• Why One College Is Cutting Its Most Successful Sports

    by Kyle Rowland, The Journal Gazette April 2015

    IPFW on Saturday announced it is cutting two of its most successful sports, raising questions about its continued commitment to Division I athletics.

  • Y Part of Nonprofit Coalition Against Property-Tax Plan

    by Bonnie Washuk, Staff Writer April 2015

    A coalition of Lewiston-Auburn nonprofit agencies came together Tuesday to say they're givers, not takers. They provide critical services and 8,000 jobs, one of every six jobs in Androscoggin County.

  • Gym Location Gives Short Notice Regarding Closure

    by David Benda April 2015

    A Redding athletic club says it decided to close over the weekend to protect its business interests.

  • Mountain West Conference Gets $8M Piece of NCAA Pie

    by Geoff Grammer, Journal Staff Writer March 2015

    The Big Dance means big money for Division I men's college basketball teams around the country.

  • Ohio State's 'Fuel Zones' Reflect NCAA Rules Relaxation

    by Collin Binkley, The Columbus Dispatch March 2015

    In a new snack room for athletes at Ohio State University, players on the men's lacrosse team buzzed in after a recent practice and left with armloads of sandwiches, juice, yogurt. The snack room -- Ohio State calls it a "fuel zone" -- is one of two the university built this year to offer athletes a quick bite between practice and class.

  • Most Schools Don't Itemize Spending of Athletic Fees

    by Laura A. Bischoff March 2015

    College students at 10 of Ohio's biggest public universities are paying more than $135 million for intercollegiate athletics through either mandatory fees or university subsidies - and most of the students don't even know it.

  • Georgia State Hoops Sounder Investment than Football

    by Jeff Schultz; Staff March 2015

    Basketball, not football, is far more manageable in terms of expense and personnel required. If done correctly, it can quickly make a significant impact on campus, in the community and sometimes even on "SportsCenter."

  • Georgia State's NCAA Run Means Pay Hikes for Coaches

    by Doug Roberson, Staff March 2015

    Georgia State Athletic Director Charlie Cobb intends to meet this week with basketball coach Ron Hunter about not only a pay raise but also to discuss what the university can do to continue the team's progression as a destination mid-major program.

  • Braves, Falcons Granted Sales Tax Breaks

    by Greg Bluestein, Dan Klepal; Staff March 2015

    The two franchises will not have to pay sales taxes on construction materials for their respective facilities, saving each millions of dollars in addition to the hefty public subsidies they already are receiving.

  • Athletic Facilities 31% of District's $156M in Upgrades

    by By LOU PONSI, STAFF WRITER March 2015

    Athletic facility upgrades account for close to 31 percent of the $156 million in improvement projects the Fullerton Joint Union High School District is planning to start next school year.