• No Criminal Charges in High School Soccer Hazing

    by Ray Chandler Special to Independent Mail March 2015

    Five members of the Walhalla High School soccer team were suspended and removed from the team last week after a student reported to school officials the treatment to which he had been subjected while traveling on the team bus from a varsity game at Pickens High School.

  • Rooftop Owners Charged with Defrauding Cubs

    by The Associated Press March 2015

    R. Marc Hamid, a 46-year-old co-owner of Skybox on Sheffield, has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of defrauding the Cubs and tax authorities out of $600,000 from 2008 to 2011, prosecutors announced Friday.

  • Bullying Scandal: Ex-Athletic Trainer Sues Dolphins

    by By Hal Habib and Jane Musgrave, Palm Beach Post Staff Writers March 2015

    Former trainer Kevin O'Neill, who is suing the Dolphins over his firing a year ago, has been unable to find work not only on the NFL and college level, but even on the high school level, his attorney said Tuesday.

  • Virginia Beach Man Files Suit Against Ice Rink... Again

    by Margaret Matray March 2015

    Last year, a Virginia Beach man settled a lawsuit for $90,000 with the insurance company for Chilled Ponds. Now he's suing the rink a second time, saying he was forced to leave when he showed up to skate recently, even though he was permitted there under the original settlement agreement, he claims in the suit.

  • Sandusky Legal Battles Still Linger

    by Jason Laughlin; Inquirer Staff Writer March 2015

    At least seven civil cases as well as criminal complaints against three former Pennsylvania State University administrators are pending.

  • High School AD Sues Local Police Department for $10M

    by Michael Gaio March 2015

    As a general rule, nothing good comes from disputes in the stands at sporting events. Take this story from Rahway High School in New Jersey as the latest example:

  • City Employee Indicted for Stealing More Than $400K

    by Laura Godlewski, Athletic Business Intern March 2015

    A former office manager for the Bloomington, Indiana parks and recreation department has been indicted by a federal grand jury on a wire fraud charge. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Judith Seigle allegedly stole more than $400,000 over a period of 13 years from the department. Seigle is the second city employee in less than a year that has been charged with taking money intended for use by the city. 

  • UNC Reaches Settlement with Whistleblower for $335K

    by From staff reports March 2015

    In the lawsuit, Mary Willingham claimed that she faced retaliation in violation of her First Amendment rights and of a state whistleblower law for raising concerns about alleged unethical treatment of UNC student-athletes.

  • Residents Lose Ruling on Falcons Stadium Finance Plan

    by Katie Leslie; Staff March 2015

    The Georgia Supreme Court has upheld the city of Atlanta's plans to help finance the new $1.4 billion Falcons stadium, allowing city leaders to move forward with issuing $200 million in bonds toward the project.

  • NCAA Ready to State Case in O'Bannon Appeal

    by Steve Berkowitz, @ByBerkowitz, USA TODAY Sports March 2015

    The Ed O'Bannon class-action antitrust lawsuit against the NCAA reaches another milestone today, when the sides engage in oral arguments before a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.