• Park and Rec Board Seeks Developer for Riverfront Site

    by Jim Buchta November 2016

    Wanted: A developer willing to help close a key gap along the Mississippi Riverfront. That firm must be willing to work with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and several community groups to re-imagine a vacant 3.55-acre site along the river north of downtown. "We want to see something that's a great complement to the park on the river," Michael Schroeder, assistant superintendent of planning services at the Park Board.

  • HS Sues Association After Controversial Playoff Loss

    by Courtney Cameron November 2016

    Fenwick High School filed a lawsuit Monday against the Illinois High School Association after the board of directors made the decision to uphold an illegitimate overtime win for Plainfield North in the class 7A semifinals.

  • Court: School's Bigger Bleachers Violated Zoning Regs

    by John Wolohan and Samuel Cohen November 2016

    This article appeared in the November | December issue of Athletic Business. Athletic Business is a free magazine for professionals in the athletic, fitness and recreation industry. Click here to subscribe.

  • Assault Conviction Overturned for Ex-Wrestling Coach

    by Christian Boone November 2016

    The Georgia Supreme Court has tossed out the conviction of Robert Leslie Morrow, former Cherokee County high school wrestling coach and paraprofessional, who was found guilty in February 2014 in the sexual assault of a sophomore cheerleader.

  • Parent-Volunteers Take AYSO to Court Over DQ

    by Courtney Cameron November 2016

    Earlier this month, parent-volunteers for the Ventura (Calif.) Fighting Yams, a U-10 boys' soccer team, testified in the Ventura County Superior Court against the American Youth Soccer Organization in protest of the team’s disqualification from the 2016 season playoffs for failing to meet the minimum requirement for weekly referee points.

  • New $9.7M Sports Park Wows Residents

    by Michael J. Williams November 2016

    Though the sports facility is new, it was built on an existing park site that was only partially completed. Eight acres of the 22-acre site were constructed as a park, and the rest remained vacant.

  • Notre Dame Wins Police Records Case Against ESPN

    by Madeline Buckley November 2016

    A court case pitting broadcasting giant ESPN against the University of Notre Dame has been resolved, but still leaves unanswered questions: should private universities be allowed to employ their own police force?

  • Revised Rec Center Plan Calls for Scaled-Back Space

    by Aleese Kopf November 2016

    A slimmed-down version of Palm Beach's proposed new recreation center seems to have brought many people on board with the project, but a core group of residents still oppose the plan. The town and its architect Nelo Freijomel presented revised designs for the proposed Morton and Barbara Mandel Community Center during a community forum Tuesday night. Freijomel said his revisions took into account residents' concerns about outdoor space, building size, an indoor basketball court and the interior layout. The new plan keeps all 100,642 square feet of the existing outdoor green space. The indoor basketball court is smaller so the town can keep about half of the existing outdoor court. The building is about 25 percent smaller, including the second-floor fitness center, which was reduced from 5,700 square feet to 3,600 square feet.

  • Public Meeting to Discuss Colorado Springs Sports Complex

    by AB Staff November 2016

    The complex, in the works since last year, would offer a public space for playing sports such as baseball, softball and soccer. Residents voiced support for a new sports facility when the City's Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services master plan was last updated in 2014, officials said.

  • Collier County Commissioners Plan to Open New Park

    by Greg Stanley November 2016

    It will be two more years before the long-awaited Big Corkscrew Island Regional Park opens to the public, according to a timeline approved Tuesday by Collier County commissioners. The planned 150-acre park in Golden Gate Estates near Palmetto Ridge High School sat in planning limbo for nearly a decade before efforts to build it were revived in 2014. The county is still negotiating with Q Grady Minor, the firm that will design the park, over cost and the scope of the project.