• Oregon Unveils New Mariota Sports Performance Center

    by Stuart Goldman August 2016

    Marcus Mariota may or may not get a chance to see the new sports performance center named in his honor at the University of Oregon later this year.

  • In Spite of Odds, College Walk-Ons Chase Dream

    by Eric Olson August 2016

    With the start of classes across the country, freshman walk-on players are hitting practice fields to round out rosters and chase dreams. A lot of them turned down scholarships from lower-division schools and are challenging themselves to see if they can hack it in Division I. Their hopes are to become significant contributors and get a scholarship.

  • Dayton Announces New Soccer Practice Facility

    by David Jablonski August 2016

    The University of Dayton will build a new practice facility for its men's and women's soccer teams thanks to what is being described as a "transformational gift" by alumni Margie and Bill Klesse.

  • How Reputation Will Play Role in Big 12 Expansion

    by Jeff Call August 2016

    There are a lot of metrics upon which to judge a school's academic prowess, but reputation is harder to determine. What exactly do Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby and Oklahoma University President David Boren mean when they refer to "reputation?"

  • Growth, Money Continue to Drive College Football

    by Dayton Daily News August 2016

    Like the universe, college football keeps expanding. More teams. More games. More money. The sport stretches on and on, year after year. Manifest destiny will play out Saturday in the form of a scarlet-and-gray religious rite as Ohio State begins its season against Bowling Green.

  • Former Illini Coach Resigns as North Carolina Volunteer

    by Stuart Goldman August 2016

    Tim Beckman, the former head football coach at the University of Illinois who was serving as a volunteer coach at North Carolina, has left the Tar Heels program.

  • Documentary Film Delves into NCAA Exploitation

    by August 2016

    For decades there has been a thriving, billion-dollar business in America that fixes prices, engages in unfair labor practices, exploits the labor of the young and poor (and often black), denies them basic civil rights enjoyed by their fellow citizens, and does all of this right out in the open, with the full knowledge of the courts and the public. College football - it lives by a different set of laws, and very little has changed despite all the hand-wringing in recent years.

  • Vermont Cancels Game vs. UNC Over Bathroom Law

    by Knoxville News-Sentinel August 2016

    The University of Vermont has canceled its women’s basketball team’s upcoming game in North Carolina over a state law that governs transgender bathroom access.

  • Cash Elevates Big Ten, SEC Above Other Conferences

    by Dan Wolken August 2016

    In the first two years of the College Football Playoff, it's fitting that the Big Ten and Southeastern Conference have claimed championships right off the bat. Because as the sport has unintentionally evolved to a place where the relationship between financial prowess and football success is stronger than ever, college football is settling into an era when the so-called Power Five is more myth than reality. Right now, it's really more like a Power Two.

  • Opinion: Lack of Oversight on Concussions Concerning

    by Gene Sapakoff August 2016

    The NCAA lacks a commitment to long-term brain care for athletes that includes money for treatment. Ridiculous. Sad. Not part of the solution.