• UT Senior Associate AD: Department Merger for the Best

    by Donna Thomas April 2015

    Change is never easy. The consolidation of departments, facing the fact that our most revered family member has an unforgiving disease, the retirement of a respected leader, converting a brand - it isn't easy.

  • OSU Event Helps Connect Players with Student Peers

    by Rob Oller, The Columbus Dispatch April 2015

    The relationship between college students and their football-playing classmates is a quirky mix of mystery and cool distance. Students know of these players more than they actually know them.

  • Fundraisers Scramble to Save Cleveland State Wrestling

    by John Cummings, Dayton Daily News April 2015

    Nick Corba and Latrell Davis had different images in mind when Cleveland State University athletic director John Parry walked into their wrestling room March 30. Davis, a state qualifier from Middletown, thought it was going to be a good visit. Corba, a state champ from Beavercreek, had a feeling it was going to be bad.

  • The AB Extra: April 10

    by Laura Godlewski April 2015

    This week's AB Extra includes updates on two prominent professional stadiums, a warning for anyone thinking of attending The Masters and a new potential programming idea for your facility. But we begin with a new youth football league aimed at fixing the "broken" culture in sports. New to The Extra? Here's last week's edition.

  • Dirt Track, Walk-ons Mark College's First Track Season

    by ALLAN STEELE STAFF WRITER, The Orange County Register April 2015

    Tom Burleson, who has coached the Cal State San Bernardino women's cross country team for 23 years, was tasked with starting a women's track and field program essentially from scratch.

  • Duke to Buy National Championship Court, Resell to Fans

    by Eben Novy-Williams Bloomberg News April 2015

    It's undetermined whether the university will buy it outright or with the help of a third party, and the price - more than the roughly $100,000 paid by previous winners - is still being negotiated.

  • Impatience to Blame for NCAA Tourney Error, Rep Says

    by From Our Press Services April 2015

    NCAA vice president of men’s basketball Dan Gavitt says the referees Monday night in the national championship game had access to television replays on a crucial play in the last 2 minutes but had already decided to give the ball to Duke when CBS showed a magnified view of the play.

  • Blog: Can Today's Buildings Withstand Test of Technology?

    by Andrew Barnard April 2015

    I recently attended a regional conference for the Society of College and University Planners (SCUP). It’s interesting to hear about the wide range of issues that affect planning on college campuses, many of which translate to private development as well as to other institutions.

  • Event Helps Student-Athletes Learn to Network


    Female student-athletes are more likely to graduate college with fewer professional connections than their male counterparts, disadvantaging them before they even start their careers, says Bren Stevens, athletic director for the University of Charleston.

  • Trends in Campus Fitness and Rec Center Programming

    by Jack D. Patton and Michael Andresen April 2015

    The years that separate a building's initial planning and its completion make it imperative that owners and architects are accurately able to forecast future needs. Fortunately, the pace of change isn't so rapid that they must dabble in science fiction — after all, basketball is alive and well almost 125 years after James Naismith invented it. But one needn't travel too far beyond the court to find a cautionary tale; racquetball, invented 65 years ago by Joseph Sobek, has over the past 30 years declined significantly in popularity, resulting in a reclamation and adaptation of courts since the activity's late-'80s peak.