• UNC's Williams Denies Involvement in Academic Fraud

    by Aaron Beard, The Associated Press June 2014

    North Carolina coach Roy Williams and players from the 2005 national championship team deny they were involved with academic wrongdoing alleged by former teammate Rashad McCants.

  • Temple Getting into Prep Football Camp Business

    by John N. Mitchell; Inquirer Staff Writer June 2014

    For Temple coach Matt Rhule, recruiting is as much about relationship-building as it is anything else. Beginning Sunday in Pittsburgh, at the first of five Matt Rhule Football Camp sessions, Rhule and his staff will be doing just that.

  • South Carolina Reports Record $90M Athletics Revenue

    by Ryan wood || June 2014

    The current reality of South Carolina's finances won't blow anyone away, not in the lucrative world of college athletics. Still, Ray Tanner said his athletics department has come a long way.

  • NCAA's Eased Restrictions Mean More Coach-Player Interaction

    by Dave Hickman June 2014

    Despite what you might have been led to believe, there's really no such thing as summer football practice, even in the NCAA's new and permissive world. The NCAA's new summer access rule that goes into effect this summer doesn't actually allow for practice - at least not with balls and helmets and plays and the like.

  • Cal Has Cut Sports Subsidies; Why Haven't Other Schools?

    by Steve Berkowitz, Christopher Schnaars and Jodi Upton June 2014

    The University of California-Berkeley's dramatic, sustained decrease in its subsidization of its athletics program during a recent three-year period might well be replicable by other NCAA Division I schools. But none has done it. According to Cal athletics director Sandy Barbour and the campus' vice chancellor for administration and finance, John Wilton, none has even asked Cal officials how they did it. "I think there are a couple of reasons for that -- one of which is I think it's widely recognized that, in about every way imaginable, Berkeley's different," Barbour said with a chuckle. Five of the 227 public schools that were in Division I from 2009-10 through 2012-13 have managed to reduce their subsidies for athletics in each of the last three years, a USA TODAY Sports analysis found -- Cal, Illinois, Missouri, South Carolina State and Southern Illinois. And Cal was the only one of those five to drop its subsidies by more than $1.2 million during those years.

  • Alabama Boosts Nick Saban's Base Salary to $6.5M

    by David Paschall June 2014

    Alabama's Nick Saban will continue to be college football's highest-paid coach for the foreseeable future. The compensation committee of the Alabama board of trustees made sure of that Tuesday.

  • Keeping College Athletic Laundry Operations Running Smoothly

    by Emily Attwood June 2014

    Penn State University has eight of them. The University of Alabama has nine. The University of Wisconsin recently renovated its largest, and the University of Michigan breaks ground on a new facility this summer.

  • In Georgia, Satellite Camps a Touchy Topic for Coaches

    by Michael Carvell; Staff June 2014

    Georgia State football coach Trent Miles sought out Georgia's Mark Richt and Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson to discuss the hot topic of satellite camps at Tuesday's Peach State Pigskin Preview media event. And it's still a touchy subject.

  • ISU's 'Community Appreciation Week' Seeks Feedback

    by Randy Kindred June 2014

    Illinois State’s athletic department will provide feedback this week that can be summed up in a word: Thanks. Yet, ISU’s first “Community Appreciation Week” also is about obtaining feedback regarding Redbird athletics. Members of the community are invited to take part in an online survey at to give ISU athletic director Larry Lyons and his staff a feel for how well — or not so well — people think they are doing.

  • Use of Satellite Camps as Recruiting Tool on the Rise

    by Dick Harmon Deseret News June 2014

    What of these satellite college football camps? It's a strategic recruiting move by Notre Dame and Penn State that's stuck in the craw of SEC schools. It's also a novel idea that schools like BYU hope to take advantage of through brand exposure and personal evaluation of players without having them on campus. At the SEC's spring meetings, the topic of satellite camps popped up because the big daddy league prohibits member schools like Alabama, Auburn and Tennessee from participating in camps more than 50 miles from their campuses.