• Kentucky School Latest to Offer Scholarships to Gamers

    by The Associated Press January 2015

    A private liberal arts college in Kentucky says it will make video games an official sport and start offering scholarships to gamers in the fall.

  • Despite Petition, Ohio Schools Open After Title Game

    by Charlie Boss, THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH January 2015

    State officials say they won't close schools after the first College Football Playoff championship on Monday, despite urging from an online petition to the governor and state school superintendent.

  • Parents Will Get Help with College Football Playoff Travel

    by David Jablonski January 2015

    Moments after speaking about his hope that players' families will receive heftier stipends in the future to attend College Football Playoff games, Ohio State coach Urban Meyer heard good news about that topic - and surprising news in that it affects the present.

  • From Uniforms to Slogans, Oregon a Proud Trendsetter

    by Dan Wolken, USA TODAY Sports January 2015

    The first thing Oregon players and administrators noticed when they arrived in Seattle for a 2012 game against Washington State was that they had been ripped off.

  • Air Force Takes Aim at Culture with Hiring of New AD

    by Brent Briggeman - The Gazette January 2015

    Saying it found a man who will "set a culture and climate aligned with our core values," Air Force announced Jim Knowlton as its selection as the academy's athletic director.

  • WVU Tabs State Native, Alum as Next Athletic Director


    The first thing Shane Lyons wants to do as West Virginia's newly hired athletic director is get to know the place he once knew so well.

  • Meyer Calls to Help Fund Families' Title Game Travel

    by David Jablonski January 2015

    Urban Meyer, feeling the squeeze from Ezekiel Elliott, said families shouldn't feel the financial squeeze of another trip. If it's up to Urban Meyer, Buckeyes players such as Nik Sarac and Doran Grant will have their families to celebrate with after the title game in Texas.

  • College Football Playoff Exceeding Expectations

    by AB Staff January 2015

    Midway through the first College Football Playoff, one thing really stands out. Why did it take so long for this to happen?

  • National Championship Game Tickets Hit Four Figures

    by Ryan Osborne Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TNS) January 2015

    Unless you planned ahead, you likely won’t have a chance to buy tickets to the college football national championship game at the $450 face value.

  • Michigan Takes Step to Ban College Athlete Unions

    by Michael Gaio December 2014

    In April, football players at Northwestern cast a historic vote to determine if they would unionize. Student-athletes in Michigan may never get that chance.