• Former Pro: Stop the Ripoff, Pay College Athletes

    by Steve Siebold January 2015

    Some say college sports is entertainment. Others say it's the road to the pros. The one thing it most certainly is: a business.

  • Pay Hikes, Bonuses, Buyout Lead to $13M WSU Deficit

    by Jacob Thorpe January 2015

    WSU's revenue rose from $45.7 million in 2013 to about $47.3 million in 2014. However, the spending on WSU sports soared to $59.7 million last year - $10 million more than in 2013.

  • UT Sells Ticket Price Hike as 'Cost of Living Adjustment'

    by Dustin Dopirak January 2015

    Tennessee football season-ticket prices will increase approximately 6.5 percent for the upcoming season after the sales for the 2014 season snapped a downward trend that went back to 2005.

  • Opinion: Bring Back Paterno Statue - with Caveat

    by Bob Brookover; Inquirer Columnist January 2015

    Time always allows the most complete story to be told when a historic event occurs. Days, weeks, months and years give us a chance to digest, investigate and take a step back from the initial emotions and accusations.

  • Opinion: With a Few Tweaks, CFP Could be Even Better

    by Nancy Armour January 2015

    While the folks at Jerry's World clean up and the College Football Playoff grand pooh-bahs exchange high-fives and backslaps over what was, without question, a highly successful first effort, I'm already thinking ahead to next year.

  • NCAA May Rethink Sanctions Against Penn State

    by Susan Snyder and Angela Couloumbis; Inquirer Staff Writers January 2015

    The NCAA, state officials, and Pennsylvania State University are in talks to reconsider the historic punishment imposed on the school stemming from the Jerry Sandusky sex-abuse scandal.

  • Three Coaches Sharing Community College's AD Duties

    by Ron Bush January 2015

    For nearly three months now, the athletic director job at Chattanooga State Community College has been cut three ways.

  • Editorial: Families Should Not Get More Money for Trips

    by The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) January 2015

    As much as I respect Ohio State University football coach Urban Meyer, I think he is wrong that the Student Emergency Fund, OSU, the NCAA or another governing body should pay for the expenses incurred by the players' families who choose to see the game in person.

  • White House Meeting May Include State of College Sports

    by Steve Berkowitz and Dan Wolken January 2015

    A meeting including Obama administration officials, NCAA executives and college athletics directors is scheduled at the White House this week, according to three people with direct knowledge of the meeting.

  • In Numbers Game, College Football Playoff Huge Success

    by Erik Brady, @ByErikBrady, USA TODAY Sports January 2015

    Major-college football's inaugural four-team playoff, even before today's championship game, is by many measures a major success.