• Freshman Age Limit Becomes Issue in NCAA Hockey

    by Amy Moritz December 2015

  • Opinion: Limits Must Be Imposed on Student Athletic Funding

    by Chapel Hill Herald December 2015

    Paige Taul, 19, makes $8.25 an hour working as a cashier at the University of Virginia bookstore. That means she works about 80 hours just to pay the school's mandatory $657 student athletics fee, even though she doesn't go to football games. She expects to graduate with at least $30,000 of debt.

  • Clemson Student Falls to Death at Stadium

    by Alexis Stevens December 2015

    A 19-year-old from Dunwoody man fell more than 120 feet to his death Tuesday morning at Clemson University's Memorial Stadium.

  • Numbers Don’t Support Firing Successful Coaches

    by Jason Scott December 2015

    This season, the college football coaching carousel is spinning at an unusually fierce velocity. Several high-profile jobs have become available, with coaches either stepping down or getting the axe.

  • Academic Progress Rate Will Make Teams Bowl Eligible

    by Spokane Spokesman-Review December 2015

    Teams with 5-7 records will become eligible for at least two bowl bids, and as many as five, based on their 2013-14 Academic Progress Rates. The NCAA Division I council approved a recommendation made by the football oversight committee on Monday to fill the record 40 bowls with five-win teams because not enough will meet the standard bowl-eligibility requirements. There are 75 teams with at least six victories and a .500 record going into the final weekend of the regular season. Only three more can get to six.

  • New Rutgers AD Known for Crisis Management

    by Jonathan Lai and Andrew Seidman December 2015

    Seton Hall University law Dean Patrick E. Hobbs gave each 2015 graduate a quarter, painted red, in a plastic case. "It's a symbol. Red means danger," Hobbs said at the graduation in May. "The quarter is to remind you that in times of trouble, or doubt, or jeopardy, I want you to call me. . . . I'll get you through that moment." Hobbs has long been a go-to guy in a crisis. Now, Rutgers University has tapped Hobbs to run its athletics department, marred by a string of scandals, including the firing of the basketball coach in 2013 and the arrests of seven football players on various charges this season. (Charges were later dropped against a cocaptain of the team.)

  • Preparing to Handle Record Crowd for FCS Playoff

    by The Post and Courier December 2015

    Some local fans are calling Saturday s second-round FCS playoff game between Charleston Southern and The Citadel the biggest college football game to be played in the Lowcountry. Saturday s meeting will be the 10th overall in the series. Charleston Southern has won the last three contests, including a 33-20 win earlier this season. Thousands of fans will want to see the history-making affair between the two programs, which are quickly developing quite a rivalry. Most of the early talk surrounding the game, however, does not center on the matchup but more so on how CSU will handle what should be the biggest crowd in school history.

  • Judge Throws Out Gender Bias Suit Against NCAA

    by Stuart Goldman November 2015

    A U.S. district judge has thrown out a proposed class-action lawsuit that accused the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) of gender discrimination.

  • Opinion: Replacing a Good College Coach a Tough Task

    by Mark Wiedmer November 2015

    Weep not for Mark Richt today. The former University of Georgia football coach will have at least $4.1 million reasons to feel good about life after being shown the door by athletic director Greg McGarity on Sunday. But should he want to coach again in the near future, someone -- possibly his alma mater, Miami -- will surely be quite happy to hire a coach who has won 74 percent of his games, played for five Southeastern Conference championships in 15 years (winning America's toughest conference twice) and accomplished all of that without anyone whispering a single disparaging word about him or his program. Instead, weep for the man who will replace Richt. Not only will he have to slightly better those numbers to justify his pay, he'll have to do it in an SEC East that figures to become far tougher than the one Richt struggled to dominate in recent years.

  • Opinion: Time for South Florida to Build On-Campus Stadium

    by The Tampa Tribune November 2015

    College football is meant to be played in stadiums located on campus. If you've been to games at the University of Florida, Florida State or Central Florida, you know what I mean. The campuses come alive as the alumni return and tailgate before kickoff, the students take their places and the bands start playing. The stadiums become a rallying point for generations to connect, and the University of South Florida needs to build one. USF has kicked the idea around for years, but talk subsided when the Bulls struggled the past few seasons. They're winning now and are said to be actively studying the stadium idea again. I certainly hope that's true, and I hope the decision will be to start digging as soon as plans can be drawn and money raised.