• Opinion: Golf Trip Last Straw for UNM AD's Tenure

    by Albuquerque Journal May 2017

    It's the fourth quarter of Paul Krebs' tenure as athletics director at the University of New Mexico, and he would like to run out the clock on his $419,000-a-year job on his own terms. Krebs has two years remaining on his contract and was asked last week if he was planning to retire. He said in an email "if and when I decide to retire from athletics it will be on my timetable."

  • Ex-Illinois Football Player Awarded $250K in Settlement

    by Jason Scott May 2017

    The University of Illinois is paying out $250,000 in a settlement with former football player Simon Cvijanovic, whose claims about being forced to play while injured led to the eventual ouster of football coach Tim Beckman and athletic director Mike Thomas.

  • Virginia Tech AD Works to Get Out of the Red

    by Andy Bitter May 2017

    For the first time in more than a decade, the Virginia Tech athletic department operated in the red during the fiscal year ending in June of 2016. Paying a couple of football coaching staffs during the transition from Justin Fuente to Frank Beamer, severance payments for three former basketball coaches and the rising cost of scholarships helped run the Hokies a $764,000 deficit. It 's not something athletic director Whit Babcock wants to see often, but that's just the occasional cost of doing business in today's world of college athletics. "With everything we've got going on and the momentum, we know we can't be in the red very often," Babcock said in a wide-ranging interview with the Roanoke Times this week. "But we're at a point right now of investing and transition, and we felt like it was well worth it."

  • UNC Poised for NCAA Fight in Notice of Allegations Response

    by Luke DeCock May 2017

    We're headed for a showdown now. There's no way around it. Whatever happens to North Carolina, whether the university is punished by the NCAA or wriggles off the hook, the battle lines have never been drawn more sharply. After five years, judgment is coming.

  • Lawsuit Claims Drugging, Gang Rape at Baylor

    by Jason Scott May 2017

    On Tuesday night, Baylor University was hit with a seventh Title IX lawsuit related to a sexual assault scandal that has rocked the football program for nearly a year.

  • NCAA's 2015-16 APR Increase Gets Mixed Review

    by Courtney Cameron May 2017

    Yesterday, the NCAA announced that the 2015-16 Division I student-athlete Academic Progress Rate showed an increase over the previous four-year average for the 12th year in a row, resulting in another all-time high.

  • Iowa Responds to Ruling, Orders External Investigation

    by Courtney Cameron May 2017

    The day following the decision by a Polk County jury to award $1.43 million to former University of Iowa athletics administrator Jane Meyer for discrimination, retaliation and unequal pay, the school announced its intention to undergo an external review of its employment practices.

  • Missouri Valley Conference Extends Invite to Valparaiso

    by Jason Scott May 2017

    Valparaiso University is set to become the newest member of the Missouri Valley Conference (MVC), after the league announced it had extended a conference membership invitation to the school.

  • Blog: Involving Students in Plans for College Recreation

    by John Horn May 2017

    For this blog post, I felt it was time to showcase the student involvement in the Rec Sports Master Plan. After all, the entire reason the plan even exists is due to our students. They requested the initial master plan and later voted to fund it. They suggested we take that plan to referendum, and ultimately the plan as you see it has been driven by the student voice.

  • Iowa Discrimination Suit: Ex-Associate AD Wins $1.43M

    by Courtney Cameron May 2017

    Former senior associate athletic director Jane Meyer has been awarded $1.43 million in her discrimination suit against the University of Iowa.