• Council Approves Plan for $8.5M Rec Facility

    by John Reinan March 2016

    St. Louis Park wants you to know that while the city may be building a new ice rink, it's not just about hockey. The City Council this week approved an $8.5 million plan for a covered, multiuse sports and community facility adjacent to the city's Rec Center. The facility is expected to open in early 2017.

  • St. Paul Approves $18.4M for Soccer Stadium Costs

    by Jessie Van Berkel March 2016

    Soccer supporters packed St. Paul City Hall Wednesday night and urged the City Council to approve $18.4 million for infrastructure improvements around the proposed Minnesota United stadium. After extensive debate and community input, council members voted 5-2 to support the spending, and approved development and other agreements for the site. Some officials and residents expressed concerns about the fast pace of the project and future returns on the city's investment - but the majority of council members said the opportunity was too important to pass up. The $150 million Major League Soccer stadium is planned near Snelling Avenue and Interstate 94 in the Midway area. It would be the key piece of a larger redevelopment plan for a 34.5-acre site that includes a strip mall, parking lot and Metro Transit bus storage site.

  • City Seeks Solutions for Pool Shortage

    by Victoria Bourne March 2016

    As many as 80 swimmers a season have tried out for the Nansemond River High School swim team in recent years. But only about 40 make the team. Coach Shamus Riley said he’d love to take them all. But in a city with just one public pool – an outdoor one – the team practices at the YMCA on Taylor Road in Chesapeake, where it can reserve only two to three lanes for an hour twice a day. The year Riley took 50 swimmers, he said, the children spent too much time sitting around, waiting to swim.

  • Ordinance Would Ban Synthetic Pesticide Use

    by Kelley Bouchard February 2016

    Property owners here may soon be limited in the chemicals they can use to control lawn and garden pests and weeds under a partial pesticide ban the City Council is set to review Monday. The proposed ordinance would prohibit the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides on city-owned and private property, but it wouldn't apply to pesticides permitted in organic farming or exempted from federal regulation.

  • Planned Vikings Practice Facility Concerns Neighbors

    by Beatrice Dupuy February 2016

    The Minnesota Vikings' plans for a new football campus in Eagan have the team's new neighbors in Mendota Heights concerned about more noise, but the Vikings say recent changes will help ease that worry.

  • Four Cities Seeking Bowl Games, Despite Oversaturation

    by George Schroeder February 2016

    Even as college football's power brokers wrestle with how -- and whether -- to fill 2016 postseason bowls with teams with sub-.500 records, as many as four cities have considered starting new bowls. Groups from Austin; Charleston, S.C.; Myrtle Beach, S.C.; and St. Louis have indicated interest in applying for NCAA bowl certification. Although it appears unlikely at this point that any of the prospective bowls would become reality in 2016, the prospect has created concern. The 2015 postseason for the first time included teams with 5-7 records. The addition of two new bowls ballooned the total to 40, and only 77 teams met the requirement of at least a 6-6 record, three shy of the number needed.

  • Bill: Chiropractors May OK Athletes After Concussion

    by Jonathan Shorman February 2016

    Chiropractors could sign off on student athletes' return to the playing field following a concussion under legislation advanced by the House on Monday. Lawmakers voted 73-51 to pass House Bill 2578, sending the bill to the Senate. The bill would expand the list of medical professionals who can OK athletes for competition to include chiropractors. Currently, chiropractors are among those authorized to pull athletes off the field following an injury, but can't allow them to return.

  • NY Town Board to Review Ice Rink Proposals

    by Barbara O'Brien February 2016

    Hamburg Town Board members have heard from two companies that want to build a multisport facility in the town.

  • Georgia Tries to Woo Super Bowl with Tax Breaks

    by James Salzer February 2016

    Here's how you get what may be a controversial tax break passed in the General Assembly: You combine it with something else everybody loves. A House panel Monday approved legislation to waive the state sales tax on tickets for the Super Bowl, a break worth an estimated $5 million to $6 million. In an effort to make it more palatable, supporters tacked on the annual sales tax holiday for back-to-school shoppers.

  • Opinion: Legislature Should Stay Out of Utah/BYU Drama

    by AB Staff February 2016

    The latest rivalry eruption came via news that the state Legislature plans to audit the University of Utah athletic program. Lawmakers, many of them BYU fans, want an accounting of how the U. is spending taxpayer money.