• Nine Arrested in High School Hazing Assault Case

    by Courtney Cameron March 2017

    In a report Monday, La Vernia (Tex.) police announced the arrest of nine student-athletes on charges of sexual assault related to hazing incidents dating from 2014 to the present.

  • Abandoned NFL Cities Woo Other Pro Sports

    by Brent Schrotenboer March 2017

    The proposed MLS plans in St. Louis and San Diego could recast their identities without the NFL. If successful, they might even help buck a trend in which the six previous metro areas deserted by the NFL later provided enough enticements to get the mighty league to return.

  • Former Gymnasts Testify Before Senate Committee

    by Erik Brady and Rachel Axon March 2017

    Jessica Howard, a USA Gymnastics Hall of Famer, told a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday that the culture of USA Gymnastics has been about "money and medals" more than about the well-being of its athletes.

  • Condo Owners File Suit Over Gym's Noise

    by Reuven Fenton and Emily Saul March 2017

    Frazzled residents of an Upper East Side luxury condo claim the sounds of people working out at the Equinox gym that shares their building have been plaguing homeowners for nearly a year and a half.

  • Juror Comments on Conviction of Penn State's Spanier

    by Mark Scolforo March 2017

    A juror who voted to convict Penn State's former president of child endangerment said that the defendant's own words in a 2001 email amounted to some of the strongest evidence against him.

  • Jury Begins Debate on Spanier's Role in Sandusky Case

    by Susan Snyder and Angela Couloumbis March 2017

    During almost six hours of deliberations Thursday, the seven women and five men on the jury twice returned to the courtroom to ask Judge John Boccabella to define and clarify elements of the alleged crime and the law.

  • Victim: Arizona Did Nothing to Stop Player's Violence

    by Yoohyun Jung March 2017

    The woman accusing former Arizona Wildcats running back Orlando Bradford of domestic violence is seeking a $1 million settlement from UA and the Arizona Board of Regents.

  • Student Sues Over Trans Student in Locker Room

    by Kathy Boccella March 2017

    The Boyertown Area School District was sued Tuesday by a high school student and his parents who say his "bodily privacy" was violated when he saw a transgender student -- identified as female in the filing -- undressing in the locker room as he also was changing.

  • Minnesota Provost Clears Three Players in Assault Case

    by Courtney Cameron March 2017

    In a final round of appeals, three Minnesota football players have been granted a reprieve from punishments stemming from sexual assault and harassment allegations made in September.

  • Niagara Falls Expected to Approve Arena Study

    by Thomas J. Prohaska March 2017

    Niagara County's Economic Development Department plans to release a request for proposals for a feasibility study on Wednesday, said Christian W. Peck, the county's public information officer.