• HB2 Spurs SEC Basketball Media Days Move

    by Mike Organ October 2016

    Media days were originally scheduled to return to Charlotte, N.C., this year and then come to Nashville in 2017. But the North Carolina "bathroom law," also known as House Bill 2, which some perceive as being discriminatory toward LGBT people, led SEC officials to move the event this year.

  • Report: Louisville to Receive Notice of Allegations

    by Jason Scott October 2016

    The University of Louisville basketball program is expected to receive a notice of allegations from the NCAA stemming from a yearlong investigation into an alleged prostitution scandal.

  • Volleyball Uniforms Send Sustainability Message

    by Erin Negley October 2016

    When Franklin & Marshall College's women's volleyball team hits the court before a game, the back of their warm-up jerseys are adorned with an F&M logo surrounded by a branch. There's a recycling symbol, a green leaf and the message: "Envision. Act. Preserve." The jerseys live up to the sustainable message, all the way down to the thread, which is made of recycled materials. In face, each uniform is made entirely from 10 16-ounce plastic bottles.

  • Army Vet Wins Appeal, Allowed to Play College Ball

    by Mark Snyder October 2016

    Oakland University basketball player Isaiah Brock was cleared by the NCAA initial eligibility committee to play for the Golden Grizzlies this year, the university announced Monday.

  • Opinion: Big 12 Made Right Call to Not Expand

    by George Schroeder October 2016

    With straight faces, they insisted they hadn't mashed the accelerator toward expansion back in July. And that the quasi-public way the process unfolded, all the way until the end, was actually positive. It was all so ... Big 12. There was stumbling. And bumbling. And plenty of unintentional comedy. What else did you expect from the league that put the "fun" in dysfunction? But after everything, there's also this: The Big 12's presidents made the right call.

  • Purdue Axes Head Coach Hazell

    by Nathan Baird October 2016

    WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Purdue has fired head football coach Darell Hazell, sources confirmed on Sunday. The move comes one day after the Boilermakers' 49-35 Homecoming loss to Iowa and three weeks after a 50-7 loss at Maryland in the Big Ten Conference opener. Purdue has announced a 4:30 p.m. press conference, which will be carried live on Big Ten Network.

  • Player’s ‘Broke Athlete’ Sign Drives Discussion

    by Jason Scott October 2016

    University of Wisconsin basketball star Nigel Hayes made waves when he appeared on ESPN’s College GameDay program Saturday with a sign soliciting donations to a Venmo account.

  • Opinion: Big Ten Additions Bring Little to Conference

    by Brian Kollars October 2016

    The Big Ten should stop pretending it was smart to add Rutgers and Maryland to the fold in 2014. The BIG is a proud Midwestern conference and it was just fine with 12 schools. The excuse of expanding its "footprint" with Rutgers makes little sense because Tony Soprano and his neighbors couldn't care less about the Scarlet Knights.

  • Arena Renovation Offers New 'Front Door' to IU Hoops Fans

    by Zach Osterman October 2016

    If Assembly Hall's renovation is the infrastructural crown jewel of Fred Glass' tenure — and it likely is — then its new south lobby is the gleaming center stone. It is expansive, inviting of sunlight, with wide windows onto the Assembly Hall floor, shiny new escalators and trophy cases to give the place an "Indiana high school gym feel," according to IU's athletic director. "I think this is gonna be one of those gifts that keeps on giving," Glass said of the new south atrium, the most visible change to the newly renovated 45-year-old building. "A new front door facing campus, to really be where you arrive."

  • Tennessee Trustees OK New Position, $106M Stadium Renovation

    by Tyler Whetstone October 2016

    The University of Tennessee Board of Trustees approved the temporary appointment of Tonja Johnson to a created position as chief operating officer and executive vice president, OK'd $106 million in renovations to Neyland Stadium and listed UT's most pressing capital needs.