• Group Urges City to Save YMCA That Loses $450K a Year

    by Aaron Besecker; NEWS NIAGARA REPORTER March 2015

    About 30 people came to a city council meeting to ask for help as YMCA Buffalo Niagara moves ahead with plans to shut down the branch.

  • Funding Freeze Puts Illinois Park Districts in a Bind

    by Laura Godlewski, Athletic Business Intern March 2015

    With the state of Illinois facing a $1.6 billion budget deficit, governor Bruce Rauner has placed an indefinite suspension on state grants for park district construction, which affects both current construction and new construction for park districts across the state. 

    This decision comes at a particularly poor time for many park districts just gearing up to start work on a variety of construction projects as warm spring weather sets in.

  • Budget Gives Utah State Athletics $1.5M Taxpayer Boost

    by Robert Gehrke The Salt Lake Tribune March 2015

    Soon, all Utah taxpayers will be Utah State Aggie boosters, thanks to language included in the newly approved state budget by Senate Budget Chairman Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan.

  • New Effort Aims to Save California's Parks System

    by Record Searchlight (Redding, California) March 2015

    The 12-member California Parks Forward Commission was formed in the wake of revelations in 2012 that, even as it was preparing to shut down 70 parks, the department had been hiding a $20 million surplus for years.

  • NCAA Has $80M Surplus; 2014 Revenue Neared $1B

    by Steve Berkowitz, @ByBerkowitz, USA TODAY Sports March 2015

    The $80.5 million surplus for the year is almost $20 million more than the surplus the NCAA had in 2013 and the fourth consecutive year in which the annual surplus has exceeded $60 million.

  • Miller Park Stadium Tax Could End as Early as 2018

    by DON WALKER, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Staff, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel March 2015

    There is some reason for optimism the sales tax can be retired sooner than later. Last year, the district experienced an increase in sales tax revenue of 8.78%, which is far higher than in recent years.

  • County OKs $5M So Astros, Nats Can Start Site Work

    by Joe Capozzi Palm Beach Post March 2015

    Faced with a tight schedule to open in 2017, the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros want to get a head start this month on their proposed $135 million spring training complex south of 45th Street -- even without a needed land-use approval from the state Legislature.

  • Milwaukee Mayor Says City's Arena Role Could Be TIF

    by DON WALKER, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel March 2015

    Mayor Tom Barrett said Monday the city needs a firm number from the Milwaukee Bucks on what a new arena downtown will cost.

  • Poor Design Blamed for Rec Center's Financial Woes

    by Emily Attwood March 2015

    Seven Hills Recreation Center in Ohio lost $45,000 last year, bringing its total financial loss up to $553,000 since it opened in 2002 — not including the initial construction costs. According to Mayor Richard Dell'Aquila, poor initial design has caused the city-owned recreation center to become a "generational financial problem."

    “The recreation center has suffered from poor construction, bad design, and ineffective management," Dell'Aquila told "Combined with the worst financial recession since the 1930s, the recreation center has been largely responsible for much of the financial woes the city has suffered in the past decade.”

    Among the major expenses, the pool roof had to be replaced shortly after the center opened due to deterioration caused by pool chemicals. The $2 million cost was partially covered by the original subcontractor. The natatorium’s HVAC system was also replaced last year at a cost of $500,000. Dell’Aquilla says that the previous system never worked properly and led to structural issues throughout the rest of the recreation center.

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    In 2011, the city hired a consultant to inspect the recreation center and identify further construction deficiencies. In addition to poor facility ventilation, the inspection found that the no vapor barrier had been installed during initial construction, putting the facility at increased risk of deterioration due to moisture buildup. 

    Additionally, Dell’Aquilla criticized the original pool design, which is not large enough to host swim competitions. “There are many swim teams in our area that could have been attracted to the center with a little more thought.”

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  • Parks Department Seeks $6M in Bonds, $3M Skate Park

    by March 2015

    A $3 million skate park in the industrial Neck Area is the big-ticket item in a new, planned Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission bond issue.