• How Do You Pay for a New NFL Stadium? Team Effort

    by Jerry Zremski, News Washington Bureau Chief September 2014

    Now comes the hard part. Now that Terry and Kim Pegula have submitted the winning bid to buy the Buffalo Bills, experts in the economics of the NFL said attention inevitably will turn to a new stadium. NFL officials say the Bills need one.

  • NCAA Deregulation Brings Seven-Figure Food Budgets

    by Kyle Rowland, The Journal Gazette September 2014

    One million dollars can buy you a lot - a mansion, a yacht, a private jet. In a new era of college athletics, $1 million gets student-athletes from Indiana to Purdue to USC food. Yes, food.

  • YMCA Branch Takes Issue with Audit's 'Fraud' Claims

    by DALE WHITE September 2014

    Representatives of the Manatee County YMCA say county officials' comments alleging "fraud" have unjustly harmed the nonprofit's reputation, its potential to attract future donors and possibly its pending application for a charter school.

  • Sweet Run in '13 Boosts FGCU Revenue by 28 Percent

    by Daily News staff September 2014

    Dunk City helped Florida Gulf Coast University’s athletic department make a 28-percent increase in revenue, the school announced Tuesday. The men’s basketball program, dubbed Dunk City after its Sweet 16 run in the NCAA tournament in 2013, generated revenue near $1 million of the athletic program’s overall external revenue of a record $3.99 million for the 2014 fiscal year.

  • Group Wants Public Field Needs Tied to Funding for Arena

    by Emily Attwood September 2014

    No plans have been released yet for a new Milwaukee Bucks arena, but an advocacy group is hard at work to ensure that the needs of the county's other athletic and recreational areas are addressed before approving any public financing.

  • Developer Resets Financing Deadline for Fieldhouse Project

    by Steven Matthews September 2014

    GoodSports Enterprises could begin construction on its $22 million fieldhouse/hotel complex in Huber Heights before the end of the year, if the company secures its financing by Nov. 15 - the new date it has given to city officials.

  • Opinion: City Should Refuse to Repeal UT Ticket Tax

    by Knoxville News-Sentinel September 2014

    The University of Tennessee Athletic Department scored some points last month in its long-running effort to stop collecting local amusement taxes, but it faces a stout defense on the drive to hit total repeal paydirt. UT collects a 5 percent amusement tax on every football and basketball ticket sold for home games, with 4.5 percent going to the city of Knoxville and .5 percent going to Knox County. The tax, which originated in 1947, generates about $1.6 million a year.

  • Modern HS Athletics Requires 'Constant Facility Improvement'

    by JR Radcliffe, Living Oconomowoc Focus September 2014

    As Oconomowoc athletics director Scott Raduka notes, "We're looking to upgrade a facility that we haven't even used yet."

  • School Board Waives Bid Process for Repairs After Storm Damage

    by Melissa Silverberg September 2014

    The severe storm that ripped through the suburbs Friday afternoon caused as much as $5 million in damages at Wheeling High School that need to be fixed immediately, officials said.

  • School Board Mulls Fix for Stadium Sink Hole Problem

    by Donna Walker Correspondent September 2014

    There is no certainty when it comes to sinkholes, so the Conestoga Valley school board will wait until October to decide whether to fill areas at the athletic field where sinkholes have been found.