• Town Considers Private Help for Public Golf Courses

    by Jay Rey; News Staff Reporter August 2014

    The Town of Amherst is once again considering privatizing its three public golf courses in hopes of cutting costs and stemming mounting losses.

  • City's New Parks Director Knows How to Stretch a Budget

    by Alicia Robinson staff writer, The Orange County Register August 2014

    If anyone is equipped to make do with Riverside's lean, post-recession budget, it's the city's new parks director, Adolfo Cruz. The past 14 years of Cruz's 24 years in parks and recreation were spent in Stockton, which is about to exit a bankruptcy that began in 2012.

  • Nonrevenue Sports Could Lose if NCAA Amateurism Ends

    by Matthew Piper The Salt Lake Tribune August 2014

    If football and men's basketball players are to have a greater share of the revenue pie, then somebody else's slice must get thinner.

  • Clean-Up of Contaminated Soccer Soil Could Top $1M

    by Mark Ferenchik, THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH August 2014

    Columbus officials will consider four options to clean up a section of a Near East Side park that was ordered closed after it was discovered that youth soccer teams were allowed to play there despite high levels of arsenic and other contaminants.

  • What a $130M Renovation Investment Bought the Bills

    by Jerry Zremski; News Washington Bureau Chief August 2014

    The money - $90 million of it from the state and county - aims to eliminate many of the 41-year-old stadium's more annoying and antiquated features.

  • Agency Offers 10-Year Tax Break to Club on School Site

    by Thomas J. Prohaska; News Niagara Reporter August 2014

    The new Ultimate Physique location in the former Washington Hunt Elementary School may receive a 10-year tax break, it was disclosed at Wednesday's Niagara County Industrial Development Agency meeting.

  • Donor Willing to Pay for Most of HS Locker Room Reno

    by EVAN FRANK,, Living Lake Country Reporter August 2014

    An anonymous supporter has ignited a project to renovate Arrowhead High School's girls and boys locker rooms used primarily by the basketball teams. With renovation costs estimated at $505,000, the donor plans to give at least $275,000, and possibly an additional $50,000 to $60,000. On Wednesday, Aug. 6, a tour of the North Campus lower locker rooms provided an inside look at the conceptual budget and room design.

  • 'Full Cost of Attendance' Tops Agenda for Power 5

    by Dan Wolken, USA TODAY Sports August 2014

    Now that the NCAA's board of directors has approved a new governance structure for Division I, the leaders of those conferences can begin tackling their to-do list.

  • New Park Near Vikings Stadium in Jeopardy

    by Andrew Brandt August 2014

    Plans for "The Yard," an open public park that would sit adjacent to the Vikings' new $1 billion dollar stadium, are in peril.

  • School District Asks High Court to OK Sale of High School

    by Martha Woodall; Inquirer Staff Writer August 2014

    The Philadelphia School District has asked the state Supreme Court to swiftly reject a lawsuit that aims to block the sale of William Penn High School to Temple University.