoni December 2016

    A series of state grants will allow Hempfield to upgrade the township's main park, including the addition of a sixth pavilion to meet demand for parties and picnics.

  • Student Vote Restructures Athletics Budget, Funding

    by Dave Dorsey November 2016

    Florida SouthWestern State College has shifted about 40 percent of student fees once used to pay for extracurricular activities to cover a large portion of the school's new baseball, softball and basketball programs. The other 60 percent continues to fund extracurricular programs, most of which had their budgets slashed as part of the restructuring. Each student, by state law, pays $11.88 per credit hour in student fees, with $4.75 of those hourly fees now devoted to athletics. There were about 16,000 students enrolled at FSW this fall.

  • Opinion: Owners Thrive Inside Atlanta Money Machine

    by Matt Kempner November 2016

    Three mega sports deals are lined up for $700 million in upfront public subsidies all at the same time: new stadiums for the Atlanta Falcons and Braves and, now with a proposal announced earlier this month, a renovated Philips Arena for the Atlanta Hawks.

  • Long Island Schools Spent $730K on Football Helmets

    by Jim Baumbach November 2016

    High school administrators, football coaches and neurologists said that having the best equipment is necessary in a game in which hits to the head happen on every play.

  • School Board Studies Cost of Athletics Programs

    by Sun Journal November 2016

    Thursday night, high school principal Eben Shaw presented the Leavitt area school board with a cost comparison for athletics expenses from 12 other schools, showing sports budgets ranging from $25,000 to $40,000 per year.