• Rutgers Football Coach Fined, Suspended Three Games

    by Commercial Appeal September 2015

    Rutgers has suspended football coach Kyle Flood for three games and fined him $50,000 for contacting a faculty member over a player’s grade — an issue separate from a string of recent player arrests. Rutgers President Robert Barchi announced the punishment Wednesday, a day after he said he received an internal investigative report that found a professor felt pressured by Flood into allowing a player to complete an additional assignment in an attempt to improve his grade.

  • Northwestern Sells Selfies with Football Coach for $125

    by Kyle Thele September 2015

    Since taking over the Northwestern football team, Pat Fitzgerald has done everything he can to make the team respectable. Under his lead, the team has gone from a laughingstock to a true competitor in the Big Ten.

  • Kyle Flood's Actions Speak Loudly in Rutgers Report

    by Mike Jensen September 2015

    There was a meeting in front of the Princeton Public Library, miles from the Rutgers campus, between the Rutgers head football coach and a Rutgers professor, the coach purposely not wearing any Rutgers gear so he wouldn't be recognized in public. That's your latest from Rutgers University, straight from a Rutgers internal investigation report. Rutgers coach Kyle Flood wanted to see if a grade could be changed for cornerback Nadir Barnwell. The athletic department's academic advisers directly involved in the case said they had advised Flood against contacting the professor - and they ultimately blew the whistle. On Wednesday, Rutgers, responding to that whistle, which became public, announced Flood would be suspended for three games, starting immediately. The school also fined its coach $50,000.

  • Opinion: CFB 'Guarantee' Games Degrading, Debilitating

    by Deron Snyder September 2015

    Howard is my alma mater and I'm extremely proud of my school's legacy. Our alumni are among the nation's most accomplished professionals and entertainers in a wide variety of fields. Alas, the football field isn't one of them.

  • Volleyball Team Returns to Court After Bus Crash

    by Ed Johnson September 2015

    A volleyball season interrupted by a bus crash on a wet Texas highway begins again tonight at the New Mexico Military Institute. The school's cadets, some in full military dress, others in camouflage, will gather inside the brick walls of the Cahoon Armory Building as NMMI faces Midland College tonight at 7. Buses carrying the volleyball teams of Roswell and Goddard high schools will roll into the parking lot. Nearly 2,000 fans, about 1,300 more than usual, will cram into the snug gym as a show of support. The emotions of the NMMI players have fluctuated since the Aug. 29 rollover near Abilene, but tonight returns a sense of normalcy, coach Shelby Forchtner said.

  • Meteorologists Split on FAU's Decision to Delay Game

    by Kimberly Miller Palm Beach Post Staff Writer September 2015

    Most people are unaware of the guardians at the game -- the devices on high constantly scanning for electro magnetic signatures that define a lightning flash, or shifts in the electrostatic field that precede a bolt. But on Friday night, a Thor Guard lightning predictor at Florida Atlantic University sounded the alarm during a most inopportune moment -- the first quarter of the much-anticipated, sold-out football game between the FAU Owls and Miami Hurricanes. School officials said it was prudent to stop play for more than an hour, although it never rained and accounts of thunder vary.

  • AD's Belt-Tightening, Attitude Wrecked Morale at Texas

    by George Schroeder, September 2015

    Anyone who has access to Google might have seen this day coming at the University of Texas. From the beginning, back in November 2013 when Steve Patterson was a surprise hire to replace retiring DeLoss Dodds as Texas' athletics director, there were indications of what might lie ahead, that, despite being a school alumnus, he might be a spectacularly bad fit for Texas. Or maybe for anywhere.

  • Ousters of Non-Traditional ADs Offer Cautionary Tale

    by Dayton Daily News September 2015

    Texas athletics director Steve Patterson, right, shown with then-President Bill Powers, had been hired in November 2013. Another year, another high-profile athletics director lacking a strong college athletics back-Last October, Michigan cut ties with Dave Brandon after a tumultuous 3 1/ 2 years that included an unsuccessful coaching hire (Brady Hoke) and a series of unpopular decisions involving fans, increased ticket prices and scheduling. Tuesday, Texas cut ties with Steve Patterson after less than two years, an even more dysfunctional stretch that included the alienation of big-time donors, nickel-and-diming everyone he possibly could and strained relationships with coaches.

  • Former Mayor Complicates UND Nickname Search

    by Andrew Sheeler Bismarck Tribune September 2015

    The search for a new University of North Dakota nickname hit a potential stumbling block on Monday, when former Bismarck Mayor Marlan "Hawk" Haakenson registered trade names for several of the Fighting Sioux replacement options under consideration. Haakenson said he registered the trade names in an attempt to interfere with the nickname selection process, though a UND official said such an attempt was unlikely to succeed. After the NCAA threatened sanctions if UND continued to use the Fighting Sioux nickname, a UND committee in July settled on five replacement options: Fighting Hawks, Nodaks, North Stars, Roughriders and Sundogs. UND stakeholders — including students, staff, faculty, alumni and donors — will be given the chance to vote on the replacement at a later date.

  • Research: Athletics as College Gateway Carries Risks

    by Tim Carpenter September 2015

    The business of operating collegiate athletic programs often positioned as the public's gateway to universities may prove unsustainable as the financial arms race intensifies among competitors, University of Kansas researchers said Monday.