• FIU Coach Suspended Amid Sexual Harassment Claims

    by Stuart Goldman March 2016

    Florida International University has suspended women’s basketball coach Marlin Chinn after a player come forward with allegations of sexual harassment and claims of a $600 loan, which would be an NCAA violation.

  • UB Athlete Dies One Week After Conditioning Workout

    by Mark Gaughan March 2016

    UB football players remembered Solomon Jackson on Tuesday as one of their most enthusiastic, hardworking and unselfish teammates.

  • Plaintiffs in Title IX Suit Want Case to Remain in Nashville

    by Dustin Dopirak March 2016

    The plaintiffs in the federal Title IX lawsuit against the University of Tennessee on Tuesday asked a federal judge to keep the case in Nashville. Attorneys filed a response Tuesday opposing the university’s motion to dismiss the case or transfer venue to Knoxville, arguing UT is “at home” in the Middle District of Tennessee, and the university has not proven that holding a trial in Nashville instead of Knoxville would cause an undue burden to witnesses in the case.

  • Miami Hopes to Secure Funds for Indoor Football Facility

    by Matt Porter March 2016

    While it is excited about the ongoing upgrades to Sun Life Stadium, Miami stands alone in lacking one key piece of a modern-day, major-college football program.

  • Could Ivy League's Reduced Tackling Help Save Football?

    by Nancy Armour March 2016

    Leave it to the Ivy Leaguers to figure out a simple way to protect their football players' brains. Maybe even save the game in the process. The agreement by Ivy League coaches to eliminate tackling in practice is a seismic shift in the effort to prevent chronic traumatic encephalopathy and other devastating effects of head trauma that have been linked to football. As scary as those high-speed collisions and vicious hits during games are, it's the thousands of hits that players absorb in practice throughout their careers that do the most damage. Eliminate those hits, and you eliminate the repetitive head trauma that goes with them.

  • Opinion: Do Sports Really Make Men of Boys?

    by Mark Wiedmer March 2016

    As the institutions we publicly fund to shape our young adults into responsible citizens become more and more sullied by these male-made monstrosities, is it not time, if not past time, to consider what larger good major college football and men's basketball are doing for their athletes in particular and society in general?

  • Work Begins on U. of Charleston's $14M Gym Renovation

    by Elaina Sauber March 2016

    Construction is under way to double the square footage at the University of Charleston's Eddie King Gym. By this fall, the new, 70,000 square-foot facility will be home to the Russell and Martha Wehrle Innovation Center.

  • Penn State Pushes for Liquor License

    by Jason Scott February 2016

    Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour has reportedly asked the Board of Trustees to approve increased alcohol sales at on-campus athletic venues.

  • New Coach Shakes Things Up at Rutgers

    by Paul Myerberg February 2016

    During his first days as Rutgers' new coach in December, former Ohio State defensive coordinator Chris Ash stalked through the halls of the Scarlet Knights football facility and took note of what needed to be changed. The doors inside the facility used to be locked, requiring coaches, players and members of the support staff to punch in numbers on a touch pad to gain access. Let's keep these doors open, Ash said. He didn't like the color of the walls, so he had painters update the facility with a brighter shade. Ash thought the lobby on the lower level felt like a hospital waiting room, so the area now features music and a more interactive video board and, in the coming weeks and months, will see an upgraded wall celebrating the program's growing list of alumni reaching the NFL. He changed where players live. The previous dorms were built in 1974, and it showed. Ash called them "some of the worst I've seen in 20 years of coaching." So he called student affairs, which moved players to better and newer dorms.

  • Artist Creates UND Fighting Hawks Logo Just for Fun

    by Anna Burleson February 2016

    Bennett Brien posted his first rough sketch of a hawk logo to his Facebook page last week, and two days later he posted the finished image of a fierce bird looking to its right. Despite the design could easily be a logo, Brien said in an interview that he is designing the University of North Dakota Fighting Hawk logos for himself. The university hasn’t asked for input from the man who designed the beloved Fighting Sioux logo. “It’s just good to keep your game going, keep your brain working, to see if you can come up with something new, you know?” Brien said.