• $8.75M Expansion Would Create Regional Soccer Facility

    by Jamar Younger Arizona Daily Star June 2014

    Pima County is on the verge of buying 167 acres of land near the Kino Sports Complex, with the intention of expanding it to create a large-scale regional soccer facility.

  • Cuomo Wary of Taxpayer Stake in New Bills Stadium

    by Tom Precious; NEWS ALBANY BUREAU June 2014

    If the new owner of the Buffalo Bills demands a new stadium, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signaled Wednesday a concern that there is a limit to how much taxpayer money can go into it. At the same time, he said he will do what he can to keep the team in Western New York. The governor's comments came in Buffalo, while down the road in Orchard Park, work is underway on a $130 million renovation project - using more than $90 million in state and county taxpayer money - on the team's existing Ralph Wilson Stadium.

  • Cal Has Cut Sports Subsidies; Why Haven't Other Schools?

    by Steve Berkowitz, Christopher Schnaars and Jodi Upton June 2014

    The University of California-Berkeley's dramatic, sustained decrease in its subsidization of its athletics program during a recent three-year period might well be replicable by other NCAA Division I schools. But none has done it. According to Cal athletics director Sandy Barbour and the campus' vice chancellor for administration and finance, John Wilton, none has even asked Cal officials how they did it. "I think there are a couple of reasons for that -- one of which is I think it's widely recognized that, in about every way imaginable, Berkeley's different," Barbour said with a chuckle. Five of the 227 public schools that were in Division I from 2009-10 through 2012-13 have managed to reduce their subsidies for athletics in each of the last three years, a USA TODAY Sports analysis found -- Cal, Illinois, Missouri, South Carolina State and Southern Illinois. And Cal was the only one of those five to drop its subsidies by more than $1.2 million during those years.

  • Cheer for $1K? District to Discuss Capping Sports Fees

    by Phil Wilke June 2014

    The cost of extracurricular activities came in for close examination Monday night during the Shawnee Heights Unified School District 450 board meeting. Expressing concern that some students might not be able to participate because of high costs, the board had asked the district athletic director to put together data on student expenses for each spot and activity. The board reviewed the costs, and some members didn't like what they saw.

  • Basketball Coaches Weigh Charter, Commercial Flights

    by Geoff Grammer Journal Staff Writer June 2014

    Coaches will tell you there are no easy road trips in the Mountain West Conference in men's basketball. And while they're usually talking about the competition on the court, the same easily can be said for the actual travel around the league, especially for the winter sports that often face delays due to inclement weather.

  • Without Corporate Support, Why Build Bills Stadium?

    by Super User June 2014

    The question isn't where to build a stadium for the Buffalo Bills. It's why? The main reason communities build stadiums is to pump up an owner's profit.

  • SEC to Split Record $310M, or Nearly Double '09 Revenue

    by John Adams June 2014

    The annual SEC spring meetings reached a familiar conclusion Friday. And the ending was accentuated by a dollar sign. As expected, the 14 conference schools will make more money this school year than last. Another record-revenue year is business as usual for the SEC. This time, the conference will split $309.6 million. That comes to slightly more than $20.9 million per school.

  • Community Weighs In on City's Plan to Charge Race Fees

    by MATT MURPHY Daily Mail STAFF May 2014

    The final, amended version proposed charging $2,200 to organizations wishing to use Charleston's Kanawha Boulevard for their event, and $500 for courses established elsewhere.

  • No Contract in Place for Braves' Promised Development

    by Dan Klepal, Brad Schrade; Staff May 2014

    Cobb County officials pushing for the taxpayer investment in a new Atlanta Braves stadium have said all along that it's a good deal, in large part because of the team's promise to build a $400 million development of restaurants, housing, retail and offices outside the ballpark.

  • Taxpayers Still Paying for Troubled $20M Sports Complex

    by Emilee Eagar May 2014

    By Emilee Eagar Deseret News TOOELE - One year ago, Tooele County nearly hit rock bottom during what one county commissioner called the "perfect financial storm." Now, taxpayers are still paying back more than $4.5 million in interfund loans for a major sports complex that was bleeding money. The interfund loans - or cash loaned from one fund to another - are subject to repayment, but county officials say there was no repayment plan in place at the time the loans were made.