• Northwestern's Peanut-Free Policy to Include Five Sports

    by Rexford Sheild June 2014

    The Northwestern athletic department has announced it will hold three peanut-free football games in 2014, including games against Cal on Aug. 30, Northern Illinois on Sept. 6 and Western Illinois on Sept. 20. 

  • Three Key Questions Asked in the UNC Academics Probe

    by Wes Platt June 2014

    CHAPEL HILL - During the past five months, former federal prosecutor Ken Wainstein and his team have interviewed 80 people, searched 1.5 million emails and electronic documents and analyzed thousands of transcripts - some dating back to the 1980s. "We're in the thick of it," Wainstein told the University of North Carolina Board of Governors during a high-level briefing Friday. "It's impossible to give an exact timeframe (for when the investigation will end). We think it's important to do it thoroughly and do it right."

  • NCAA's Emmert: Pay Could Destroy College Sports

    by The Associated Press June 2014

    NCAA President Mark Emmert stuck to his contention that amateurism is the core of college athletics, saying any effort to pay players would destroy a framework that has been in place for more than a century and cause many schools to either abandon sports or refuse to play other schools that do pay.

  • O'Bannon Trial: Impact of Emmert Testimony Unclear

    by George Schroeder, @GeorgeSchroeder June 2014

    As smoking guns go, it seemed pretty mild. For high drama, the testimony was pretty mundane. But after several hours of cross-examining NCAA President Mark Emmert on Thursday morning, attorney Bill Isaacson finally worked his way to the line in a nearly 4-year-old e-mail that might as well have been in all capital letters. In a long memo to Emmert, who had just arrived on the job in the fall of 2010, then-NCAA vice president Wally Renfro had outlined several issues facing the organization. In a section on the commercial exploitation of student-athletes, Renfro suggested it was "a fairness issue, and along with the notion that athletes are students is the great hypocrisy of intercollegiate athletics."

  • Legislators Lift Private Funding Mandate for ODU Stadium

    by Harry Minium June 2014

    By Harry Minium The Virginian-Pilot The General Assembly will not require Old Dominion to build a new football stadium entirely with private funds after all. A provision of the Virginia Senate budget that would have required ODU to fund a stadium privately was dropped from the budget adopted last week by the Senate and House of Delegates.

  • Ohio Case Paved Way for O'Bannon's NCAA Lawsuit

    by Todd Jones, THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH June 2014

    Seeds for Ed O'Bannon's antitrust lawsuit against the NCAA that is playing out in a California federal courtroom were planted five years ago in Ohio. They involved a former college baseball player from Vermilion, his attorney in Cleveland, and their favorable ruling from a judge in Erie County. O'Bannon's class-action suit is drawing national attention in its second week at trial because of possible ramifications that could alter the traditional system of college sports.

  • Small Private College Hoping Sports Boost Enrollment

    by Jay Tokasz; News Staff Reporter June 2014

    Villa Maria, the small Catholic commuter college located on the Cheektowaga-Buffalo border, has big plans for its future, including adding intercollegiate sports and potentially building dormitories on campus.

  • Miami's Recruiting of Nine-Year-Old Raises Questions

    by The Buffalo News (New York) June 2014

    Jaden Newman was a starter on the girls' varsity basketball team last season, an accomplishment by any measure. It meant she was in the minority among high school athletes. She averaged 15.1 points and 8.1 assists per game, confirming the point guard was hardly out of place. Her undeniable talent and uncanny court sense is available for the world to see on YouTube. She was a dribbling whiz with an ankle-busting crossover. She showed the quickness to gain entry into the lane along with the ability to stop and shoot from the outside while playing for Downey Christian School in Orlando, Fla.

  • AD Joyner, Hired at Peak of PSU Scandal Fallout, to Retire

    by Joe Juliano; Inquirer Staff Writer June 2014

    Penn State athletic director Dave Joyner, who took over at the height of outrage over the Jerry Sandusky child sexual-abuse scandal and hired the Nittany Lions' last two head football coaches, announced Tuesday that he plans to retire from the university.

  • WVU AD Luck Looks at O'Bannon Case as Lawyer Himself

    by Dave Hickman June 2014

    If you're like me, the Ed O'Bannon proceedings in Oakland give you an offensive lineman-sized headache. At just about the time you think you've figured out the direction the plaintiffs and the NCAA are going, they veer off into another one. Then again, if you're like Oliver Luck, you relish in the accounts.