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Buyers Guide: List Industries Inc.

List Industries Inc.
401 Jim Moran Blvd.
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Phone: (954) 429-9155
Toll-free: (800) 776-1342
Fax: (954) 428-3843

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Founded in 1936, List Industries Inc. has been an innovator and industry leader in locker design and development for over 70 years.  Superior®, America's Most Complete Locker Line®, offers a full line of lockers including all-welded fully-framed steel lockers, all-welded unibody steel lockers, knock-down steel lockers, plastic lockers, bulk storage lockers and our latest addition, wood sport lockers.  In addition to lockers, List Industries also manufactures shelving, portable gates and industrial cabinets.  With our vast product offering and commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality, List Industries Inc. is the Superior choice for your locker needs.

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