• NCAA Ready to State Case in O'Bannon Appeal

    by Steve Berkowitz, @ByBerkowitz, USA TODAY Sports March 2015

    The Ed O'Bannon class-action antitrust lawsuit against the NCAA reaches another milestone today, when the sides engage in oral arguments before a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

  • Stagnant Hoops Attendance Has Colleges Concerned

    by March 2015

    It’s a national epidemic: the popularity of college basketball as a whole is down, indicated by the decreasing number of people showing up for games.

  • Annual 'First Four' Shines Spotlight on Dayton Region

    by Cornelius Frolik March 2015

    Today, the NCAA will announce which eight Division I teams are headed to the University of Dayton Arena for the First Four play-in games. Fans come for the basketball, but their dollars stay in cash registers all across the community.

  • Budget Gives Utah State Athletics $1.5M Taxpayer Boost

    by Robert Gehrke The Salt Lake Tribune March 2015

    Soon, all Utah taxpayers will be Utah State Aggie boosters, thanks to language included in the newly approved state budget by Senate Budget Chairman Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan.

  • SEC ADs Still Sorting Out 'Cost of Attendance' Issue

    by Chip Towers; Staff March 2015

    The hotly debated issue of cost of attendance was discussed during an executive session of the SEC's athletic directors' meeting at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel on Wednesday.

  • Penn State Leads Expanding Footprint of College Hockey


    In State College, Pa., hockey is one of the hottest tickets in town. It's already a self-sustaining sport that turned nearly $1 million in positive net revenue last season.

  • OSU Women's Hockey Coach Resigns Amid Scandal

    by Ray Stein and Todd Jones, The Columbus Dispatch March 2015

    Ohio State women's hockey coach Nate Handrahan resigned on Monday in lieu of being fired for violating university policies on sexual harassment, inappropriate conduct and retaliation.

  • Opinion: Boeheim Latest Coach Who's Too Big to Fire

    by Chris Villani March 2015

    'Too big to fail' is a concept we all became familiar with during the last economic crisis. In the world of college sports, there exists another maxim. 'Too big to be fired.'

  • OU Coaches, Players Stand Against Racist Frat Chant

    by Nancy Armour,, USA TODAY Sports March 2015

    The sight of Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops and his football team walking arm-in-arm across campus is one of the most powerful responses yet to that reprehensible video of fraternity members singing racist chants.

  • Under Armour Replaces Nike as Old Dominion Outfitter

    by Harry Minium March 2015

    The deal calls for all ODU football and men's and women's basketball players and coaches to exclusively wear Under Armour attire next season, including shoes, athletic director Wood Selig said.