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Soundsphere omnidirectional loudspeakers and speaker systems feature hemispherical dispersion and full-range sound, creating solutions for a multitude of applications and environments. From weight rooms to ice rinks, from health clubs and pools to gymnasiums and field houses, there is a broad coverage solution from Soundsphere, the leader in omnidirectional speaker technology since 1976.

What is the Soundsphere loudspeaker...? Every Soundsphere omnidirectional loudspeaker produces a hemisphere of full-frequency sound. Conventional speakers produce directional coverage. The speaker must point toward those meant to hear it. A Soundsphere speaker fills an area with sound. Anybody on the sphere side of the reflector, or below a finished ceiling speaker, hears all frequencies, high, mid, and low, in the 180° x 360° area of coverage.

Because the presence of mid and high frequencies directly affects the quality of music, as well as speech intelligibility, Soundsphere loudspeakers produce maximized music quality and speech intelligibility over a much wider area than conventional speakers.

Categories listed in:

  • QCS-100: 100 Watts
    For finished ceilings where strong, high fidelity sound is desired. Ideal for high level sound in noisy areas such as exercise clubs, weight rooms, and more.
  • Q-6: 35 Watts
    Weatherproof, ideal for indoor and outdoor applications in any climate. Superior quality foreground and background music and clear paging.
  • Q-8: 100 Watts
    Ideal for spaces where intelligible voice and superior quality foreground music are required, including smaller gymnasiums, open ceiling exercise clubs, weight rooms, multipurpose rooms and more.
  • Q-12A: 250 Watts
    High power, high fidelity foreground music and clear paging, ideal for gymnasiums, ice rinks, swim centers and more. Weather resistant model available for outdoor applications.
  • Q-15: 350 Watts
    High power, high fidelity foreground music with enhanced bass and high volume capability. Ideal for gymnasiums, ice rinks, swim centers, open public areas and more.
  • Q-Combo 5: 1800 Watts
    Four loudspeakers and a sub bass unit for superior intelligible sound and deep, extended bass from a single source at reasonable cost in larger spaces.