• After Criticism, Selection Show Could Get Revamp

    by Jim Carlisle March 2016

    It wasn’t exactly a shining moment for the NCAA Tournament Selection Show last Sunday on CBS. The expansion from one hour to two wasn’t received well. Not only was the bracket revealed in a glacial manner, it was leaked on Twitter before the first hour was even over. TV viewers didn’t stay with the show. It had a 3.7 big-market overnight rating, which was down 5 percent from last year. In fact, according to SportsBusiness Daily, it was the worst overnight rating for the Selection Show since at least 1995, when it went from 30 minutes to an hour. The biggest rating since then was a 6.5 in 1998.

  • Opinion: New York Should Model College Hoops After Philadelphia

    by Mike Vaccaro March 2016

    There are the way things are, and the way we wish they could be. New York City is a pro sports town. That's non-negotiable. Occasionally it will find a college basketball team to wrap its arms around - the 1971 Fordham Rams, the '85 St. John's Redmen - and back in the day the Big East Tournament could occasionally dwarf everything in its path for three days in March. But since the gambling scandals of 1951 and 1961, there has been little pretense about the city's fiercest devotions. That doesn't mean college hoops should just blindly accept its place as a cute little footnote. It's a big city, after all, and Knicks fans still have room in their hearts to root for the Yankees and Giants, and Jets fans care just as fiercely about the Rangers and the Mets when the calendar says so. College basketball can be relevant around here. It just isn't right now.

  • Coach's Son to Leave Lobos Basketball Over Threats

    by Geoff Grammer March 2016

    As has been suspected and talked about around the UNM men's basketball program for several weeks, sophomore guard Cullen Neal will leave the team coached by his father. In a prepared statement, the third-year UNM student who is expected to earn a communications degree in June, making him eligible to play immediately elsewhere, announced he enjoyed his time as a Lobo but it was time to pursue his basketball career with another team. However, neither he nor the program will say why he made the decision. "I grew up around the Lobo basketball program and thoroughly enjoyed playing here, especially being able to play in the famous PIT! (sic)," Cullen Neal said in the news release. "I was blessed by being a part of a Mountain West championship and participating in the NCAA Tournament my freshman season. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to play for my father for two seasons and will miss that in the future. Leaving my teammates, coaches, and all the support staff weighs heavy on my heart. I will miss all of them. I consider Albuquerque my home, and I love the University of New Mexico. I want to thank our great Lobo fans who have encouraged me and supported our team."

  • Assistant Football Coach Arrested for Rape, Kidnapping

    by Luke Ranker March 2016

    A Washburn University graduate assistant football coach was arrested early Monday in connection with a rape and kidnapping reported this weekend.

  • Pac-12 Network Revenue Falls Short of Expectations

    by Jacob Thorpe March 2016

    When the presidents and athletic directors of Pac-12 schools came together to launch the Pac-12 Network, they envisioned a television cash spigot that would flood the athletic budgets of every member school.

  • Community College Settles Title IX Case

    by Harold McNeil March 2016

    The U.S. Department of Education announced Tuesday that it has reached a settlement with Erie Community College to resolve female students' unequal access to athletic opportunities.

  • Coaches at HBCUs Face Steep Career Climb

    by Nicole Auerbach March 2016

    Part of the reality of life in the HBCU realm is largely unspoken: It's hard to get out. For head coaches and assistants, there remain great challenges to landing jobs in power conferences or even leagues such as Conference USA or the Missouri Valley.

  • Baylor Tailors Plans for Athletes Using DNA Analysis

    by Paul Myerberg March 2016

    In an unassuming area nestled inside Baylor's weight room sits the university's Department of Athletic Performance, which attempts to balance the football program's strength training with equipment and data-collection tools rooted in a more scientific approach. Players run, lift weights and exercise, as at every other school in the Football Bowl Subdivision, only with gear meant to augment more traditional methods. One tool, called Omegawave, allows the Bears staff to track a player's heart rate and general athletic readiness. Players practice with a GPS monitor placed between their shoulder blades, with the goal of tracing the total distance traveled and at what velocity.

  • After Disappointing Tourney Draw, SEC Hires Hoops Advisor

    by March 2016

    NCAA Tournament snubs like the one which befell South Carolina this season have led the SEC to add a new advisor the league hopes will boost its flagging reputation in men s basketball.

  • Harassment Investigation Leads to Cal Assistant's Firing

    by Jeff Faraudo and Katy Murphy March 2016

    Four days before his team begins play in the NCAA Tournament, Cal head men's basketball coach Cuonzo Martin announced the immediate firing of assistant Yann Hufnagel after a campus investigation found he violated the university's sexual harassment policy.