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Dynamic Fitness & Strength
2020 Prairie Lane
Eau Claire, WI 53703

Phone: (715) 552-4454
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Dynamic Fitness & Strength designs, manufactures, and sells strength products and storage systems specifically for the strength, fitness, and wellness industries. Dynamic Fitness  & Strength engineers and design team focuses on solutions to changing landscapes, financial challenges, and constraints on space. Dynamic Fitness  & Strength applies its core competencies of 20 years of experience providing services to customers in the commercial strength and fitness markets encompassing personal training, health care, and clubs, along with high schools, colleges, and universities.

Categories listed in:

  • Ultra Pro Half Rack
    The Ultra Pro Half Rack brings superior quality, function, and versatility to any training facility. By offering custom features with ground breaking innovative designs, our products give your facility the foundation for success.
  • Inverse Curl™ With Storage
    The Inverse Curl™ with storage, like other Westside Barbell by Dynamic devices, is unique to the industry. The design makes it possible to do a leg curl correctly, with the support the athlete needs. To use the Inverse Curl With Storage, the athlete kneels on the pad and lets the arm support them when lowering and raising their upper body. The more weight added, the easier the exercise is to perform. The Inverse Curl machine makes it easy to customize the level of difficulty of the exercise so that the user can perform the exercise correctly.
  • Titan Half Rack With Storage
    Our Titan Half Rack with storage offers all the features of an Olympic station with the ability to add storage and connect additional units as a facility expands and evolves. Training stations come standard with many features plus a wide variety of attachments to fulfill every site and station need.