• BYU AD Touts Benefits of Independence to Fans

    by Gordon Monson November 2016

    Tom Holmoe did what he had to do on Friday in his sports version of a General Conference talk wrapped in a one-man pep rally wrapped in a state-of-the-program address aimed at BYU fans, fans who were anxious and worried and curious after the school was kicked to the curb by the Big 12. He bucked them up. He gave them hope. He reminded them that BYU is a "distinctive" university built on faith and strength. He darn near quoted "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba, highlighting the notion that when BYU gets knocked down, it gets up again ccc and that as it does so, ESPN will televise every minute of it.

  • Regents Refuse to Reinstate WSU Player, Forum Erupts

    by Jacob Thorpe November 2016

    State Sen. Michael Baumgartner stormed out of a public forum Friday at Washington State University, yelling to the school president and regents, "If you don't fix this, I goddamn will." Baumgartner's heated remarks were in contrast to what had up to that point been a largely civil gathering of about 100 people, most of whom had come to support suspended football player Robert Barber and ask school officials that he be immediately reinstated. Washington State University President Kirk Schulz and the school's board of regents declined to do that for Barber and all other "non-extreme" suspensions from this semester, prompting Baumgartner's outburst.

  • Harvard Team Perpetuates Harassment, Forfeits Season

    by Courtney Cameron November 2016

    The Harvard University men’s soccer team has forfeited the rest of the season after officials discovered the team participating in what has become a team tradition of sexual harassment targeting their female counterparts.

  • Opinion: Don't Corral Free Will of Would-Be Transfers

    by John Blanchette November 2016

    TRANSFER EPIDEMIC! Surely it deserves all caps and an exclamation point, just like the routine alarmism which attends the reporting of each new front by the TV weather clarions, who sometime this winter will marshal the resources of their station's STORMTEAM and bring us "SNOWMAGEDDON 2017!" And just as the dirty white berms will turn downtown arterials into cheerless tunnels, the streets of college basketball - or so hand-wringing coaches would have us believe - are choked with itinerant players, schlepping their sneaks from school to school in search of happier circumstances or more jump shots.

  • New Athletic Performance Motivator: Impending Death?

    by Emily Attwood November 2016

    Forget fame and glory, athletes perform better when reminded of their impending death, according to a new study conducted by University of Arizona researchers.

  • College, HS Coaches Split on Early Signing Day Proposal

    by Jodie Wagner November 2016

    Last month, the NCAA's Division I Council submitted a proposal that would create two early signing periods for football recruits.

  • Rift Remains Between Bob Knight, Indiana

    by Gregg Doyel November 2016

    Indiana wants to love Bob Knight. This state is just waiting for an excuse to forgive and forget and embrace the forever coach of Indiana University basketball. But he's not giving it. Perhaps he won't ever give it. Possibly he's not wired to do so, because an extension of even the smallest of olive branches requires humility and humanity that Knight hasn't been willing to show. He is a private man, and he is a stubborn man, and he is an angry man. And so we wait.

  • Mid-American Conference Enjoys Mid-Week Exposure

    by Paul Myerberg November 2016

    It's a tradition so ingrained in college football's recent history that it birthed a hashtag: #MACtion. It might be hard to say when the hashtag was born or as a result of which high-scoring affair. Yet since the 1999 season, midweek games aired in prime time on ESPN have provided the Mid-American Conference with a level of coverage and exposure unparalleled by its peers on the Group of Five level. "You've got everyone in the country that knows in November, MACtion happens," Northern Illinois coach Rod Carey said. "It's something people talk about."

  • Baylor Community Struggles to Move On After Scandal

    by Rachel Axon November 2016

    This community has been overtaken by controversy since revelations of the school's systemic failings to address sexual violence, leading to firings and resignations of top officials, came to light. On a weekend meant to celebrate the Baylor University family and an unbeaten start to the football season, the brotherhood felt a responsibility to address all the university has faced.

  • Opinion: Give Athletes Academic Performance Money

    by Mike Szvetitz November 2016

    The NCAA will give millions of dollars to member schools as a reward for quality academic performances by their student-athletes. Read that again. Beginning in the 2019-20 academic year, the NCAA will dole out money - "academic units" - to schools whose student-athletes make the grade. The NCAA announced this Thursday after the Division I Board of Directors and the NCAA Board of Governors approved it. And get this, the money will come from the NCAA tournament/March Madness broadcast deal with CBS and Turner - a deal that is worth a reported $1.1 billion per year.