• College Football Coaches Tackling Domestic Violence

    by Nicole Auerbach, @NicoleAuerbach, USA TODAY Sports September 2015

    Each time a Colorado State position group meets with its coach, five or 10 minutes are devoted to what coach Mike Bobo calls "character ed" time.

  • South Carolina, Va. Tech to Honor Victims of Gun Violence

    by Jason Scott August 2015

    As the national conversation on gun violence continues, two college football teams in communities that are dealing with shocking instances of violence are paying tribute to the victims.

  • Stadium Upgrades Reflect CSU's Football Commitment

    by David Shelton August 2015

    In 2005, the Charleston Southern University football program earned its only taste of Big South Conference glory tying Coastal Carolina for a share of the conference title with an unlikely overtime upset of the Chanticleers at Buccaneer Field. It was just prior to that historic season that CSU installed a new scoreboard, which at the time was the biggest and brightest improvement made at CSU s stadium.

  • Schools Somehow Find Money for Athlete Stipends

    by Bob Hunter August 2015

    A little over a year ago, doomsayers from college athletics began warning us all about the Armageddon that would follow cost-of-attendance payments to student-athletes. Bob Bowlsby, commissioner of the Big 12, said that if you like college athletics now, "you're going to hate it going forward." He predicted the end of Olympic sports -- those that do not generate revenue for their schools -- and a wider divide between the haves and have-nots. "I think (cost of attendance is) great," Bowlsby said in July 2014. "I think there are ways that it costs more than room, board, books, tuition and fees to go to school. But even in an environment where we have some additional revenue coming in, from television resources primarily, it is going to be very difficult for many institutions to fund that."

  • Inaugural Year of College Football Playoff Huge Success

    by Brad Senkiw, August 2015

    Atlantic Coast Conference commissioner John Swofford recently called the College Football Playoff’s first run more successful than “anything I’ve ever witnessed in college athletics.”

  • Struggle Over Paterno's Penn State Legacy Continues

    by Frank Fitzpatrick August 2015

    Along one side of College Avenue, striking new classroom buildings and residence halls lend this edge of Penn State's campus a 21st-century glow. But on the opposite side of the town's busiest thoroughfare, it feels like 1985.

  • College of Charleston Weighs Football Program Launch

    by Andrew Miller; August 2015

    College of Charleston athletic director Joe Hull can't seem to go anywhere without running into students, faculty members or alumni all wondering the same thing: Will the College of Charleston ever have a football team?

  • Player Abuse Probe Leads Illinois to Fire Football Coach

    by Jordan Wilson August 2015

    Around noon on Friday, Illinois quarterback Wes Lunt received a text message in class that told him there would be a team meeting at 1 p.m. at Memorial Stadium. His first thoughts were that someone was getting in trouble.

  • Auburn Athletics Fights to Save Academic Major

    by Jason Scott August 2015

    Public administration, a generally unpopular undergraduate academic major in the political science department at Auburn University, was almost eliminated from the school’s offering by a curriculum review committee in 2013.

  • How Did Florida Know About Rapist, But Baylor Didn't?

    by Naples Daily News (Florida) August 2015

    One question for football coach Art Briles and the administration of Baylor University: How is it that the Florida Gators had enough common sense to steer clear of recently convicted rapist Sam Ukwuachu, but you didn’t?