• U. of North Dakota Unveils New Logo

    by Paul Walsh June 2016

    The final piece in the rebranding puzzle snapped into place Wednesday when the University of North Dakota unveiled a new logo to go with its new nickname — replacing the one the NCAA said the school's sports teams couldn't use because it was insensitive to American Indians.

  • Utah Valley U. Breaks Ground on $3.5M Practice Facility

    by Hayden Kim June 2016

    The new $3.5 million, 14,500-square-foot practice and conditioning center will offer 8,000 square feet of court space, nine basketball standards and what the program calls "game-day atmosphere" graphics.

  • Opinion: Matter of Time Until Briles Hired Elsewhere

    by John Adams June 2016

    Isn't it amazing what winning can overcome in a venture as competitive as college football?

  • In-Helmet Communication Coming to College Football?

    by Paul Myerberg June 2016

    Coaches and administrators might have found common ground with the idea that their sport would benefit from the implementation of headset technology, which would allow communication between a coach and an individual offensive and defensive player during the course of a game.

  • Citadel Approves $33M Athletics Facility Plan

    by June 2016

    The athletics facilities plan includes a new $28.9 million, 95,000-square foot building that would house Citadel athletics, as well as upgrades to McAlister Field House and the Bulldogs track and football practice facility.

  • UNC Football Hazing Case Reaches $795K Settlement

    by Andrew Carter June 2016

    Nearly two years after former North Carolina football player Jackson Boyer suffered an alleged concussion during an off-campus hazing incident that involved at least four of his teammates, the university has reached a $795,000 settlement with Boyer and his family. According to the settlement, a copy of which the News & Observer obtained Tuesday, the $795,000 that Boyer will receive from UNC "covers all of Jackson Boyer's actual or potential personal injury claims, including but not limited to, any claim for damages, attorneys' fees and litigation expenses."

  • Rape Survivor in NCAA Petition to Speak to Coach, Team

    by Stuart Goldman June 2016

    Brenda Tracy, who claims she was the victim of a gang rape that included two Oregon State football players in 1998, is scheduled to meet Wednesday with Mike Riley, the Oregon State coach at the time who is now the head coach at Nebraska. Tracy also will speak to the Nebraska football team.

  • College Baseball Field Gets $1.5M for Renovations

    by Daily News of Los Angeles June 2016

    Cal State Northridge's Matador Baseball Field has received a $1.5 million gift from alumnus and entrepreneur Irv Zakheim, it was announced Monday. Zakheim, who graduated with a degree in physical education in 1971, donated the money to help pay for renovations at the stadium, which is more than 50 years old and in need of modernization, CSUN spokesman Carmen Ramos Chandler said.

  • U. of Buffalo to Implement Consistent Branding Strategy

    by Jay Tokasz June 2016

    The campaign moves away from a controversial "New York Bulls" initiative that featured "New York" more prominently than "Buffalo" on the uniforms of student-athletes and on playing fields and courts.

  • College of Charleston AD Hull to Step Down

    by June 2016

    College of Charleston athletic director Joe Hull, who played a major role in upgrading the program's facilities and moving the school into a new conference, will leave the university when his contract expires at the end of the year.