• Blog: David Barton Gym's Demise Is Simple Economics

    by Rob Bishop and Barry Klein March 2011

    The news that David Barton Gym has filed for bankruptcy protection was another kick in the teeth for our industry. It also should serve as a reminder to every health club owner that the next new thing is not necessarily the right thing.

  • AB Conference: Doing More With Less

    by Nicholas Brown December 2010

    For the hundreds of attendees representing parks and recreation agencies, a running theme through the early stages of this year's Athletic Business Conference & Expo has been doing more with less.

  • Corporate Fitness Programs Add Value, Even if Difficult to Track

    by Paul Steinbach October 2010

    Corporate fitness professionals believe in the value of their programs, even if returns are difficult to track.

  • Non-Conference Scheduling Leads to Lopsided Scores, Balanced Books

    by Paul Steinbach October 2010

    Paid-game scheduling agreements often lead to lopsided scores, but they help many schools balance their books.

  • Economy Hits College Sports Hard

    by Michael Popke August 2010

    A new NCAA report shows that just 14 of the 120 Football Bowl Subdivision schools made money from campus athletics during the 2009 fiscal year, down from 25 the year before. Researchers blame the sagging economy and suggest that numbers for the 2010 fiscal year could be even worse.

  • Ryan Says He Can't Bring Relief From Ballpark Heat

    by Paul Steinbach August 2010

    During his playing days, no one could bring the heat like Nolan Ryan. Now, the newly minted owner of the Texas Rangers would like to take some away. But adding shade to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington is being deemed unfeasible.

  • Safe At Home - But For How Long?

    by Michael Popke April 2010

    We've published lots of stories in recent years about school districts faced with budget crises so severe that administrators were forced to consider (or at least threaten) the elimination of prep sports. But, eventually, they would find a way to salvage at least some programs - whether through reducing or removing other creative fundraising solutions. Options, it seemed, were always available.

  • Cash-Strapped High Schools Struggle to Keep Pools Open

    by Michael Popke July 2009

    As aging high school pools fall into disrepair, cash-strapped districts either are partnering with other entities to keep facilities afloat or deciding to shut them down.

  • Contract Bonuses Award College Coaches for All Sorts of Achievements

    by Paul Steinbach May 2009

    Today's contract bonuses award college coaches for all sorts of achievements -- some of them rather dubious.

  • A Primer on Buying, Selling Used Fitness Equipment

    by Anne B. McDonnell April 2009

    Ready to buy or sell used fitness equipment? Find out what suppliers have to say about how they acquire used equipment, and what the pieces go through before being offered for sale again.