• Ex-Softball Player Sues Over Alleged Hazing

    by Scott O'Connell June 2016

    A former member of Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s women’s softball team claims in a new lawsuit against the school she was permanently injured in a hazing ritual during spring training last year. Caroline Roch, who has since transferred to another school, also alleges the team’s head coach attempted to cover up the incident. In a civil complaint filed in Worcester Superior Court last week, the New Jersey resident is asking a jury to award her damages for negligence, saying she has spent $118,019 on medical expenses and other costs stemming from her injury, which has left her no longer able to play softball.

  • Player Complaints Spark Investigation of Golf Program

    by Dan Hope June 2016

    An investigation by the Office of Access and Equity at Clemson University revealed members of the women’s golf team described the team’s environment as “hostile.” Clemson launched a review into the program after allegations were made about the behavior of head coach J.T. Horton. A parent of a golfer told a university administrator Feb. 29 that his daughter was “subjected to behavior and communication by Coach Horton causing a hostile environment to her.” The parent raised concerns about Horton making physical contact with his daughter that was not sexual in nature but made her uncomfortable.

  • Utah Athletics Checks Projects Off Facilities Wish List

    by Kyle Goon June 2016

    Another podium, another speech, another shovel. Spence Eccles, a former All-American skier-turned-Utah superbooster, has been to many of these groundbreakings now. His name rests on the Utes' football stadium, on the football facility, the student life center, the tennis courts and soon a ski team building ccc the latest project that officially began construction Wednesday. Along with a line of school administrators, coaches and other donors, he gently scooped out soil at the site where a $2.3 million building will rise in the coming year. But while the crowd wilted in the June heat, the 81-year-old's enthusiasm was unyielding.

  • Opinion: Women in Sports Owe Summitt Thanks

    by Christine Brennan,, USA TODAY Sports June 2016

    Well before Title IX was taken seriously, well before there were record ratings for women's sports on TV, well before there was the dominance of the U.S. Olympic women's basketball team or the sold-out crowds at the NCAA women's Final Four or the glorious rivalry of Tennessee-UConn, there was Pat Summitt.

  • Legendary Basketball Coach Pat Summitt Dies at 64

    by Stuart Goldman June 2016

    Pat Summitt, the winningest coach in the history of NCAA Division I college basketball, died Tuesday at the age of 64.

  • Clemson Hoops Arena to Boast Many Improvements

    by Dan Hope June 2016

    When Littlejohn Coliseum reopens for the Clemson men’s and women’s basketball teams this fall, it will be different in many ways than when the Tigers last played there more than a year ago. Littlejohn, which originally opened in 1968, has been under renovation since May 2015. The project forced the Clemson men to play off-campus last season, at Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, while the women played in the smaller Jervey Gym facility. Clemson expects the more than a year of work to be worth it.

  • Columnist: Team Gear Represents Need to Belong

    by Gordon Monson June 2016

    It's funny how much money people spend connecting themselves to sports teams, buying all kinds of merchandise, especially apparel, by which they wear a club's gear and fly its colors. Think about it: Do you own a Utah Utes hat or a BYU jersey or Utah State shorts or a Jazz T-shirt? Or some other bit of clothing with some other team's logo on it? You're not alone.

  • Can FCS Schools Benefit from a 12-Game Schedule?

    by John O'Connor June 2016

    NCAA football's top tier, FBS, and Division I's FCS branch differ in the number of allowable regular-season games. FBS teams play 12, and have since 2006. In FCS, 11 are permitted, with a dozen acceptable in occasional years, depending on how the calendar falls. Two FCS leagues, the Ohio Valley and Southland, are behind legislation that would give FCS members the option of playing 12 regular-season games every year. The so-called "permissive proposal" is scheduled for submission into the 2016-17 NCAA Division I legislative cycle.

  • How NCAA Athletes Are Spending Their Extra Stipends

    by Stuart Goldman June 2016

    For the first time this past school year, NCAA scholarship athletes received a cost-of-attendance stipend in addition to their scholarship.

  • College Soccer Player Drowns in Swimming Accident

    by Dayton Daily News June 2016

    Ohio State's men's soccer coach says one of his players drowned while swimming with some of his teammates at a lake outside Columbus.