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Buyers Guide: Greenfields Outdoor Fitness Inc.

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness Inc.
2617 W. Woodland Drive
Anaheim, CA 92801

Phone: (888) 315-9037
Toll-free: (888) 315-9037
Fax: (866) 308-9719

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 Greenfields Outdoor Fitness has built an international reputation for high-quality outdoor fitness zones, considered by many to be one of the most exciting concepts introduced to the public in recent years. With installations in parks, schools, senior centers, military bases and more, Greenfields offers fitness solutions for every demographic. The Pro-Adjustable line of hydraulic units offers a customized level of resistance and is perfect for fitness enthusiasts; the Core line of body resistance units offers unparalleled durability and multigeneraltional appeal; and the ADA-Accessible units make the outdoor workout experience available even to users in wheelchairs. Many of Greenfields’ units can be used by more than one person simultaneously, creating a fun, social form of exercise. The equipment is virtually maintenance-free and is an exceptional value for any community.


Categories listed in:

  • Greenfields' Professional Series
    Revolutionary hydraulic exercise equipment with customized resistance for a tailored workout.
  • Greenfields' Professional Series
    With 15 different hydraulic exercise stations - all completely weatherproof - Greenfields' Professional Series brings fitness back into the outdoors.
  • Greenfields' Professional Series
    The Professional Series units incorporate Poly-Safe seats and Safe-Stop stoppers for a hazard-free workout.
  • Greenfields' Professional Series
    Ideal for fitness enthusiasts, seniors and everyone in between, Greenfields' Professional Series brings fitness in step with the modern lifestyle.
  • Greenfields' Core Series
    Core units allow users to work against their own body weight. Durable and multi-generational, Core units are perfect for parks, schools, military bases and more.
  • Greenfields' Accessible Series
    Greenfields’ accessible units US Patent 9,079,069, are specially designed to allow those in wheelchairs to enjoy the benefits of outdoor fitness.