• Opinion: Sports Tourism Can Diversify Local Economy

    by AB Staff June 2016

    Sports teams may look to the “potential” an athlete has when choosing to draft one prospect over another. That selection may not pay off in immediate success. It may take time. There are no guarantees. Such is the nature of the “potential” for sports tourism to become a player in Collier County’s need to diversify its economy.

  • Olympics Squeeze Out Neighborhood Residents

    by Martin Rogers June 2016

    The video presentations used to pitch for hosting rights to an Olympic Games are glossy and sparkling and bursting at the seams with the same kind of narrative. They focus on what an Olympics -- with its seven-ringed slice of international obsession and gleaming parks and multipurpose venues that purport to provide years of benefit -- would add. The word "legacy" is used. A lot. There is typically no mention of what the Olympics take away, and that is what most bothered Sandra Souza, as she gazed earlier this year from her balcony at the Vila Autodromo favela over a cluster of venues for this summer's Rio Games.

  • Minor League Stadium Talk Resurfaces

    by Brent Briggeman June 2016

    Colorado Springs may not be finished with talks of a downtown baseball stadium. Addressing the City Council on Tuesday, Mayor John Suthers said Sky Sox owner Dave Elmore indicated he would consider moving a Class- A team to the city, but only to a downtown stadium.

  • Developers to Make $200M Arena Pitch to Va. Beach

    by Alissa Skelton June 2016

    Today, the private company chosen to build the $200 million venue will update the City Council on its progress and will announce a new source of financing for the project.

  • Opening of New Park Draws Impressive Crowd

    by Chris Haire June 2016

    The city's birthday present is finally open. Over the weekend, residents unwrapped Stanton Central Park - the city's largest open space by far - after more than a decade of delays caused by the Great Recession and the end of redevelopment agencies.

  • Consultant: County Should Build Facilities to Woo Events

    by Laura Layden June 2016

    Collier County should build a new state-of-the-art athletic park to woo more sporting events — and the tourists and spectators that would come along with them, a county consultant has recommended. The county hired Chicago-based Hunden Strategic Partners in October to do a market and needs study, at a cost of $70,000, for parks and other sports venues. One of the questions the county asked the consultant to answer is whether there’s enough activity and demand to support a new youth sports complex.

  • Officials Question Traffic Plan for Braves Stadium

    by Meris Lutz June 2016

    Sandy Springs officials are closing ranks with their Cobb counterparts just days after condemning a controversial plan to route traffic to the new Braves baseball stadium through their district. The plan would direct some game day traffic heading west on Interstate 285 to exit at New Northside Drive in Sandy Springs onto Interstate North Parkway, the access road, before entering Cobb County.

  • Township Purchases Land for Youth Sports Fields

    by Bob Susnjara June 2016

    Ela Township Supervisor Lucy Prouty says a need for more athletic fields to help Lake Zurich-area youth sports drove the purchase of 10 acres for $490,000 just outside the village in unincorporated Lake County.

  • Officials Oppose Kraft-UMass Soccer Stadium Proposal

    by Joe Battenfeld June 2016

    A push by Robert Kraft and UMass for a professional soccer stadium appears deflated on arrival, with local pols saying the state school should focus more on cutting tuition than cutting deals with rich sports owners.

  • Youth Baseball League Hopes to Rezone for New Facility

    by Thomas J. Barton June 2016

    Dubuque PONY League leaders will take another crack at coaxing city zoning officials to OK a request to rezone a swath of agricultural land for a new West End facility.