• Blog: Be Careful Who Gets Injured in Your Facility

    by John Wolohan January 2011

    This week, former University of Southern California tailback Stafon Johnson filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleging negligence on behalf of former assistant strength coach Jamie Yanchar and the university in relation to the September 2009 weightlifting accident that threatened Johnson's football career and life.

  • School, Coaches Not Responsible for Player's Elbow to Opponent's Head

    by John T. Wolohan January 2011

    During the second half of a Jan. 2004 basketball game between Iowa Mennonite High School and the Winfield-Mt. Union Community School District, WMU guard Andrew McSorley struck Iowa Mennonite's Jeremy Brokaw in the head with his elbow, knocking him to the court.

  • High School Loses Retaliation Case

    by John T. Wolohan December 2010

    One of the ugly truths in high school and college athletics is that there is some number of sexual predators working as coaches. Through long hours of practices and competition, these individuals gain their players' trust and use their positions to either sexually harass or abuse the young athletes under their supervision.

  • AB Conference: Risk Management

    by Nicholas Brown December 2010

    Sustainability, technology, the troubled economy. These are among the hot topics at this year's Athletic Business Conference & Expo. But year in and year out, a topic that remains one of the biggest draws among the thousands of attendees is risk management.

  • AB Conference: Beware of the Exploding Exercise Ball

    by Andrew Cohen December 2010

    Attorney Jeffery Long of Sacramento, Calif.-based Prout-LeVangie sees a lot of human suffering in his practice. Speaking at the Athletic Business Conference in San Diego this morning on "How to Avoid a Lawsuit," he listed some of his recent cases -- an exerciser whose trainer dropped weights on his chest, a health club member scalded by steam in the steam room and two gentlemen who landed in the ER with chemical burns after 30 minutes in a spa that (apparently) got accidently super-shocked. At the top of the list? Exploding exercise balls, four cases this year alone.

  • Catastrophic Football Injury Leads to $8M Settlement

    by John T. Wolohan November 2010

    Fearing liability for improper supervision, a city hands an injured football player $8 million.

  • Trainer Shouldn't Have Told Client to 'Push Through' Pain

    by John T. Wolohan October 2010

    After an apparent workout injury, telling a client to "push through it" is not a trainer's wisest course of action.

  • Mets Fan Sues Over Broken Bat to the Face

    by Michael Popke August 2010

    James Falzon is suing the New York Mets (and at least two individual players), Major League Baseball and the maker of Rawlings-brand bats for severe facial injuries he suffered from a flying piece of broken bat three years ago.

  • Iowa Pool's Underwater Lights Off When Boys Drowned

    by Michael Popke July 2010

    Two teenagers who drowned at the Pella (Iowa) Aquatic Center last week were swimming at night in a pool that did not have working underwater lights. The Des Moines Register reports that the lights have been shut off for about four years while city officials pursued a lawsuit against the company they claim improperly installed the fixtures.

  • How to Maintain Surfaces for Safety and Legal Protection

    by Paul Steinbach July 2010

    Facility managers must remain grounded when keeping their sports surfaces safe, or else they may find themselves in a legal quagmire.