• Miami's Recruiting of Nine-Year-Old Raises Questions

    by The Buffalo News (New York) June 2014

    Jaden Newman was a starter on the girls' varsity basketball team last season, an accomplishment by any measure. It meant she was in the minority among high school athletes. She averaged 15.1 points and 8.1 assists per game, confirming the point guard was hardly out of place. Her undeniable talent and uncanny court sense is available for the world to see on YouTube. She was a dribbling whiz with an ankle-busting crossover. She showed the quickness to gain entry into the lane along with the ability to stop and shoot from the outside while playing for Downey Christian School in Orlando, Fla.

  • AD Joyner, Hired at Peak of PSU Scandal Fallout, to Retire

    by Joe Juliano; Inquirer Staff Writer June 2014

    Penn State athletic director Dave Joyner, who took over at the height of outrage over the Jerry Sandusky child sexual-abuse scandal and hired the Nittany Lions' last two head football coaches, announced Tuesday that he plans to retire from the university.

  • WVU AD Luck Looks at O'Bannon Case as Lawyer Himself

    by Dave Hickman June 2014

    If you're like me, the Ed O'Bannon proceedings in Oakland give you an offensive lineman-sized headache. At just about the time you think you've figured out the direction the plaintiffs and the NCAA are going, they veer off into another one. Then again, if you're like Oliver Luck, you relish in the accounts.

  • Disgraced Coach Masiello Turns Resume 'Mistake' Positive

    by The New York Post June 2014

    There is reality, and there is truth. Steve Masiello understands the reality. He understands that some people never will believe him, forever branding him a liar for listing himself as a Kentucky graduate on his résumé when he hadn't completed his undergraduate degree. Manhattan's recently reinstated basketball coach doesn't blame anyone for having that opinion. There is evidence to support that conclusion, even though so much evidence lies solely in the mind of Masiello. Only he knows. That is the truth. In its absence, Masiello probably would think the same thing many people have thought of him over the past two-plus months.

  • Bald Eagles Force College to Seek New Stadium Site

    by Tanya Sichynsky; Staff June 2014

    Of all of Berry College's 27,000 acres, this was the spot. Nestled behind the Steven J. Cage Athletic and Recreation Center was a pristine location for the first stadium in the school's 112-year history. It had adequate storm runoff, proximity to parking, access to utilities and a slew of other positive features. They even had a name picked out. It would be called Valhalla. Then someone noticed a pair of bald eagles had moved in. This is a story of how a couple of birds moved a stadium.

  • Economist: Student-Athletes Could Make Seven Figures

    by The Associated Press June 2014

    Football players at big schools could make several hundred thousand dollars in their college careers if they were paid a portion of the broadcast rights to games similar to what NFL players now get, under a model suggested by a sports economist.

  • ASU Hires Pro Execs, While UA Finds Old-School Success

    by Greg Hansen, Arizona Daily Star June 2014

    About the only thing the athletic departments at Arizona and ASU have in common anymore is that they are travel partners in the Pac- 12. Almost everything else has changed.

  • Columnist: Tennesee AD Needs to Uphold Standards

    by Pam Strickland June 2014

    The 28-page report summarizing an investigation into whether the former head of the recently renamed Office of Student Judicial Affairs at the University of Tennessee had inappropriate relationships with apparently long-gone student athletes reads like a Peyton Place-style rumor mill.

  • UNLV Scraps Stadium Location, Mulls Off-Campus Site

    by Paul Takahashi June 2014

    UNLV has scrapped its proposed location for its new on-campus football stadium because of concerns about its proximity to McCarran International Airport. The university is now looking for a new site for its 50,000-seat stadium. Alternative stadium locations include the parking lot of the Thomas & Mack Center and 40 acres of privately owned land at the corner of Koval Lane and Tropicana Avenue. Since UNLV announced plans to build a stadium in 2011, Federal Aviation Administration officials have raised concerns about the facility's height and proximity to the airport.

  • ACC's Swofford Optimistic About Big Five Autonomy

    by Ken Sugiura; Staff June 2014

    In recent years, ACC Commissioner John Swofford showed a deft enough touch to secure his conference's long-term future when many speculated it was on the brink of collapse. Along with his colleagues, Swofford is again navigating uncertain territory as the five power conferences seek the autonomy from the rest of Division I to create their own rules within the NCAA structure without having to break away. "A 'Division 4' is always a fallback, but my sense is that this is on a good path from an NCAA standpoint, and that it's likely to pass in a form that the five of us (conference commissioners) are comfortable with and the five conferences are comfortable with," Swofford said Thursday in an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.