• For Some Ex-Athletes, $40M EA Settlement is Bittersweet

    by Matthew Piper The Salt Lake Tribune June 2014

    Utah senior wide receiver Dres Anderson says he achieved a lifelong goal when he first made it in the game. The video game. Ever since he was a redshirt freshman in July 2010, Anderson -- or, rather, an unnamed player with Anderson's number, measurements and an approximation of his physical attributes -- has appeared in Electronic Arts' NCAA Football series.

  • Falcons Stadium Bond Faces New Challenge by Residents

    by Katie Leslie; Staff June 2014

    A group of English Avenue and Vine City residents are appealing a Fulton County Superior Court judge's approval of Atlanta's plans to partially finance the new Falcons stadium.

  • Sterling Surrenders Fight to Keep Clippers, Drops Suit

    by Brent Schrotenboer, @Schrotenboer, USA TODAY Sports June 2014

    Donald Sterling has called off the fight. He will not challenge the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers, his attorney confirmed Wednesday to USA TODAY Sports. He also will drop the lawsuit he filed against the NBA on Friday.

  • Marino Says Head is Injury-Free, Pulls Out of Lawsuit

    by Hal Habib, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer June 2014

    Dan Marino's concussion-related lawsuit against the NFL is ending. Marino issued a statement Tuesday saying he never intended to be among 15 former players added to a suit filed in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia that claims the league was negligent and careless in its treatment of head trauma. Marino's statement, sent to Sports Illustrated's Peter King, confirmed a report by the South Florida Sun Sentinel that Marino, 52, wanted his name promptly removed. Marino said that, contrary to the suit, he is not suffering from head injuries from his 17 years as the Dolphins' quarterback.

  • Lawsuit Could Transform NCAA, College Athletics

    by Mike Casazza June 2014

    MORGANTOWN - The Ed O'Bannon lawsuit against the NCAA goes to court June 9 and could forever change the look of intercollegiate athletics. Personally though, it was already real. Real personal, in fact, when EA Sports decided in September it would no longer make its college football game. Gone was symbol of a generation entertained and even educated by the digital versions of our Saturday saviors.

  • Marino Adds Stature to Concussion Lawsuit Against NFL

    by Andrew Abramson Palm Beach Post Staff Writer June 2014

    Dan Marino and 14 other lesser-known players added their names to the lawsuit in federal court last week in Philadelphia.

  • College Players Offered $40M in EA Sports Settlement

    by Tim Dahlberg June 2014

    The payouts could go to more than 100,000 athletes, including some current players, who were either on college rosters or had their images used in video games made by Electronic Arts featuring college teams. Lawyers for the plaintiffs said it would be the first time college athletes will be paid for the commercial use of their images.

  • Spanish Radio Voice Sues Lakers, Claiming Discrimination

    by Bill Oram STAFF writer, The Orange County Register May 2014

    The Spanish radio voice of the Lakers has filed a lawsuit against the team and its broadcast partner, TimeWarner Cable, that alleges 17 years of discrimination based on race and age.

  • After Long Battle, School Can Build on Former Golf Course

    by KELCIE PEGHER May 2014

    The Key School can officially go ahead with a contested plan to build athletic fields on a former golf course, according to the latest court to hear the case. School officials said they are pleased the legal fight has been resolved and said their next steps would be to seek county permits and reach out to the Annapolis Roads community, which adjoins the planned facility.

  • Family Suing Y, Aquatic Center for Death of 3-Year-Old

    by Staff Report May 2014

    The family of a toddler who drowned at the Kroger Aquatic Center at the Heights is suing the center, the Huber Heights YMCA and YMCA of Greater Dayton, the city of Huber Heights and Kroger.