• Can the Nike Swoosh Give a Team Swagger?

    by Mike Strange, Knoxville News-Sentinel August 2015

    Butch Jones was asked Tuesday night what was the biggest difference in his third Tennessee opening practice. His answer: team speed. There was another big difference, too. The Swoosh was everywhere. The Nike era returned to Tennessee football July 1 for the first time since adidas took over in 1997.

  • NCAA Schools Take Reactive Approach to Transgender Policies

    by Zolan V Kanno-Youngs, @KannoYoungs, USA TODAY Sports August 2015

    USA TODAY Sports asked 75 NCAA Division I programs if they had adopted the recommendations, and out of the 50 that responded, 10 had used the recommendations to enact a formal policy that specifically addresses the inclusion of transgender athletes in intercollegiate athletics.

  • NCAA's Stipend Payments Spark Debate Over Recruiting

    by August 2015

    While student-athletes and their families get some relief, coaches are grappling with a new and potentially major impact on recruiting.

  • As Rivals Begin Stipend Payments, Old Dominion Waits

    by Harry Minium August 2015

    By Harry Minium | The Virginian-Pilot NORFOLK THE NCAA WILL BEGIN allowing Division I schools to compensate athletes for the so-called full cost of attendance this month, but Old Dominion won't immediately be among those handing out checks. All 65 schools from Power Five conferences, including Virginia and Virginia Tech, will offer full stipends for all full scholarship athletes. The checks will cover expenses, such as clothes, cell phones and travel, not included in a traditional scholarship. Stipends will range from $2,000 to $5,000 or more depending on the school. Many of ODU's football and men's basketball mid-major recruiting rivals, such as East Carolina, Marshall, Virginia Commonweath, George Mason and UNC Charlotte, also will offer at least partial stipends. Yet, after considering the issue since January, ODU has decided to wait a year, athletic director Wood Selig said.

  • College Football Officials: Accuracy of Calls Over Speed

    by Scott Adamson August 2015

    Last year, the SEC experimented with one rotating eight-man officiating crew while in 2015 it will join the ACC and other Football Bowl Subdivision leagues in going with the larger crews every weekend for every game. But do more eyes on the action make for smoother game flow and “cleaner” officiating or does it slow things down? Frankly, not a lot of answers were gleaned from the SEC’s plus-one crew in 2014.

  • Big Ten Unveils Plan to Enhance Football Schedules

    by From Our Press Services August 2015

    he College Football Playoff has turned strength of schedule into a constant talking point, with each conference claiming its road to the postseason is most daunting.

  • Temple Begins Restoration of Historic Crew Facility

    by Mike Kern, The Philadelphia Daily News July 2015

    Longtime Temple crew coach Gavin White remembers being in the East Park Canoe House on Kelly Drive with one of his athletes before the building was finally condemned in 2008. It wasn't a Kodak moment. "I was walking up the steps and all of a sudden he disappears," White recalled.

  • Virginia Tech to Sell Beer, Wine in Stadium Club Seats

    by Mike Barber, Richmond Times Dispatch (Virginia) July 2015

    For the first time, some Virginia Tech fans will be able to buy a beer while watching a football game at Lane Stadium. Tech plans to introduce beer and wine sales in the indoor club seats at Lane Stadium this season, following an emerging nationwide trend as college athletic departments look to generate more revenue to cover the rising cost of doing business, including cost-of-attendance stipends for players.

  • Editorial: It's Time to Decide On a UND Nickname

    by The Bismarck Tribune July 2015

    As the University of North Dakota nickname selection moves, some would say crawls, to an end, it’s a foregone conclusion that not everyone will be happy. Even if UND President Robert Kelly returns UND/North Dakota to the list of finalists, there are some wounds that will never heal.

  • Top Stipend Pay Unlikely to Sway College Recruits

    by Seth Emerson, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution July 2015

    In three weeks, on the first day of classes, UGA will direct-deposit money into the bank accounts of its scholarship athletes. That's normal, as it's for scholarships, but this time it will include cost-of-attendance money, allowable by the NCAA for the first time. For a Georgia athlete, that means an extra $3,221 per year.