• Former Coatesville AD, Superintendent Face Charges

    by Michaelle Bond; Inquirer Staff Writer December 2014

    In the latest blow to the poorest school district in Chester County, prosecutors on Monday accused two former ranking officials of the Coatesville Area School District of mismanagement, stealing tens of thousands of dollars, and violating state ethics law.

  • NCAA: Paterno Estate Trying to Influence Public Opinion

    by Lori Falce, Centre Daily Times (State College, Pa.) December 2014

    In court documents filed Wednesday, the NCAA said the reason the estate of former Nittany Lions head coach Joe Paterno wants to modify a protective order in its lawsuit is to try the case in the media.

  • Can High School Football Survive a Legal Hit?

    by Randy Blaser December 2014

    Last week it was reported that a former high school football player has filed suit against the state organization that regulates high school sports, the Illinois High School Association, claiming it didn't do enough to protect athletes from potential concussions.

  • Football Players Suing UNM Over Rape-Claim Dismissal


    The University of New Mexico learned Tuesday that it is about to be hit with a civil rights lawsuit by three young men previously accused of raping a UNM student last spring.

  • Should a HS Game Be Replayed Due to Ref's Mistake?

    by Andrew Brandt December 2014

    In Oklahoma, a high school football game has never been replayed for legal reasons.

  • New Jersey Court Sets Youth Sports Lawsuit Precedent

    by Andrew Brandt December 2014

    According to a New Jersey appeals court, the family of a 12-year-old lacrosse player cannot sue the 11-year-old responsible for his broken arm. But the ruling may have a greater impact than just this one case.

  • NFL Abuse Cases Take Marketing Toll

    by Lindsay H. Jones, USA TODAY Sports December 2014

    In more than 15 years of setting up her list of NFL clients with marketing and endorsement deals, Denise White had never heard these sorts of words from companies on the other end of the phone. Not this year. Not right now. We have to be careful.

  • IHSA: Concussion Lawsuit Could End Football for Some

    by Tony Baranek. December 2014

    The Illinois High School Association's executive director adamantly warned Friday that a lawsuit filed against the association seeking, among other things, the mandatory presence of medical personnel at football games and practices, would have a devastating effect on some schools across the state.

  • Woman Charged with Looting Athletic Scholarship Fund

    by PATRICK VARINE December 2014

    A Murrysville woman is accused of making 24 transactions from two bank accounts between November 2013 and July.

  • Property Owner Wasn't Damaged by Arena Speculation


    The city of Albuquerque didn't damage a company's rights when it debated whether to build a Downtown arena on land owned by the company, according to a recent court ruling. The arena was never built.