• Applying Public-Private Principles to Community Sports Venues

    by Peter Knowles and Steve Kelly May 2016

    This article appeared in the June issue of Athletic Business. Athletic Business is a free magazine for professionals in the athletic, fitness and recreation industry. Click here to subscribe.

  • District Cuts Seven Junior-High Level Sports

    by Erin Adler May 2016

    The Forest Lake school district will cut most junior-high level sports in 2016-17, a decision that has rankled some parents and students who believe school athletics fill a vital role and didn't feel included in the district's decision-making process. "Basically, there was no announcement, there was no parent discussion, it was just all the sudden everything was cut," said Liz Tarlizzo, whose seventh-grade triplets play several sports at Century Junior High. "There was no plan in place, which is ... what I think everybody is most disappointed about."

  • Audit to Address $55K in Unreconciled University Funds

    by Geoff Grammer May 2016

    Does the accumulation of more than $50,000 in unreconciled purchases and ATM cash withdrawals from a University of New Mexico account via a purchasing card ("P-card") in the name of the UNM director of basketball operations reflect more on Cody Hopkins or the school?

  • Should Eastern Michigan Drop Football?

    by Jason Scott April 2016

    A report released by faculty and students at Eastern Michigan University suggests that Division I football is too large of a drain on the school’s resources and should be dropped in order to save students money.

  • Budget May Force HS to Eliminate Some Sports

    by Telegram & Gazette April 2016

    Faced with losing the sport many of them have participated in since they were children, about 20 members and aspiring members of the Oakmont Regional High School cheering team made their case Tuesday night before the Ashburnham-Westminster School Committee. Among them were a seventh-grader and an eighth-grader concerned they will never get a chance to cheer for the high school. The cheerleaders were joined by members of the golf team and their parents, who also are facing cuts that will eliminate their sport along with freshman boys and girls basketball and tennis.

  • Bowl Game Barely Profitable for Tennessee

    by Patrick Brown April 2016

    According to financial figures released Monday, Tennessee brought in $1,455,450 in revenue and accrued costs totaling $1,439,763 for a profit of $15,687 for the game in Tampa, Fla.

  • Officials: Construction of YMCA Misuse of County Land

    by Mark Niesse; Staff April 2016

    DeKalb County may be required to buy new park land to compensate for building a YMCA on property bought with federal money meant for outdoor recreation.

  • Budget Woes Force St. Cloud State to Cut Six Sports

    by Jason Scott March 2016

    Heather Weems, athletic director at St. Cloud State University, announced Wednesday that the school is cutting six sports from its athletic department after the current academic year.

  • Grambling State Suspends AD Search Amid Budget Woes

    by Jason Scott February 2016

    Grambling State University suspended its search for a new athletic director over the weekend amid concerns about the state of Louisiana’s budget crisis.

  • Could State Budget Crisis Put LSU Football in Danger?

    by Takara Scott-Johnston February 2016

    If a series of proposed tax increases fails to pass in Louisiana, the state’s college sports — including LSU football — could lose funding and be canceled beginning in April, according to Governor John Bel Edwards.