• Work Begins on U. of Charleston's $14M Gym Renovation

    by Elaina Sauber March 2016

    Construction is under way to double the square footage at the University of Charleston's Eddie King Gym. By this fall, the new, 70,000 square-foot facility will be home to the Russell and Martha Wehrle Innovation Center.

  • Penn State Pushes for Liquor License

    by Jason Scott February 2016

    Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour has reportedly asked the Board of Trustees to approve increased alcohol sales at on-campus athletic venues.

  • New Coach Shakes Things Up at Rutgers

    by Paul Myerberg February 2016

    During his first days as Rutgers' new coach in December, former Ohio State defensive coordinator Chris Ash stalked through the halls of the Scarlet Knights football facility and took note of what needed to be changed. The doors inside the facility used to be locked, requiring coaches, players and members of the support staff to punch in numbers on a touch pad to gain access. Let's keep these doors open, Ash said. He didn't like the color of the walls, so he had painters update the facility with a brighter shade. Ash thought the lobby on the lower level felt like a hospital waiting room, so the area now features music and a more interactive video board and, in the coming weeks and months, will see an upgraded wall celebrating the program's growing list of alumni reaching the NFL. He changed where players live. The previous dorms were built in 1974, and it showed. Ash called them "some of the worst I've seen in 20 years of coaching." So he called student affairs, which moved players to better and newer dorms.

  • Artist Creates UND Fighting Hawks Logo Just for Fun

    by Anna Burleson February 2016

    Bennett Brien posted his first rough sketch of a hawk logo to his Facebook page last week, and two days later he posted the finished image of a fierce bird looking to its right. Despite the design could easily be a logo, Brien said in an interview that he is designing the University of North Dakota Fighting Hawk logos for himself. The university hasn’t asked for input from the man who designed the beloved Fighting Sioux logo. “It’s just good to keep your game going, keep your brain working, to see if you can come up with something new, you know?” Brien said.

  • Opinion: Tennessee Should Settle Federal Suit

    by Mark Wiedmer February 2016

    I am not a lawyer. Never have been. Never will be. So I cannot reasonably argue against the University of Tennessee legal counsel's decision to challenge the federal lawsuit filed by a number of Jane Does charging the school with promoting a "hostile sexual environment" on the Knoxville campus. But having been a sports writer at this paper for the past 33 years, I can talk about spin-doctoring and image and reputation. And like it or not, fair or not, in situations such as this you far too often are who you appear to be rather than who you are.

  • Opinion: Too Much at Stake for Tennessee to Settle

    by John Adams February 2016

    Once I read that the University of Tennessee was the target of a federal lawsuit, I responded as any self-respecting sports columnist would. I asked myself: “What would I do in that situation?” Admittedly, I would prefer a different question. Something along the lines of: “What would I have done?” It’s just so much easier to address a question about something that has already occurred, such as a coach’s decision to go for one or two points after a touchdown or whether to run or pass when a crucial first down is hanging in the balance. Hindsight is a beautiful thing.

  • Students, Protestors Rally Against Tennessee Culture

    by Megan Boehnke February 2016

    Chants of “Vols Support Jane” echoed through the lobby of the Brenda Lawson Athletic Center on Thursday as University of Tennessee students protested what they called a “rape culture” on campus.

  • Opinion: Tennessee AD Hart Voices True Concern

    by Mark Wiedmer February 2016

    UT athletic director Dave Hart was quick to encourage folks to "talk to our custodians, talk to our clerical people," about the culture inside the athletic department building.

  • Arizona's Miller Fed Up with Court Stormings

    by Nicole Auerbach February 2016

    Arizona men's basketball coach Sean Miller devoted more than half of a postgame news conference to the issue and delivered a thoughtful, forceful message -- one that raises all the right points.

  • Blog: Attracting Donors for Campus Rec Projects

    by Alex Peirce February 2016

    Editors' note: In March 2014, students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison approved a $223 million referendum to overhaul the campus recreation facilities, badly in need of improvement. Since then, the recreation program has been busy planning, fundraising, vetting architects and much more. As the project progresses, Alex Peirce, UW-Madison Rec Sports Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications, will be offering an inside look at the process of coordinating such a monumental planning effort.

    Once our project received all of the necessary approvals for it to move forward, our attention shifted to working with the architects, engaging students in the design process, and securing gift funding for the new facilities. Approximately 25% of the cost for our entire Master Plan (two indoor facilities and two outdoor playfields) will be funded by gifts and donations. We work closely with the University of Wisconsin Foundation to identify and connect with interested donors, a process that has greatly increased my understanding of how to navigate and prepare for those impactful (and very important) relationships.