• New Facilities Put D-II Schools On Cutting Edge

    by Derek Redd December 2016

    For anyone that doesn't think facilities and resources aren't a big deal to college athletic programs below the NCAA Division I level, they aren't paying attention to the Kanawha Valley. They should head over to the University of Charleston at 10:30 Saturday morning to watch the ribbon cutting for the Wehrle Innovation Center. It's a building that will be many things for UC's campus, but among them, it will be the new headquarters for Golden Eagles athletics. The men's and women's basketball teams will play there, as will the men's and women's volleyball teams. The athletic department's offices finally will all sit under the same roof.

  • Opinion: Bowls Offer Reward for College Football Players

    by Amy Donaldson December 2016

    The postseason in college football is unlike any other in athletics. For most sports, qualifying for postseason play means competing for a championship of some kind. In college football, however, only four teams are playing for a title, while the other 78 teams invited to a bowl game have to find their reasons in something other than a championship.

  • Wilson's Dismissal Could Prove Costly for Indiana

    by Randy Beard December 2016

    We may never learn just how much of a misstep Kevin Wilson made as Indiana University's head football coach, but it was clearly egregious enough to athletic director Fred Glass for him to decide a line had been crossed from which there was no turning back.

  • FCS Schools Bolstering Athletics Facilities

    by Spokesman Review December 2016

    While Eastern Washington considers its options, other FCS schools have moved decisively toward expanding their football facilities with relatively modest expenditures.

  • Spreadsheet Earns Harvard Cross Country 'Athletic Probation'

    by Jason Scott December 2016

    The Harvard men’s cross country team was placed on “athletic probation” after an internal review found that members of the 2014 team had made “crude and sexualized statements” about that year’s women’s team on an online spreadsheet, according to the Boston Globe.

  • Bowl Teams with Losing Records Becoming Routine

    by Noah Trister December 2016

    The Heart of Dallas Bowl will be a rematch between two teams that played in October - and one of them is heading into the game with a 5-7 record. Unusual? Yes. But scenarios like this simply come with the territory now.

  • Opinion: Committee Picked Right Teams for Playoff

    by George Schroeder December 2016

    Controversy is essentially guaranteed in the College Football Playoff, not so much a bug in the format as a feature. So when Ohio State, which did not win its conference, was selected for the four-team bracket Sunday while Penn State, the BigTen titlist, wasn't, it injected a bit more drama than usual.

  • Opinion: Time to Expand CFP Field to Eight

    by Nancy Armour December 2016

    The exclusion of Big Ten Conference champion Penn State makes the strongest case yet that a four-team Playoff is inadequate and needs to be expanded.

  • For Tennessee, Hiring a New AD Is Top Priority

    by John Adams December 2016

    Tough decisions have to be made after a 5-0 start turned into an 8-4 finish with losses to South Carolina and Vanderbilt. The Vols didn't just lose games. They lost an SEC East championship that should have been theirs.

  • Wilson Out at Indiana After Player Mistreatment Claims

    by Courtney Cameron December 2016

    Athletic director Fred Glass of Indiana University announced in a press conference Thursday that six-year Hoosiers head coach Kevin Wilson has resigned.