• Ex-Lady Vol Swimmer Outspoken About Brand Change

    by Ben Frederickson, May 2015

    Erin Gaeckle figured she should keep her opinion to herself since she was on scholarship. So, the Tennessee swimmer bit her lip when UT announced in November its plan to eliminate the Lady Vols name and logo for all sports but women’s basketball.

  • Cost of Attendance Could Be Divisive Issue for SEC

    by David Paschall May 2015

    Because SEC schools have turned in estimates ranging from Tennessee's $5,666 that will be added to each athletic scholarship to Texas A&M's $3,100, there obviously are differing views entering this great unknown.

  • Independent Investigators Seek Evidence of Illini Abuse

    by Mark Tupper May 2015

    On May 10, former Illini football player Simon Cvijanovic used Twitter to level a series of allegations against head football coach Tim Beckman, the team’s medical staff and other coaches.

  • Bottom Line: WVU's Move to Big 12 Paying Dividends

    by Dave Hickman May 2015

    Forget for a moment that all of West Virginia's traditional rivals have escaped to greener pastures. There's no going back even if the powers that be were wont to do so. Pitt and Penn State fled long ago. Ditto Syracuse and Rutgers and everyone else. They took the money and ran.

  • UA Track Coach Said to Threaten Athlete Resigns

    by Yoohyun Jung Arizona daily star May 2015

    The University of Arizona assistant track coach accused of threatening, assaulting and stalking a student athlete, who he was allegedly involved with in a relationship, resigned from the university effective Wednesday.

  • Blog: Keep Athletics About Student Development, Not Revenue

    by Andrew Barnard May 2015

    I recently attended a conference regarding the future of college athletics sponsored by the Big XII and featuring four young, bright and successful student-athletes. The focus was primarily on issues affecting the Power Five Conferences: student-athlete stipends, image and likeness rights, the role (and cumbersome overreach) of the NCAA, etc. Esteemed members of a second panel discussion featured media personalities (all of whom played collegiate sports), a highly successful coach, a university president and the conference commissioner.

  • Illinois AD Feels Secure Despite Abuse Claims in Two Sports

    by David Just May 2015

    Illinois athletic director Mike Thomas says he's not concerned about his job security even as his athletic department confronts allegations of abuse from both its football and women's basketball programs.

  • Northwestern AD: 'Shame on Us' for One-and-Dones

    by Blair Sheade May 2015

    Since Big 10 commissioner Jim Delany wrote his 12-page white paper about the "year of readiness," which would make freshmen ineligible, a lot of talks has occurred about how to change the one-and-done rule.

  • U. of North Dakota Narrows Nickname Options to 64

    by Anna Burleson Forum News Service May 2015

    An 11-person committee went through all of the 1,172 individual nickname ideas on a list of viable suggestions compiled by consulting firm PadillaCRT and moved 26 forward on Monday.

  • Athletes-as-Employees Model Would Alter ND Approach

    by Paul Steinbach May 2015

    The University of Notre Dame is the latest school to express that it would withdraw from the current setup of big-time college sports in the event student-athletes are deemed to be employees, according to athletic director Jack Swarbrick, who appeared as a panelist at a Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Sports meeting Tuesday.

    "Notre Dame's just not prepared to participate in any model where the athlete isn't a student first and foremost — that's the hallmark for us," Swarbrick told USA TODAY Sports. "If the entire model were to move toward athletes as employees, we'd head in a different direction. Our president has been clear about that. I'm not articulating a unique position."

    It's one that's not unique to Notre Dame, either. Northwestern University president emeritus Henry Beinen, a Knight Commission member, expressed a hope that Northwestern athletics would likewise seek a different approach to athletics, if the National Labor Relations Board concludes that an employer-employee relationship exists. The NLRB is deliberating the March 2014 ruling of regional director Peter Sung Ohr that Northwestern's scholarship football players are employees of the university, a ruling that included an order that Northwestern players vote on whether or not to unionize.

    "If we wound up with a business where you wound up paying the players to play, I think alumni would have a different view [of college sports]," Beinen said. "I think the faculty would be unaccepting of it, at least at universities like Northwestern and Stanford and maybe Notre Dame, Rice, Duke. … We haven't gotten there by a long shot. Will we? I don't know. I hope not."

    After appearing at a Congressional hearing on the Northwestern unionization effort last May, Stanford University athletic director Bernard Muir told USA Today Sports, "If [Stanford's athletes] are deemed employees, we will opt for a different model."

    Speaking at Tuesday's meeting, NCAA vice president Kevin Lennon reiterated the associations long-standing position that student-athletes are amateurs. “Amateur status, as defined by being college eligible, is compromised when they use their athletic skill for pay,” Lennon said. “The introduction of pay may lead some — not all, but some — to not take full advantage of these educational opportunities that are available to them in their college years.”

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