• Families Budget to Keep Kids Involved in Sports

    by Adam Shell September 2017

    Annual spending for club travel-team tuition, personal trainers, top-of-the-line equipment, showcase tournaments and outlays for gas, airfares, hotels and food on the road runs into the thousands of dollars.

  • USF Announces Results of Stadium Feasibility Study

    by Courtney Cameron August 2017

    On Tuesday, the University of Southern Florida announced the findings of a $75,000 feasibility study to examine potential locations and construction costs for a new on-campus stadium.

  • Memphis Takes On $10M Debt for Indoor Practice Site

    by Mark Giannotto August 2017

    The University of Memphis is taking on $10 million in debt to begin construction on its new indoor practice facility for football.

  • New William & Mary AD Seeks Revenue Boosts

    by Jessica Williams July 2017

    Samantha Huge, the new athletic director at the College of William & Mary, is no outsider to the Williamsburg community. Her brother, Chris Huge, played football for the college from 1981 to 1983. “As a kid, I always hopped on a vacation to Williamsburg because there is so much to do here,” recalled Huge at a June 13 business roundtable luncheon with the Williamsburg Economic Development Authority. “Virginia is a special place for me.” Before coming to W&M, she served as associate director of athletics at Texas A&M with 17 years of Division I athletics experience, including her time as deputy director of athletics and recreation services at the University of Delaware.

  • New Mexico Athletics Owes Health Center for Treatment

    by Geoff Grammer July 2017

    The cost of health care for the University of New Mexico athletics department is about to double. And it has nothing to do with what's going on with politicians in Washington, D.C. The Journal has learned the department did not pay the $263,062 it owed the UNM Health Sciences Center for various services for student athletes during the fiscal year 2015-16. So it will double its payments this fiscal year, which started July 1, according to the university. "There was an issue with the internal billing from the Health Sciences Center to Athletics in FY-16," UNM interim athletic director Janice Ruggiero told the Journal in an email Tuesday. "The Athletic Department did not receive the bill that would have triggered the $263,062 payment for that year."

  • Missouri Slashes College Athletics Budgets

    by Andy Berg July 2017

    Missouri is slashing state funding to higher education and much of that money is coming from the state's college athletics programs.

    In order to balance Missouri’s state budget, Governor Eric Greitens cut $251 million in spending, $36 million of which was gouged from higher education.

    According to a report from the Kansas City Star, public colleges and universities at all levels will feel the pinch. Missouri State has cut its field hockey team and UMKC will be without cheerleaders.

    In 2016, UMKC had an athletic budget of $14.7 million. This year, the school will have to trim $1.5 million from its athletics budget. Dropping the cheerleading squad will trim $45,000 and affect 20 squad members.

    Cheerleading coach Dawn Todd told the Star she was “shocked” by news her program was being cut. “It wasn’t just losing a team, it’s been part of my life,” she said.

    After eliminating five full-time positions, UMKC is also looking at ways to shore up travel expenses. As part of the Western Athletic Conference, UMKC competes with schools on the West Coast, including California and Washington. Athletic Director Carla Wilson said the cuts have been difficult. “It’s been very tough work, and it’s not over. Resources are tight. We’re working on this every single day,” Wilson said.

    From ABCollege Teams Facing Charter Plane Shortage

    Missouri State, which had a 2016 budget of $26.2 million, is also being squeezed. The school has reduced expenses in each of its athletic programs by 7-12 percent. It’s also cut scholarships and restructured some aid programs for student athletes. 

    Missouri State also cut its field hockey team, which saved about $1.1 million and included a roster of 17, including 12 scholarship athletes. Athletic director Kyle Moats said, “Cutting a sport is the worst thing you can do as an athletic director. It’s the toughest thing to do and there was nobody who wanted that.”

    Mizzou, which enjoyed $97 million in revenue from the SEC in 2016, is also looking at ways to save. The Tigers are cutting some technology upgrades and other equipment purchases, which will shave about $1.4 million in spending in the coming year. 

  • University of Wyoming Looks to State for Budget Help

    by Steve Berkowitz and Paul Myerberg July 2017

    If they need a financial boost, some major-college athletics programs can rely on...

  • Understanding Collegiate Athletic Spending

    by Steve Berkowitz and Christopher Schnaars July 2017

    During the 2015-16 school year, benefits for major-college athletes jolted upward in ways NCAA schools had seen as...

  • Opinion: U. of New Mexico Needs Proactive Audit

    by the Albuquerque Journal July 2017

    The University of New Mexico's Athletic Department has not undergone a comprehensive audit in at least six years...

  • $60M Budget Cuts Result in Lost Hours, Jobs at MU

    by Courtney Cameron June 2017

    The University of Missouri is reducing on-campus facility hours and staff in an effort to address nearly $60 million in budget cuts for the fiscal year 2018. The cuts are expected to reach into Mizzou's student recreation center, and beyond.