• UNM Women's Soccer Opener Nixed Amid Hazing Probe

    by Mark Smith, Assistant Sports Editor August 2014

    The University of New Mexico has canceled its women's soccer season opener and is conducting an investigation into allegations of hazing in an incident that sent two players to the hospital Sunday night and caused two players to quit the team.

  • Maryland First to Guarantee Scholarships in All Sports

    by Kevin Anderson Kluwe Davis August 2014

    Aid will be guaranteed through graduation for athletes who exhaust their eligibility before graduating, and those who are unable to compete because of injury.

  • FBS Dreams Drive Liberty University's $500M Makeover

    by Dan Wolken, USA TODAY Sports August 2014

    At Liberty University, a private evangelical school suddenly flush with cash and immense athletics ambitions, three are a sparkling set of new athletics facilities that touch nearly all of Liberty's 20 varsity sports. Its baseball stadium, which opened last year, has player and fan amenities that would put most of the Southeastern and Atlantic Coast conference schools to shame.

  • UNM Football's A.M. Practices Free Up Rest of School Day

    by Rick Wright, Journal Staff Writer August 2014

    For decades, if not centuries, getting up pretty early in the morning has been touted as a way to outwork, outsmart and generally outperform an adversary. This football season, the New Mexico Lobos will be testing that theory.

  • Opinion: Notre Dame Scandal Blame Should Start at Top

    by Deron Snyder, The Washington Times August 2014

    ANALYSIS/OPINION: One form of cheating in school has been around forever. "Hey, I don't have last night's homework. Can I copy yours?" Another old favorite entails whispering across the aisle during a test: "Psst, what's the answer to No. 5?" The student who neglects to complete his work or properly prepare for an exam might have a good excuse for being in that situation. But those remedies are all wrong. Meanwhile, the other pupil faces a moral crossroad, with the option to bail him out or let him sink.

  • Opinion: Academics, Athletics Don't Mix at Big Schools

    by Rick Morrissey, Staff Columnist August 2014

    Notre Dame always has viewed itself as the ideal of how academics and athletics should coexist. Raising the question: If the Irish can't make this work, who can?

  • Mississippi State Wows With Plans for Baseball Stadium

    by Michael Gaio August 2014

    Mississippi State is raising the bar when it comes to college baseball facilities. The school unveiled a $40 million plan for Dudy Noble Field on Tuesday that "aims to remake the Bulldogs’ home ballpark into the finest in college baseball." Looking at the renderings, and the fly-through video below, it's clear that goal isn't just hyperbole.

  • 'Ask Jameis Winston' Twitter Campaign Backfires on FSU

    by Jessica Chasmar, THE WASHINGTON TIMES August 2014

    Sports information director Elliott Finebloom said they expected some negativity, but didn't anticipate the scope of it, the Associated Press reported.

  • Opinion: O'Bannon Decision Not a Total Loss for NCAA

    by Dave Hickman August 2014

    Truth be told, even the lawyers in the room probably haven't entirely grasped all of the ramifications of the O'Bannon decision handed down Friday, the one that in the strictest sense of competition paints the NCAA as the losing team.

  • Victorious O'Bannon Knows NCAA Fight Far from Over

    by Bozeman Daily Chronicle August 2014

    "You want to go to the Supreme Court, let's go. I've got my ticket already." -- Ed O'Bannon, former UCLA basketball players