• Commissioners OK Park Renovation Despite Opposition

    by Adam Wagner April 2016

    Despite opposition from Ocean Ridge Plantation residents, Brunswick County s commissioners on Monday approved an overhaul of Ocean Isle Beach Park. Residents concerns cast a wide range, from lighting to noise to the necessity of the planned four baseball fields.

  • Parents Question Conestoga Hazing Allegations

    by Michaelle Bond and Maria Panaritis; STAFF WRITERS April 2016

    Vincent DiMartini, a retired police officer, asserted that Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan had "sensationalized" what happened that day in the locker room last fall, in a bid to get before the cameras and discredit the top-ranking high school.

  • New Class-Action Suit Filed Against NFL Over CTE

    by Hal Habib Palm Beach Post Staff Writer April 2016

    Rose Stabler, former wife of late Oakland Raiders Hall of Fame quarterback Ken Stabler, filed a class-action lawsuit against the NFL in Fort Lauderdale on Friday

  • City Officials to Hold Meet on Proposed $7M Field House

    by Katherine Hafner March 2016

    Chesapeake officials plan to hold a town hall meeting today to solicit public comment on a proposed sports complex in Western Branch.

  • City Reaches Settlement in Splash Pad Sewage Case

    by Jason Scott March 2016

    A dispute over a 2013 splash pad renovation could be drawing to an end as Traverse City, Mich., commissioners accepted a settlement for $300,000. The city blamed the firm Hamilton Anderson Associates for design flaws that led to water contaminated with sewage to rain down on children.

  • Recreational Lake to Be Studied After Low Water Levels

    by Becky Kramer March 2016

    Last year's drought created conflicts at one of North Idaho's more popular mountain lakes. There wasn't enough water to keep Priest Lake at full pool for summer recreation as required by Idaho statute, while still providing for healthy downstream flows in Priest River. By late summer, the river was reduced to a trickle to protect the lake's tourism economy.

  • Youth Sports Association Revised Facility Plan Pays Off

    by AB Staff March 2016

    Abilene Youth Sports Authority stuck with a plan, though it tweaked it, and its goal may be coming to fruition.

  • Township Begins $5M Parks Overhaul

    by Jacob Tierney March 2016

    Hempfield Township has started a $5 million overhaul of its parks after about three years of planning and fundraising. The township recently began work on the first phase of its Parks and Recreation Revitalization Project, and supervisors Monday approved state grant applications that would accelerate the process if approved.

  • Engineers Recommend Closing Reservoir-Top Court

    by Greg Mellen March 2016

    For more than 40 years, the rhythmic thrumming of basketballs has punctuated the afternoon air at Cordata Park. Kids, teens and young adults gather for pickup games on the full-size court. What makes basketball here unique is that it is played on an elevated circle of concrete, 22 steps above the park below. In the summer and on weekends, youth baseball players sometimes take grounders off the hardtop. And on the Fourth of July, residents gather to watch fireworks.

  • Indiana Governor Signs Bill Legalizing Fantasy Sports

    by Zach Osowski March 2016

    Despite being banned in some states and under tight scrutiny in others, daily fantasy sports sites are here to stay in Indiana after Gov. Mike Pence signed a bill regulating the industry.