• Regional Park Plan Calls for Sports Fields, Swimming, Tennis

    by Greg Stanley February 2016

    Collier County planners believe they have at long-last designed a regional park for Golden Gate Estates. The park’s conceptual plan will be presented Tuesday to commissioners, who will decide whether to move the designs forward. The plans have been undergoing a lengthy public review process during the past several months.

  • Legislature to Audit Utah After BYU Rivalry Suspended

    by Annie Knox and Kyle Goon February 2016

    The University of Utah roiled fans across the state -- and in the Capitol -- when it yanked Brigham Young University from next season's basketball schedule. Now, lawmakers are taking the Utes to task with a sweeping probe of the college's sports department. The "efficiency and effectiveness" review is the first-ever state audit of a single athletic office. The breadth of the new request distinguishes it from other more routine reports, including a brief state financial analysis of all eight public colleges each year.

  • NHL’s Coyotes, Arizona State Could Share New Venue

    by Jason Scott February 2016

    Could a partnership between the NHL’s Arizona Coyotes and the Arizona State hockey program help to bolster the sport in the desert?

  • City to Offer Free Wi-Fi at Public Parks

    by McKenzie Romero February 2016

    City officials flipped the switch Thursday to turn on free wireless high-speed Internet that will reach all 22 of its public parks by the end of the year. The West Valley Family Fitness Center and Centennial Park, which surrounds it, is the first community space to offer the West Valley Connect Wi-Fi network, capable of streaming video and music, scrolling through news and social media, or completing any number of daily tasks that have moved online, according to city officials. In March, Wi-Fi will become available in 16 West Valley parks, and by the end of the year, in all 22 parks, as well as public facilities. Once all lights are green, West Valley will offer the most public parks and spaces with free Wi-Fi access in a single city in Utah.

  • WY Legislature Votes to Retain $8M for University Athletics

    by Trevor Brown February 2016

    Lawmakers voted down a budget amendment Wednesday that would have removed a proposal to give the University of Wyoming $8 million for its athletics programs. The proposal would have instead redirected that money into UW's state block grant.

  • City Eyes $500K Park Facelift

    by Megan Boehnke February 2016

    City officials and a local nonprofit will soon finish turning a beloved but once hard-to-find park into a standout destination in South Knoxville. A new, roughly $500,000 gateway to Fort Dickerson Park will include a circular lawn, stone pillars and signs. The 30-foot retaining wall at the Chapman Highway entrance will get a decorative stone face, and a new bus stop will be installed near the intersection with Fort Dickerson Road.

  • $75M Sports Resort Project Proposed

    by AB Staff February 2016

    A developer is proposing a $75 million recreation resort in northwestern Indiana that would include an indoor water park, an indoor drive-in theater and a 150-room hotel.

  • LA Outlines Plans for 2024 Olympic Venues, Costs

    by Scott M. Reid February 2016

    The Los Angeles bid committee will spend as much as $55 million on its campaign to host what it described as transformative Olympic Games in 2024, according to documents LA 2024 filed with the International Olympic Committee on Tuesday. In its Stage I submission documents on "vision, games concept and strategy," LA 2024 officials told the IOC that in hosting a third Olympic Games, Los Angeles would put on a "New Games for a New Era." "Follow the Sun," LA 2024 officials wrote in the opening of the bid documents, "is the perfect expression of our vision: LA 2024 will create a transformative Olympic Games utilizing our city's ideal climate, its unparalleled culture of creativity and innovation, and its youthful energy to reimagine a Games that" take advantage of a wealth of existing venues and infrastructure, rebrands the Olympic Games for a new generation, emphasizes the athlete experience while also complying with the IOC's Agenda 2020 fiscal and sustainability reform package.

  • Los Angeles Tailors 2024 Olympic Bid to IOC's Wishes

    by Rachel Axon February 2016

    For perhaps every other major American city, six months might have been a stretch to go from U.S. Olympic Committee selection to delivering a vision of hosting the 2024 Summer Games to the International Olympic Committee. For Los Angeles, though, the delayed starting process seems to hardly have been a speed bump. LA 2024 organizers face a Wednesday deadline for their first major submission to the IOC since it was selected as America's candidate city in September.

  • Florida Mayors Push for Spring Training Sites

    by Steven Girardi February 2016

    While attention is focused on building a new stadium for the Tampa Bay Rays, tourism officials and two mayors urged Pinellas County commissioners on Tuesday not to forget about spring training. Two major league baseball teams train in Pinellas - the Toronto Blue Jays in Dunedin and the Philadelphia Phillies in Clearwater - and have a combined economic impact of millions of dollars, according to the cities and tourism figures. Those numbers are particularly relevant regarding Dune