• Opinion: College Football is Out of Control

    by Doug Robinson June 2016

    Need further proof that college football has spun out of control and that universities have lost their way in their drunken, slobbery devotion to the big business of football? Recently, we learned that Jim Harbaugh blew a ton of cash on Michigan's Florida Spring Break Vacay, Ole Miss fell on the sword for NCAA violations, and Baylor officials, oblivious in the post-Ray Rice era, looked the other way - if not worse - while their players preyed on women. It was another banner week for the college game.

  • Nick Saban Rails Against Satellite Camps

    by Dustin Dopirak June 2016

    By the time Nick Saban was through with his rant against satellite camps, the Alabama football coach was pounding his hand on the lectern. Saban went through a litany of objections at the SEC spring meetings Tuesday to the concept of having college football coaching staffs working camps away from campus, but his central argument was that it leaves open the same potential problems that basketball had as the AAU and summer travel circuits became a bigger part of recruiting.

  • UGA Provides Rapper with Alcohol, Not Fans in Stands

    by George Mathis June 2016

    Should UGA apologize for supplying liquor and condoms to a musical performer? Alcohol isn't sold at UGA games, but it is served in suites at Sanford Stadium. When UGA plays in other venues, such as the Sept. 3 Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game against North Carolina in the Georgia Dome, suds will be flowing.

  • Jones Defends Tennessee Amid Baylor Comparisons

    by Patrick Brown June 2016

    It's been nearly two months since the last real bombshell dropped in the Title IX lawsuit facing the University of Tennessee, but the fallout from the scandal that last week prompted the firing of Baylor football coach Art Briles includes some fans and media correlating that situation to Butch Jones and the Volunteers. At the center of both cases is how major universities and big-time football programs are handling sexual assault and domestic violence cases involving players, but the differences between the Vols and the Bears outnumber the similarities.

  • Nebraska Program Helps Athletes Find First Jobs

    by Nicole Auerbach May 2016

    College athletes' well-being, particularly the time demands from their respective sports, has never been a greater focus than it is today. In light of those concerns, Nebraska's PEO program launched last year with simple requirements for athletes to become involved: Any athlete who had exhausted his or her sport eligibility, completed his or her bachelor's degree and earned a scholar-athlete ring is eligible once he or she attends an introductory workshop.

  • Baylor Fallout: AD Resigns, Interim Coach Named

    by Colorado Springs Gazette May 2016

    Scrambling to find a coach to lead its football program through a tumultuous time, Baylor hired a man known for turnarounds and integrity. Former Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe will replace Art Briles, Baylor announced Monday. Grobe was named acting coach, with no mention of how long of a contract he will receive. A little more than an hour after Grobe's hiring was made official, Baylor announced that athletic director Ian McCaw had resigned, severing another tie with the sexual-assault scandal that has tarnished the school's reputation. Read more on Colorado Springs Gazette

  • Opinion: Baylor Scandal Example of Misplaced Priorities

    by Tim Graham May 2016

    We were supposed to learn from the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State. The emphasis on winning was to be corrected downward, with more importance put on protecting alleged victims and seeking the truth.

  • Trouble Just Beginning for Ole Miss

    by Mark Bradley May 2016

    On Friday, Ole Miss revealed the NCAA's notice of allegations and, seeking to mitigate the damage, forfeited 11 football scholarships over a four-year span. The school received its notice in January and released it the

  • Tennessee Title IX Trial Could Be Two Years Away

    by MJ Slaby May 2016

    If a federal Title IX lawsuit against the University of Tennessee goes to trial, that court date could be nearly two years away, according to court documents. A proposed initial case management order was filed Thursday ahead of a conference scheduled for June 2. The proposal has yet to be signed by U.S. District Judge Aleta Trauger.

  • Opinion: Baylor Case Must Be Turning Point

    by Nancy Armour May 2016

    The abuse, the humiliation, the abandonment, the complete and utter lack of human decency with which victims of sexual assault are treated, it has to stop. Let this horror at Baylor be it. Please. The condemnation of the crimes that were allowed to go on at Baylor -- with interference being run by the football staff, athletics department and university higher-ups, no less -- was swift and deafening Thursday. As well it should have been, given the disturbing details in the board of regents' summary of an independent investigation into how Baylor handled sexual violence. Sexual assault victims were ignored or encouraged to drop their complaints. Football staffers took it upon themselves to play investigator regarding allegations against players, even going so far as to meet with the woman who made the complaint. The campus was shrouded in a culture of secrecy and shame that made women who were brutalized feel marginalized and alone.