• Baylor Coach Arrested; Supporters Demand Reform

    by Courtney Cameron February 2017

    On Tuesday, a letter was issued to the Baylor University school board by the Bears for Leadership Reform, a group composed of thousands of Baylor supporters, voicing concern over the effectiveness of university leadership as allegations continue to surface among athletics department students and staff. The letter was signed by 14 former Baylor regents, 3 of whom have served as chairman of the board.

  • Opinion: Best Bet for Baylor Is to Come Clean Quickly

    by Nick Jimenez February 2017

    There is a maxim concerning scandal that is good to recall whenever really bad stuff happens: get the whole story out and get it out fast.

  • CU Rec Makes Advances in Adaptive Programming

    by Courtney Cameron February 2017

    The University of Colorado Recreation Center is making significant advances in the way of creating a universal community and activity hub for its diverse student population.

  • Without HB2 Repeal, North Carolina to Face More Fallout

    by Matt Bonesteel February 2017

    North Carolina already has lost out on hosting a number of sporting events because of House Bill 2, which mandates that transgender people use the bathroom corresponding with their birth gender in state-run facilities and bans the state's municipalities from enacting anti-discrimination policies.

  • Minnesota Announces Discipline for Football Players

    by Spokesman Review February 2017

    The University of Minnesota panel that heard the case of alleged involvement by 10 football players in a sexual assault on campus has upheld recommended punishment for five of them and overturned or reduced discipline for the other half.

  • NCAA Agrees to $208.7M Settlement Payout

    by Marisa Kwiatkowski February 2017

    The NCAA has agreed to pay nearly $208.7 million to settle part of a class-action lawsuit filed by student athletes who claimed the amount of scholarship money they could receive was unfairly capped below the actual cost of attending college.

  • Water Concerns Lead to Postponement of UNC-ND Game

    by Andrew Carter February 2017

    An Orange County water crisis, which forced UNC to cancel afternoon classes on Friday, prompted officials to move the game against Notre Dame scheduled Saturday at 6 p.m. at the Smith Center to Sunday at 1 p.m. at the Greensboro Coliseum.

  • A-10 Absolves Court-Storming St. Bonaventure Students

    by Buffalo News February 2017

    The Atlantic 10 Conference said the students were not responsible for the administrative technical foul called at the end of regulation in Saturday's St. Bonaventure game against Virginia Commonwealth. The conference clarified the decision that cost the Bonnies the game.

  • SEC Distributes Record Revenue to 14 Member Schools

    by John Brice February 2017

    Another year, another record. Welcome to the SEC. The SEC again distributed a record amount of revenues to its 14 member schools, encroaching upon $600 million in distribution to those schools per figures released Thursday by the league.

  • Women's Team Uses Wrong-Sized Ball, Forfeits Games

    by Dan Spears February 2017

    Adell Harris players knew. Her own coaches on the UNCW women's basketball staff felt the same way. She couldn't worry about it. At least not then. But after her team's 39-point loss at College of Charleston on Sunday, Jan. 8, "probably the worst game we've had all year" the Colonial Athletic Association eventually agreed with everyone around her.