• Editorial: No Special Favors in United Center Deal

    by Chicago Sun-Times January 2015

    This is how it is supposed to work. A business sees an opportunity for growth. It goes for it, on its own dime. City Hall plays backup if the project looks good for the city, maybe helping the business assemble the land and upgrading transportation. But nobody gets a handout. Nobody gets a big tax break.

  • Study: State Subsidies a Big-League Gamble

    by CHRISTOPHER O'DONNELL Tribune staff January 2015

    Florida spends millions on incentives every year to attract and keep major-league sports teams, with backers saying professional sports attract more visitors and increase spending.

  • Race Relocates to New City, Saving $2,500 in Fees

    by Alissa Mejia January 2015

    When the city of Corpus Christi increased its event fees for traffic and police a couple of years ago, many short races adapted by containing their courses entirely within the boundaries of parks, eliminating the need for traffic plans.

  • City Council Okays Subsidy for Struggling Hockey Team

    by January 2015

    North Charleston City Council got one step closer Thursday to offering a subsidy to the South Carolina Stingrays that could end up costing the city a half-million dollars.

  • City May Pay $500K to Get Hockey Team Off Thin Ice

    by January 2015

    The Zucker family, widely considered the wealthiest in South Carolina, has been paying about $500,000 a year to keep the Lowcountry's professional hockey team afloat.

  • The Bill: Who's Going to Pay for Buffalo's $1B Stadium?

    by The Buffalo News (New York) January 2015

    Now that a consultant has recommended four locations for a possible new stadium for the Buffalo Bills, a big question leaps out: Who would pay?

  • Community Center to Increase Fees Up to 26 Percent

    by Patrick O'Grady Valley News Correspondent January 2015

    The Claremont City Council on Wednesday night approved a new fee schedule that includes increases in some of the rates for the community center between 6 and 26 percent.

  • Pay Hikes, Bonuses, Buyout Lead to $13M WSU Deficit

    by Jacob Thorpe January 2015

    WSU's revenue rose from $45.7 million in 2013 to about $47.3 million in 2014. However, the spending on WSU sports soared to $59.7 million last year - $10 million more than in 2013.

  • City's Recreation Revenues Increase 16.5 Percent Over '13

    by Aleese Kopf Daily News Staff Writer January 2015

    Palm Beach's recreation department had another lucrative year in 2014, with record earnings at the Par 3 Golf Course and Town Docks.

  • Peripheral Personnel at Sugar Bowl Cost OSU $372K

    by Collin Binkley, THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH January 2015

    Along with a 69-member "official party" whose expenses were reimbursed by the Athletic Department, another 55 people traveled to the game using departmental money.