• Opinion: Briles Hasn't Earned Second Coaching Chance

    by Nancy Armour December 2016

    Just as Baylor is moving on from its ugly past with the hiring of Temple's Matt Rhule, there will come a time when someone is tempted to give Art Briles a fresh start. It won't be this year. Houston's very public -- and very emphatic -- rejection of Briles last weekend ensures that.

  • WKU Coach Brohm Jumps for Purdue Job

    by Michael Marota December 2016

    All it took to lure Jeff Brohm away from Western Kentucky was a six-year contract worth an average of approximately $3.5 million per year, the promise of upgrades inside the program and a chance to put Purdue back on the national stage.

  • Study Finds Black, White Football Grad Rate Disparity

    by Terrance Harris December 2016

    A study of this season's bowl-bound teams shows that while there continues to be high academic success for the student-athletes overall, the disparity in graduation rates between black and white students remains a problem at the highest level of college football.

  • San Diego Schools Neglecting Field Safety Tests

    by Courtney Cameron December 2016

    Data obtained through a survey by the Voice of San Diego shows that very few public schools in San Diego county are conducting regular field tests to monitor the hardness of turf fields. Only a few school districts could report having ever tested their fields, and of those, several conducted one test immediately after installation and then never again.

  • Building Campus Housing with Student-Athletes in Mind

    by Anita Moran December 2016

    This article appeared in the November | December issue of Athletic Business. Athletic Business is a free magazine for professionals in the athletic, fitness and recreation industry. Click here to subscribe.

    Players at the University of Kansas made headlines last fall when they moved into Marie S. McCarthy Hall, an $11.2 million modern apartment complex that boasts a list of amenities specific to elite athletes. Similar residences have been built at Kentucky, Auburn, Oklahoma and North Carolina State.

    On the surface, such venues appear to be the latest weapon in the recruiting arms race among the nation's top athletics programs, but there's more to it than that.

  • Delany: Big Ten Network Got Boost from Huge Upset

    by Nicole Auerbach December 2016

    The Big Ten Network is approaching its 10th anniversary, but league Commissioner Jim Delany remembers the uncertainty and skepticism surrounding its launch.

  • Big Ten Commish Has Lots To Do, Not Slowing Down

    by Nicole Auerbach December 2016

    "The role of a commissioner has changed a lot, but it's been evolutionary until I would say the last five to seven years," Delany says as he drives through Chicago on his way to the Big Ten's new office in Rosemont, Ill., which houses the officiating command center.

  • New Facilities Put D-II Schools On Cutting Edge

    by Derek Redd December 2016

    For anyone that doesn't think facilities and resources aren't a big deal to college athletic programs below the NCAA Division I level, they aren't paying attention to the Kanawha Valley. They should head over to the University of Charleston at 10:30 Saturday morning to watch the ribbon cutting for the Wehrle Innovation Center. It's a building that will be many things for UC's campus, but among them, it will be the new headquarters for Golden Eagles athletics. The men's and women's basketball teams will play there, as will the men's and women's volleyball teams. The athletic department's offices finally will all sit under the same roof.

  • Opinion: Bowls Offer Reward for College Football Players

    by Amy Donaldson December 2016

    The postseason in college football is unlike any other in athletics. For most sports, qualifying for postseason play means competing for a championship of some kind. In college football, however, only four teams are playing for a title, while the other 78 teams invited to a bowl game have to find their reasons in something other than a championship.

  • Wilson's Dismissal Could Prove Costly for Indiana

    by Randy Beard December 2016

    We may never learn just how much of a misstep Kevin Wilson made as Indiana University's head football coach, but it was clearly egregious enough to athletic director Fred Glass for him to decide a line had been crossed from which there was no turning back.