• NFL Abuse Cases Take Marketing Toll

    by Lindsay H. Jones, USA TODAY Sports December 2014

    In more than 15 years of setting up her list of NFL clients with marketing and endorsement deals, Denise White had never heard these sorts of words from companies on the other end of the phone. Not this year. Not right now. We have to be careful.

  • IHSA: Concussion Lawsuit Could End Football for Some

    by Tony Baranek. December 2014

    The Illinois High School Association's executive director adamantly warned Friday that a lawsuit filed against the association seeking, among other things, the mandatory presence of medical personnel at football games and practices, would have a devastating effect on some schools across the state.

  • Woman Charged with Looting Athletic Scholarship Fund

    by PATRICK VARINE December 2014

    A Murrysville woman is accused of making 24 transactions from two bank accounts between November 2013 and July.

  • Property Owner Wasn't Damaged by Arena Speculation


    The city of Albuquerque didn't damage a company's rights when it debated whether to build a Downtown arena on land owned by the company, according to a recent court ruling. The arena was never built.

  • Former Quarterback Sues Over High School Head Injuries

    by Michael Tarm December 2014

    By Michael Tarm The Associated Press CHICAGO A former high school quarterback followed in the steps of one-time pro and college players Saturday by suing a sports governing body - in this case the Illinois High School Association - saying it didn't do enough to protect him from concussions when he played and still doesn't do enough to protect players.

  • Former Chicago Rush Owner Arrested on Fraud Charges

    by Kim Janssen and Brian Slodysko November 2014

    David Staral was arrested Monday on fraud charges over his controversial and doomed purchase of the Arena Football League team.

  • District Sued Over Policy Limiting Freshman Participation

    by Amy Donaldson Deseret News November 2014

    Rick Westmoreland filed a lawsuit alleging his teenage daughter's civil rights were violated by a Weber School District rule that limits the number of freshmen who can participate in high school sports.

  • Suit: Watermelon Ritual Characterization Defamed Sons

    by amanda kerr; November 2014

    The parents of three Academic Magnet High School football players have filed a defamation lawsuit claiming characterizations of the team's controversial postgame watermelon ritual damaged their sons reputations.

  • First Amendment on Trial in UNC Athletic Events Ban

    by John T. Wolohan November 2014

    An increasing number of fans believe the simple act of purchasing a ticket gives them the right to say and do anything, and that free speech, protected by the United States Constitution, allows them to heckle and harass coaches and players as they see fit.

  • NHL's Johnson: $18M Earned, $30M Lined Up, and Broke

    by The Virginian-Pilot Staff November 2014

    By Aaron Portzline | The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio (TNS) On the morning of Oct. 7, two days before the Columbus Blue Jackets opened the season, Jack Johnson drove to a federal courthouse to file for bankruptcy. Johnson has earned more than $18 million during his nine-year NHL career, not including the $5 million he will be paid this season. Almost all of the money is gone, and some of his future earnings have already been promised - which is why Johnson, surrounded by a new team of financial advisers and an attorney, signed his financial surrender. The scene was nearly four years in the making after a string of risky loans at high interest rates; defaults on those loans, resulting in huge fees and even higher interest rates; and three lawsuits against Johnson, two of which have been settled and one that's pending.