• SEC Schools Get $150K Jump in Recruiting Race

    by Erik Brady, John Kelly, and Steve Berkowitz, USA Today Sports February 2015

    Recruiting is the lifeblood of big-time college football, and the Southeastern Conference's current run of success might relate to this: During a recent five-year span, SEC public schools spent, on average, roughly $150,000 more a year recruiting football players than did public schools in the other four power conferences.

  • Cardio Equipment Leasing Strategies for Fitness Centers

    by Emily Attwood February 2015

    Cardio equipment is the heart of any fitness center. It's the most popular type of equipment, unintimidating and easy to use for fitness newbies, but also a powerful workout tool for enthusiasts. Befittingly, manufacturers are constantly seeking out new ways to improve their products, from design tweaks to make equipment more user-friendly to consoles featuring integrated technology to keep up with users' expectations. Today's cardio equipment is compatible with a range of wearable technology, offers a variety of virtual-reality programming, can record a long list of workout data, and can even alert operators to specific maintenance needs.

  • UT Spending on Football Recruiting Leads Nation

    by Matt Slovin, The Tennessean February 2015

    The University of Tennessee routinely outspends every school in the country on football recruiting, according to data compiled by USA Today from reports by the schools on NCAA-mandated financial statements.

  • Builder Tallies Cost of New Atlanta Braves Stadium

    by Dan Klepal, Tim Tucker; Staff February 2015

    Strip away money for the lawyers, architects, land and other "soft" costs, and the new Atlanta Braves stadium is expected to cost between $476 million and $500 million.

  • Milwaukee Y Emerges from Bankruptcy Leaner

    by ANNYSA JOHNSON, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel February 2015

    U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Susan V. Kelley approved the YMCA's reorganization plan Friday, rejecting a last-minute bid by members of the South Shore YMCA to delay the plan while they tried to find a buyer that would keep their Cudahy branch open.

  • TV Revenue Makes Arena 'Jock Tax' Plan Possible

    by DON WALKER, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Staff, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel January 2015

    The linchpin to to help build a new, multipurpose arena in downtown Milwaukee is last year's agreement between the National Basketball Association and Turner Broadcasting and the Walt Disney Co., which owns ABC and ESPN.

  • Milwaukee Arena Plan Likely to Include Jock Tax

    by DON WALKER, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Staff, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel January 2015

    Gov. Scott Walker announced Tuesday morning that he plans to put into the state budget a financing plan that includes bonding to help build a multipurpose arena in downtown Milwaukee.

  • The Price to Regular Students of College Sports

    by Post & Courier (Charleston, SC) January 2015

    Students at the Military College of South Carolina, the College of Charleston and too many other schools have been learning the hard way that the ever-higher costs of their higher educations include big-bucks athletics fees at schools that compete below the big-time sports level.

  • Inside the Costly Task of Landing a Super Bowl

    by Josh Peter, USA TODAY Sports January 2015

    It's a business -- competitive, costly and, it turns out, increasingly advantageous for the NFL. "You have to comply," Kennedy told USA TODAY Sports, "or make best efforts at complying with the specifications set forth."

  • Editorial: No Special Favors in United Center Deal

    by Chicago Sun-Times January 2015

    This is how it is supposed to work. A business sees an opportunity for growth. It goes for it, on its own dime. City Hall plays backup if the project looks good for the city, maybe helping the business assemble the land and upgrading transportation. But nobody gets a handout. Nobody gets a big tax break.